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Sippin' Across the Borders: America and Canada's Top Cocktails Revealed

Ah, cocktails—the delightful blend of flavors, where spirits and mixers come together to tantalize the taste buds. So, prepare for a double dose of deliciousness as we gear up to celebrate not one, but two days dedicated to our favorite tipple.

With National Beverage (May 6th) and World Cocktail Day (May 13th) fast approaching, we analyzed Google trends to uncover the juiciest insights on which cocktails are stirring up the most buzz.

Grab your shakers and garnishes as we reveal America’s (by state) and Canada’s (by province and territory) top cocktail picks.

Key findings:

  • Margarita ranks 1st as the ultimate cocktail in both America and Canada
  • Martini takes 2nd place in both countries
  • In the US, Constantine grabs the 3rd spot
  • Meanwhile, for the rest of Canada's provinces, it's a cocktail free-for-all, with each region having its own favorite drink of choice

America's Favorite Cocktails by State

As the warmer, sunnier months approach, our craving for cocktails heats up too. After all, there's nothing quite like sipping on a cool, flavorful beverage to quench your thirst. But which drinks have earned their spot on America's ultimate cocktail menu? Keep reading to uncover the sip-sational winners.

Infographic USA

Margarita rules as the nation’s favorite cocktail, snagging the #1 spot with an impressive 31-state majority. In California, margaritas hit their peak with a flawless Google Trends score of 100. Joining the party are Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida, among others. In the last year alone, margaritas have stirred up a storm with a whopping 163,000 searches across the United States. While we see a modest surge during the summer months and a spike on National Margarita Day in February, overall, margarita searches maintain a steady rhythm throughout the year. This suggests that margaritas are not just a seasonal indulgence but a favorite for cocktail enthusiasts year-round.

Martini takes silver, winning over taste buds in 9 states and D.C. Hotspots include Massachusetts where martini hits a flawless Google Trends score of 100, New York, and New Hampshire. While search volumes typically remain stable throughout the year, martini experienced a huge 133% surge in December. Seems like it's the perfect drink for spreading holiday cheer!

Constantine lands in 3rd place as the nationwide favorite, backed by five states: Michigan, where it achieves a Google Trends score of 100, along with New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

Closing the cocktail lineup, mojito claims the spotlight in Arkansas and Wisconsin, while Hawaii finds its match in a Piña Colada, and Nevada opts for bloody mary.

Canada's Favorite Cocktails by Province and Territory

As we set our sights on Canada, we reveal which cocktails secure a place on the nation's dream menu.

Infographic Canada

Margarita dominates the rankings, taking 1st place across Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. As temperatures rise from April to September, searches for a margarita in Canada soar higher than a salt-rimmed glass at happy hour!

Meanwhile, martini closely follows, leading as the top cocktail choice in British Columbia, where it reaches a peak Google Trends score of 100, as well as in Alberta and New Brunswick. Similar to trends in the United States, searches for martini spike in December, solidifying its status as the ultimate holiday drink.

Breaking away from the crowd, Newfoundland and Labrador savors the effervescence of Aperol Spritz. While Prince Edward Island enjoys the zest of lime rickey, and Saskatchewan indulges in the refreshing twist of the mojito.


Overall, margaritas hold the crown as the top cocktail choice across America and Canada, with martinis following closely behind. These timeless classics undoubtedly bring joy from coast to coast. So, if you're preparing for National Beverage Day or World Cocktail Day, make sure they're at the top of your menu!


In April 2024, we used Google Trends to identify the most searched-for cocktails in America and Canada. Our search parameters were set to the last 12 months.

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