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Top Live Dealer Casinos in Canada

Live casino games found at online casinos are the closest you will get to the real casino experience. We have tested all live dealer casinos available in Canada and created a Top 10 list with the best options for you to play at. Use our live dealer casino game performance tracker to make smarter decisions when choosing a game or a bet.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

Most popular Live Casino Games in Canada 2023

Pragmatic Play
Sweet Bonanza Candyland
  • Bets: C$0.2-3,000
  • Max. Win: 20,000x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
Mega Roulette
  • Bets: C$0.1-5,000
  • Max. Win: 17,500x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
Mega Wheel
  • Bets: C$0.1-6,500
  • Max. Win: 20,000x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
Boom City
  • Bets: C$0.1-6,500
  • Max. Win: 20,000x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
  • Bets: C$500-10,000
  • Max. Win: 100x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
  • Bets: C$0.1-5,000
  • Max. Win: 1,000x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
  • Bets: C$2-20,000
  • Max. Win: 25x
Claim up to C$500 bonus
Pragmatic Play
  • Bets: C$0.1-5,000
  • Max. Win: 1,000x
Claim up to C$500 bonus







Live Dealers – An immersive online casino experience

So, you're in the Rockies of beautiful Canada, casinos are miles away and you're longing for some fun. Live dealer online casinos could be exactly what you need. These are nearly as good as the land-based casinos in Windsor, but can be accessed in just a few clicks. Just head over to a site like , which is our top pick for live dealer games, and you will see how fun and exciting it can be. When you play at an online casinos, live dealer games offer you all kinds of surprises including:

  • Real time, live cams which show you who you are wagering against
  • Casual chatting with the dealer (many of whom are very good looking)
  • Getting some advice from other players
  • Plus, get to choose from an incredible selection of Live casino online games

As of 2023, casinos' online Live games are one of the most popular choices in the gambling community. Operators you will find here are amongst the frontrunners when it comes to the best live dealer casinos in Canada.

How Casino Live Dealer Games Work

It seems that online live casino games are taking off at a proliferating rate. Why? They're exciting and realistic, especially when compared to other real money games. A live dealer game will feature a real live croupier passing chips and drawing cards. They'll spin a roulette wheel or roll the dice in a game of craps. Canadians will enjoy gambling at its finest, but in the comfort of their own home. All this is happening through a webcam and internet connection. You'll get to interact with other players and the online casino's live dealer. Canada casino goers take note; everything you see actually exists and is happening at that very moment outside of Canada and in another part of the world.

In Canada, online casino enthusiasts can enjoy these live games as easily as any other game. You will simply choose any live croupier game offered on the site and through streaming video (think YouTube) you will see your dealer. You can interact with the dealer and use your mouse or keyboard to place bets. The most notable difference with casino live dealer online games is that all bets are placed on a digital betting surface. It's not actually real, and for the time being, that's not technologically possible.

Live Dealer Roulette
Spin the wheel and enjoy your favourite game as if you were sitting at a real casino table with our top picks at the best Live Deal Roulette sites available online.
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Live Dealer Hold'em
Try your luck at the exciting variation of the much-loved five-card Texas Hold'em poker game with the best Live dealer Hold'em sites that offer just as much fun as the real-life version.
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Live Dealer BlackJack
Discover the best live dealer Blackjack casinos and games, plus reviews and ratings to guide you in choosing where to play for real money online.
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Live Dealer Baccarat
For a more human touch, try live dealer games which offer real time dealers bringing live casino action directly into your home, complete with sounds and interactivity.
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Why Play Real Money Games with a Live Croupier?

Why Play Real Money Games with a Live Croupier

A quality live dealer online casino will provoke that feeling of actually setting foot into a Canadian brick and mortar establishment. You should feel that rush of energy and surge of excitement that you get as you walk around the floor of the casino. Live dealer casino games are built upon world class software that has perfected the gambling experience to a 'T'. And, you never even had to leave home. You didn't incur a large hotel fee or pay a portion of your savings in gas money. All that extra real money can be added to your bankroll. Sounds to us as if everyone is winning!

The technology of online gambling as a whole continues to impress even those with the highest standards. There will be no delay between card dealing and face offs with the dealer. The streaming software that casino sites use is instant and impressive to say the least. Did we mention you can zoom into the table if you need a closer look at what's laid out?

Live dealer games are some of the newest innovations and have quickly risen in popularity across Canada, they have a real human being dealing the cards or chips, spinning the wheel or rolling the dice.

Another benefit of Canadian live dealer casinos is that you will have a control panel which allows you to read the rules of the game. You'll also be able to use this interactive panel to make real money bets, review hands, check your account, chat with the dealer and even tip them when lady luck happened to be on your side and you're feeling a bit generous.

