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Beat the Dealer: Your Guide to Winning at Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the simplest casino table games, but the stakes can still be high. It's like racing the dealer to the number 21 – trying to get as close as possible without going bust by overshooting your mark. In blackjack, the dealer is your antagonist. And you must beat them.

Playing the game itself, is fairly straightforward. Blackjack is easy to learn - but hard to master. Firstly, you must get as close as possible to 21 without going over – known as going bust. Secondly, with the dealer acting as your opponent, you will have to achieve this value while also getting a higher card value than them. This puts you between a rock and a hard place - where the rock is the dealer, and the hard place is the wall of 21.

Starting Your First Blackjack Game

  • 1. Sign up for an account with an online casino

    If you don't know a good casino to choose and start from, then our casino listings at Casino.ca will be able to help you. Use our listing to find an online casino that's right for you, then sign up for a free account with one of them. After making a C$ deposit to bet with, select a game of blackjack. Ensure that it's the 'traditional' version, since there are different versions of blackjack that aren't covered by this guide.

  • 2. Make your bets

    After making a bet, your cards will be dealt. The way this is done is that the first card is dealt face-up to the player, the second dealt face-up to the dealer. Finally, the third card is dealt between the player and the dealer – face up. These cards will be dealt left to right (to the player). After all players on the green have two cards each, the dealer flips their face-down card upwards to reveal to the player where they will be starting from, and what the player is up against.

  • 3. Decisions

    If the unfortunate circumstance of the dealer getting blackjack already hasn't occurred, then all players can start to play their hand. From here you have some decisions to make and options that are held over you over the course of the game:

    • hit (have another card dealt to you)
    • stand (choosing to stay in one place and not pick up a card for your turn)
    • double down (to double your wager)
    • split (separate your hand into two, if you have two cards of a kind)
  • 4. Showdown

    With the options and rules laid down, it's time for the standoff with the dealer. Cards will be continuously dealt until either the dealer or player reaches or overshoots 21, while the player must avoid undershooting the dealer's overall hand value. Good luck!

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          PAYOUT SPEED

          WIN RATE

          General Blackjack Tips

          While the rules of blackjack themselves are quite straight forward, it's often the case that it's not just the baseline rules that you'll need to remember when going into a game. Blackjack is a casino game that takes vigilance, wit and finesse to win – not just luck. Here are some things to keep in mind:

          At a Glance – Blackjack Odds

          Things to Keep in Mind

          Like all casino games, a major tactic in blackjack is the focus on your odds. Each new card that is drawn changes your odds significantly, and the aim of the game is working out the odds of which your next card will be.

          From the get-go of a game of blackjack, your odds of a net win falls at the specific number of 42.42% (46.36%, skipping odds of a tie). The odds of the dealer winning is 49.10%, and an overall tie is only 8.48%. From the get-go, the odds are stacked against you – but only slightly.

          With each win, however, the house edge and the general laws of probability will make it slightly harder for a consecutive win following it, to the point it will eventually become non-existent. The probability of the player managing to achieve four blackjack wins in a row is 4.62%, and to meet seven in a row would be 0.46% - so though you shouldn't expect an unbroken winning streak beyond two or three best, it's not unheard of to go beyond that number (but it might just break reality as we know it).

          Blackjack Variants

          Blackjack has some pretty clean cut and straightforward rules, but the general mainstream game isn't the only version. Like a living, breathing organism, blackjack has some genetic offshoots of its own; each with their own rules, but remaining close enough to the original game to keep the name “blackjack”.

          Blackjack Glossary

          When you play casino blackjack online everything is virtual, although you'll still experience the sounds, sights, and even the feeling of being at a real casino.

          Busted: A Blackjack Conclusion

          Easy Strategy

          Overall, compared to most casino table games, blackjack is one of the only games you can truly beat. Poker is about beating other players, roulette is about rolling with the odds, but blackjack has you up against the game itself – for some playing, the knowledge that they have defeated the 21-headed blackjack dragon can be immensely satisfying. And, with the proper skills and playstyle learned, you have the possibility of winning almost every time.

          We said earlier that the odds in blackjack are stacked massively against you, but it's more of an edge on the side of the dealer. Masters of the game reduce this edge down to virtually nothing; the blackjack dragon is reduced to a tiny little lizard who can scarcely guard his gold.

          Discover the Best of Blackjack

          The game of blackjack online is one of the most popular among avid players. This is mainly because it offers some of the best odds, it's also fairly easy to play which makes it great for beginners. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without ever going over the value. There are various variations of blackjack. Here, we're going to compare the common version of online blackjack and the variant called Super Fun 21.

