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The Best Live Dealer Baccarat Sites In 2023

The Best Live Dealer Baccarat Sites

If you're from Canada and enjoy casino games, you're probably familiar with online baccarat. The popular card game is available at pretty much any land or online casino and carries some of the best odds of any gambling game. What you may not be familiar with is live dealer baccarat, an exciting new version of the game that's as real a casino experience as you can get without having to leave the comfort of home.

This is great news for Canadian players who don't live near land based venues (or just don't like going to them). There are countless great live dealer casinos out there that accept and cater to Canadian players, and our expert review team has found and listed them all right here. Our current favorite for 2023 is Spin Palace, but at any of our recommended live dealer baccarat sites you'll enjoy:

  • A pace of play that's identical to playing real casino baccarat
  • Immersive action that lets you interact with a real croupier
  • Seeing the cards flipped right in front of you, resulting in real-feeling drama

And that's just a good shortlist, and as you read on in our live dealer baccarat guide you'll realize the list of great things about playing the game with a real dealer is endless.

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How To Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is purely a game of chance. In online live dealer baccarat you are betting on whether your hand will win, the dealer's hand will win, or if there will be a tie between the two hands. There's not much more to it than that, and once your bet is placed you simply watch the live dealer flip the cards over to reveal the result of your wager.

There are some small variations to the game that you may encounter online. Most commonly, these are punto banco/North America baccarat (popular in Canada), baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque . Again, the variations between the three are small and before playing any games it's always smart to glance over the rules before wagering any real money. Typically the dealer will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the rules.

This popular card game is available at pretty much any land or online venue and carries some of the best odds of any casino game.

Beginner's Strategy

Beginner's Strategy

Before playing baccarat, it's important to understand the game's point system. Each card has its own point value, with face cards being worth 0 and the number cards being worth their respective amounts. Once you receive two cards from the dealer, you add the values of all your cards together. Whatever the rightmost digit of that total number is, that is your true total. For instance, if your cards totaled 13 your actual number would be 3. This makes 9 the highest number you can hope to get, which beats the dealer every time (as long as they don't have the same number).

Once the values of both your and the dealers' hands have been established, some variations of the game will allow you to draw an optional third card (kind of like in blackjack, except you are trying to close to 9 instead of 21). And that's pretty much it! Again, baccarat is super easy to learn and there aren't really any strategies or formulas you need to memorize.

Baccarat's Best Bets and Odds

Betting on the dealer's hand carries a house edge of just 1.06%, one of the lowest you'll find at any casino game, period. Even betting on your own hand only raises that edge to 1.36% which is also lower than most the other games you'll find in a casino. The tie bet is the worst in the game and has a house edge of 4%, which is why it's usually not a recommended bet.

Typically the best strategy in baccarat for winning is to bet on the dealer winning each and every time. Due to the lower house edge, this bet that gives you top odds of walking away from the table with some real money in your pocket. It's not the most exciting strategy in the world, but the odds are good that you'll at least break even when it comes time to walk away from the virtual table.

Finding The Best Online Baccarat Sites

Finding The Best Online Baccarat Sites

Because live casino games are so popular with players from Canada, seemingly every online casino out there has come out with their own version of live baccarat. Because Canadian players have access to many sites, it can be a little overwhelming when choosing one to play on.

Not all live dealer baccarat casinos are created equal however. That's where our Canadian review team comes in: they've scoured the internet looking for the very best live baccarat sites that 1) accept Canadian dollars and cater to players from Canada, 2) offer top real money bonuses just for joining, and 3) protect your money and information with the best security available.

Our shortlist of the top sites on this very page features the very best live dealer baccarat casinos so you can you start playing for real money as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play live baccarat?

The game operates just like normal baccarat does.

Simply, you'll first choose which of the game's three bets you want to make (player, dealer, tie) and how much money you want to wager. You and the dealer will then be dealt two cards and based on the game's scoring system, whoever is closest to nine wins. When you play with a real croupier, you'll see an actual person dealing out these cards and calling the results of the game.

Where can I play online live dealer baccarat?

If you follow our recommendations on this page, you'll find the very best sites for Canadian players.

These are all guaranteed to have great welcome and loyalty bonuses, around the clock live dealer baccarat games, accept Canadian dollars and other popular currencies, and of course have strong bank-level security protecting your transactions with them.

How does it compare to the standard game?

Playing baccarat (or any game) with other people at your table is always fun, however some of the gripes that come with playing at a land casino (like traffic, higher bet minimums, limited table hours etc.) aren't.

But with live dealer baccarat online, there's none of that, and you can find a good budget-friendly game usually 24/7 without any transportation hassle. Beyond that, the rules and flow of the game remain the exact same as you'd find in a land casino.

How many decks are used in baccarat online?

This will vary depending on the casino, but the standard (just like in regular baccarat) is eight decks.

Occasionally you may come across a site that uses just six decks. If this is important to you, it's easy information to scout out before wagering real money ahead of time by playing the free play version of the game that most good live dealer sites offer as a way to practice.

Am I allowed to use a strategy while I play?

You can, however the beauty of baccarat is that it's so simple a game that a strategy isn't really needed!

However if you'd really like to have a reference sheet reminding you of the odds of different bets or even a website open with some tips and tricks to reference, there's nothing stopping you from doing so.

Can I play on mobile?

Absolutely! Due to popular demand, many of the top live dealer casinos are starting to offer mobile versions of their games.

This means that no matter where you are in Canada, you can play live baccarat for real money right from your smartphone or tablet. Not every site offers this feature just yet though, so always be sure to read our reviews before signing up with just any casino.

Is it rigged?

Nope! Although the house is always going to have the edge in any casino game, baccarat actually has one of the lowest house advantages you'll find at around just 1.06% on the banker bet.

That means you stand a better chance of winning real money playing live baccarat than even blackjack (without using basic strategy) or single 0 roulette.

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