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Safety and Security Measures at Online Casinos

Security and Saftey

Security can be a player’s biggest concern when it comes to online gambling. In a world where the media portrays large hacking groups as people who are ready and waiting for any chance to break into a website, people have a very distorted view of web security. It’s true that there are people who have bad intentions, but these are few and far in between. Moreover, if a site is guarded with the most up to date technology, the chance of getting past these secure walls is slim.

In the '90s, security online was barely talked about. The internet was such a new and exciting innovation that people were more focused on potential rather than concerns. In those days the internet was a place where anything could happen. It was a time where freedom was truly felt, and in some ways, the web is still like that.

The biggest difference is the security protocols which were enacted after a couple of smart criminals saw open doors at hundreds of establishments. Now, go to any reputable casino online and you’ll find an immense amount of security on the games, software and site itself. It’s a large part of the operators overhead and for good reasons. Gambling sites know if they don’t have the security measures for their players in place, they won’t have any traffic. Period.

If you have concerns about player safety and security at casinos online, allow us to give you some peace of mind in the easiest way we can explain.

Licensure, Regulation and Independent Auditors

Licensure, Regulation and Independent Auditors

A sound, legitimate casino will be licensed and regulated by a credible jurisdiction. These include Malta, Gibraltar, The Isle of Man and The United Kingdom. If you see an online casino operating out of these jurisdictions, you can pretty much guarantee the very best safety and security.

These same casinos will often give independent auditors access to their games and software on a monthly and/or quarterly basis to ensure everything is fair and secure.

Random Number Generators Explained

A random number generator (RNG) is the core of security and fairness. Without a casinos’ random number generator, you cannot guarantee the games are trusted. All casinos’ games are virtual this includes the decks of cards, the chips, the dice and the slot reels. An RNG ensures any dealing of cards, passing of chips, rolling of dice or spin of slots is based on chance. The games have not been compromised or rigged. On this site, you’ll only casinos who publish their verifiable RNG information.

Security Protocols Implemented by Top Casinos Online

With every big gambling site large amounts of money are being transferred to and from the operator. Personal and financial information is included in these transfers. Casinos depend on the people who are sharing such details with them. These operators value players and will take every measure possible to ensure all this data is completely secure. Online casinos will implement the following security protocols to keep you safe:

Firewalls – As easily as we can possibly explain, a firewall establishes specific parameters and decides which web traffic should be allowed. If you’ve ever heard of “The Great Firewall of China”, this should be easy to understand. In the case of a casino, they prevent undesirable traffic from entering the server.

SSL- Known as a Secure Socket Layer, and in a nutshell, SSL’s provide information identification about the web server which a website runs from. From there, it establishes an encrypted connection in just about nana seconds. What’s happening is a storing of your sensitive information into bits and pieces and for it to be unlocked by special keys. When you see the green bar of trust in your browser, it is protected by an SSL.

Multiple Deposit Options - When a casino is able to offer a selection of well known, reputable banking options you can be assured they are taking great care to offer safe financial transactions.

Security Logo – Any casino can say they are safe and secure. A logo can be made in minutes and added to the site. If you see one of these, like VeriSign, you should be able to verify the site is actually backed by the firm. This may be available in the FAQ, via support or on the firm’s website.

Audited Third Party Trials – Like any business, there will occasionally be a dispute between a player and the casino. Quality operators will do their best to resolve any problem through an audit trial. This is usually done by a third party and/or the casino. They will review every single transaction to see where and if there was a problem. If indeed there was an issue, it will be resolved.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As you can see casinos’ security measures are well above the average person’s website. The efforts these gambling sites make are no different from a banking institution. Whenever security changes, a casino will be as fast as your own bank to implement it. You can feel comforted in knowing all your data is safe now and will be safe in the future.

We’ve found some amazing casinos that Canada’s gambling enthusiasts will enjoy. These are the safest sites on the web and will keep you happily entertained for hours.

Enjoy the Perks of Playing at the Safest Online Casinos

We know that security is a big issue among our Canadian players. That is why we can guarantee that we only recommend the safest and more secure online casinos to our players.

Licensed and registered online casinos.

Multiple security measures to keep your personal and financial data safe.

Encryption walls to eliminate fraud.

The latest technology for every player’s protection.

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