Be Impressed with the Live Dealer Online Casino Games Available

If you think live dealer games are limited to poker, think again. Canada's top online casinos have a very large selection of the best games to stream live. There's Texas Hold'em poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. Plus, you'll find some creative variations of these games to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Perks of Live Gameplay

Players come with their own set of preferences and requirements when it comes to gambling. Several players prefer the traditional land based casinos in which personal interaction plays a considerable key role. Other players prefer online casinos since they feel more comfortable engaging with their favourite games in their own home. There are some players who like the best of both worlds and they prefer live dealer casinos.

Topic Land based Casino Online Casino Live Dealer Casinos
Ease of play
High Limits
Low Limits
Payment Options

What You'll Need to Start Playing Casinos' Live Dealer Games

Before you add real money to your favourite casino account, review this simple list to make sure you have everything you need to get started. Apart from a PC, live dealer games will require you to have:

  • An internet or WIFI connection
  • A web cam and microphone if you want to get chatty
  • Speakers if you long for the upbeat sounds of the casino
  • You may or may not have to download the casinos' software

The Difference Between Live Dealer and Standard Online Games

The Differences

A live dealer table looks and is managed just like those in a brick and mortar establishment. Whereas, traditional table games online are virtual and have graphics built with software, ergo code. The traditional games are a lot of fun, but if you need to take things up a notch try out the live online casino games. Canada's casino players will surely enjoy the selection and wide variety of betting options available.

The primary difference in these games would be the overall selection. Because live croupier games are relatively new, there is not a massive selection. You will also not find slots or video poker. The live dealer casino games will also require you to have a fairly fast internet connection. A good way to judge this would be to load a YouTube video up. If this is slow or impossible, stick with the traditional casinos' games.

We Found the Best CA Live Dealer Casinos

Ready to play for real money in an atmosphere that's almost as real as it gets? Well, sit back and relax. We've found the top online casinos for Canadians. Live dealer games are plentiful on these sites and have some of the best payout percentages in the industry. Don't even get us started on the welcome bonus, which is top of the line. Our live croupier gambling sites are guaranteed to give you that fun, excitement and adrenaline rush you were looking for. Get started and good luck!


What is a live dealer game?

Imagine bringing a live casino to your home. This is what happens when you play live dealer games. These are some of the newest innovations and have quickly risen in popularity across Canada. Live dealer games will have a real human being dealing the cards or chips, spinning the wheel or rolling the dice. They'll strike up a conversation with you and make you feel as if you're really at the casino.

How do I play?

To play a live dealer casino game in Canada, you will need a webcam, fast internet speed and a computer. If you're planning on casual chatting, a microphone will also be required. Your chosen live dealer game will be like any other casino game. The rules are the same, but the betting sizes could be slightly different.

Can Canadian gamblers access live dealer games?

As long as you can access the web, you can play live croupier games. Keep in mind that your computers' processor and memory should be relatively up to date. For instance, an old boxy computer may not be able to run the software that's behind the casino. Live dealer games are not yet available on mobile apps, but could be in the near future.

How do live dealer games differ from other online versions?

At a casino online, live dealer games add more excitement into the gaming experience. There is more interaction and the sounds are real. Plus, you can even choose to have a real Playboy Bunny be your own personal dealer. The only digital part of the game will be the cards and hand interface which is just below the live table. This, for the sake of current technology, is software generated.

The most notable drawback when you play the live croupier games will be the actual speed. You may find these games to be slower than their virtual counterparts. All the moves and actions are performed by a human rather than software. If you're trying to play as many hands as possible in a space of time, you may not enjoy the game.

In addition, there is a possibility of not being able to get a seat at the table. This inconvenience is becoming rarer, but in peak hours it could happen. If there is a wait we recommend playing some virtual games to get the fun going.

How do I find the best sites to play at?

The live dealer games in Canada have only been made available in the last few years. Some casinos are still working out the glitches and server errors so you will want to play at a good site. A large part of our readers are fanatics of the live croupier games. Most of our recommended foreign based casinos offer the live games. Operators regulated by the Canadian government, like PlayNow and PlayOLG, do not yet have live dealer casino games.

Are the games limited by time?

With the virtual games you can pause and go back whenever you'd like. Live dealer online casino games cannot be paused. You will have to complete your round in a set amount of time which will be shown on the interface. If you fail to bet in that time period, you will be out of the round.

Are the games fair and tested?

Irrespective of the fact that the leading Canadian casinos are frequently audited to ensure they're fair, some players still worry about games being "fixed". The live dealer games allow you to watch everything in real time. You can see the cards being dealt or flipped, the wheel being spun or the dice rolling on your lucky number. If you prefer the real deal over the virtual one, these are the perfect games for you. Rest assured all of our casinos are completely fair and trusted.

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