          Topic Blackjack Super Fun 21
          About the Game Also known as 'twenty-one', blackjack is a comparing card game of 52 cards. This is a variation of blackjack, played with a 52-card deck.
          About the Player The player may win if the final score equals or is less than 21 when the dealer busts. The player automatically wins if his hands has six cards or more that add up to 20.
          How to Win The final score must be higher than the dealer's score. Players can split a hand up to four times.
          About the Dealer The dealer loses by busting or having a lesser score than the player who has not busted. A player's blackjack ups a dealer's blackjack.
          Double Down Rule The player can 'double down' after receiving an initial two cards. A player can 'double down' any time.
          Payout Rate Payout rate of 3 to 2. Payout rate of 6 to 5.
          Side Bet N/A Players can place a side bet.

          Start Casinos' Blackjack Games off Right with This Easy Strategy

          Know the Rules

          If you're attempting to play blackjack, especially for real money, always make sure that you understand the rules first. Blackjack requires skill as, unlike in other games, it is not all based on chance and luck.

          We remember what the first real money blackjack game was like. Back then, there were very few websites we could turn to for advice. Trust us; we all really could have used it! A strategy for blackjack is just like having a strategy for any other game or objective in life. It will help you to lower the house edge by up to 0.50%. The house edge from the very start is around 2-3%.

          The following is a basic strategy you can use when you play blackjack online. Canada's casino goers may not be able to use this strategy on all variations.

          Hard Hand – A hand with no ace, or an ace which is valued at 1

          Soft Hands – A hand with an ace value of 1 or 11. Hitting a soft hand cannot be busted.

          Pair Hands – With a pair, you'll need to choose to spilt or hold.

          Before You Play, Always Consider the Following

          Real money blackjack casinos are so much fun. Before you begin, consider these things.

          Enjoy the Speed of Online Blackjack

          Blackjack online is one of the most popular games with Canadian players. There are various variations when it comes to playing blackjack. Some players prefer the personal interaction of the game. Therefore, they chose to play at their local land casino. Others tend to favour one of the online variations found at all the best online casinos and there are some players who prefer live dealer versions.

          Topic Land based Casino Online Casino Live Dealer Casinos
          Ease of play
          High Limits
          Low Limits
          Payment Options

          We Found the Top Online Blackjack Casinos for Canada's Gamblers

          Top Online Blackjack Casinos

          There is a lot more you could read about when it comes to blackjack. In fact, there are books with hundreds of pages just on the game. That said everything here will get you started on solid ground. Since you've learned the basics of the game, why not test out your skills by trying some low bets at one of our leading casinos. Canadians will be privileged to have the chance to effortlessly add money to an account and start playing blackjack in just minutes. Let's see what you've got.


          Which Canadian casinos are best for blackjack?

          Blackjack is a very popular game in Canada. You'll find it on most casino sites as well as in downloadable smartphone apps. When it comes to online blackjack casino sites in Canada, we can highly recommend Betway, and The Gaming Club. These have some incredible games with high payouts and low minimum bets.

          Is Blackjack popular with Canadians?

          Yes. Blackjack is extremely popular with Canadian residents. In fact, it is one of the top table games played at online casinos.

          How does the online version compare to the regular game?

          When you play blackjack online, everything is virtual. Your cards, the green felt and the dealer are generated by gaming software. That said you'll experience sounds and graphics that are shockingly realistic. You can even get the feeling of being at a real casino. Live Dealer Blackjack games take things up a notch to bring you a real live dealer right to your home. If you need something extra, we recommend the latter.

          Can I win money playing blackjack online?

          Yes. If you're playing blackjack out of the free or demo mode and making real money bets, you can win.

          Do online casinos offer tournaments?

          Not all casinos will offer blackjack tournaments and some will host them only at a certain time of the month or year. If you want live dealer tournaments, Jackpot City and Betway have regular events which accept Canadian players. You may need to sign up in advance so check the site first.

          What blackjack strategies are there?

          Blackjack online is one of the only games at a casino that can be beat with the right plays and hands. One of the best ways to win at blackjack is to follow a few simple rules which we've listed on this page. For starters, increase your bets when you are winning and decrease them when you are losing. Never chase your losses and stop when you're ahead. Finally, practice makes perfect, so take advantage of playing whenever you get a chance. Demo mode is great for this.

          Are the online games rigged?

          If you're playing on an online blackjack casino site that has been certified and backed by independent auditors and regulators, you won't have to worry about any rigged or unfair games.

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