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Up until 2010, real cash online casinos could only be accessed via PC or Mac computer, but now you can play games on a mobile phone. This immediate availability of slots, poker, roulette, baccarat and more is causing an uproar of excitement amongst Canadians throughout the country. Gambling on a smartphone device is as easy as opening your Facebook or Instagram App. However, as instant as diving into the action is, you still need to know which casino mobile apps and sites to use.

Don't go through the trouble of signing up for a casino account that can't deliver their Android and Apple games you need. We communicate with casino goers all around Canada and our casino reviewers know what you want. As a top pick for mobile gambling, our selection has to be . While there are other sites that are worth consideration, you really see the attention to detail on their mobile platform, and it makes for an experience that is hard to beat.

The searching and hard work has already been done. We communicate with casino goers all around Canada and our expert reviewers know what you want. Our top mobile casino sites in CA will provide you with:

  • The latest mobile software and technologically advanced innovations
  • Exclusive mobile only Welcome Bonuses and promotions
  • Large selection of smartphone friendly downloadable and no-download games
  • Hassle free deposits and withdrawals in C$
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Why Play Real Money Games on a Mobile Device

Remember the old days when cell phones (have you forgotten that word?) had Snake or Tetris included in the software? Even though it was not exactly ‘amazing’, it kept you occupied. Gaming has since come a long ways and now that smartphones have become the norm, making real money bets in the palm of your hand is possible. The ease of availability, the excitement and the alleviation of boredom are the core advantages to Canada’s mobile casino apps.

Apart from the more obvious reasons to take out your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device and start wagering and winning, mobile gambling can be done anywhere. Say goodbye to being confined at home or in your local coffee shop. As long as you have an internet connection and charged battery you can play your favourite games on the go.

Canada's top casinos are all fully licensed and regulated, trusted by the online gambling community, and host the best casino games and mobile apps.

The Difference Between Desktop and Mobile Casino Gaming

The Difference Between Desktop and Mobile Casino Gaming

While the technology is no doubt impressive, mobile casino sites in Canada are still not the same as those you will play using a PC or Mac. The primary reason being is today’s smartphone devices are not as powerful as that of a traditional computer. Even more so, the software for all real money casino apps is complicated to develop and takes time. For each operating system such as Windows, Apple, Android or Blackberry, code that makes up the game varies. It is this reason that when you visit a casino to download the gaming apps, you may see more games for one OS than others. As real money gambling with a mobile device grows, Canadian gamblers will notice rapid expansion for the availability of apps.

Other notable mentions, when it comes to Canada’s smartphone casino sites, are the screen size. Playing in front a 15 or 20+ inch screen is very different to that of a 4 or 5+ inch screen. If you have large fingers, you want to be careful about hitting/tapping the right button. In browser table games such as Blackjack or Poker do become slightly difficult when playing on the small screens. For anyone engaging in serious betting and not using the actual casino app, it’s highly advisable to make your wagers on a larger screen or tablet to avoid any costly mishaps.

What You Should Look for in an Online Casinos’ Mobile Platform

Before you make a real money deposit, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.


How is mobile gambling different from the desktop version?

Apart from the simple fact that you can gamble on the go, your mobile gaming experience will be very similar to that of playing on your computer. However, graphics may be simpler on the apps, or smaller on the browser. If you device is outdated, the speed of the games could be hindered. We recommend playing a device no older than three or four years to have the best experience.

Can I access any type of gambling while mobile?

At an online casino, mobile gaming lets you access nearly all real money and free demo games. Live dealer or multiplayer apps as well as select tournaments are not yet available as far as we can see.

Will I receive a bonus playing on my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely, some casinos will even give you a special mobile only bonus for gambling on your hand held device too! Always check the casinos’ promotion page to find out what you’re eligible for in 2022.

How do I get started?

To play real money games on your smartphone, you will need to sign up for the casino account. Once you have that, you can either download the smartphone online casino apps to your phone or go to the browser to start playing. Your login details will be the same either way.

Will it cost me a fortune in data?

Five years ago, you would have indeed spent a large majority of your winnings on the data costs alone. Now, Canadian mobile companies offer great packages at affordable prices. You’ll want to make sure you do have a good plan before you play; otherwise, you could essentially rack up a bill. You can always skip the hassle of data usage by finding a nice place with WIFI.

What are differences between playing on a mobile site and using an app?

The most notable difference is the smaller selection of downloadable apps. You may have between 10 and 30 to choose from versus 100-300 from a desktop. Luckily, you can instantly login to your casino account and play the no-download games from your smartphone! Keep in mind when you play from a browser, the graphics may be smaller. If you have large fingers and/or a small screen, you may want to refrain from any serious games or bets which you cannot afford to make a mistake on.

Does it matter what device I'm playing on?

Yes. Some casinos are better suited to Android devices only. Others welcome Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry players. Each of these devices has different operating systems and apps may not be available for all. You should be able to play most of the in browser Flash games without any issues.

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