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Who doesn’t love games? Online casino goers sure do. Just as grandma enjoyed classic board games, nowadays people love the digital counterparts. Gambling in Canada goes way back. Even before the legalization of CA gambling, there were illegal dens which hid in the cover of night. Once real money wagers were given the go ahead, Canadians flocked to casinos far and wide. And now, millions of people are turning to the best sites with the best games.

We review all of the top online casinos, and the quality and variety of the games is one of the major factors that we consider. With its smooth gameplay and wide variety, Spin Casino takes the top spot on our list for casinos with the best games, but there are some other sites on our list that you may want to consider.

We’re going to show you:

  • Only the best sites Canadians should play at
  • 100’s of slots, video slots and table games to choose from
  • Real money games with high payout percentages
  • Multi-digit bonuses just for signing up
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What You’re Going to Find

Quick Facts

  • The random number generator will keep games fair and random.
  • Over 70% of the profits in online gambling come from online slots games.
  • The odds of winning at table games is much higher than at slots.

Some online casino aficionados choose an operator according to the bonuses or payment methods, but more make their decision based upon the selection of games. Canada’s casino goers will notice the best games are generally developed by renowned software brands like Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Playtech and Vegas Technology. Each of these developers will have their own variants of games. Some, like Playtech will have unique versions, graphics, sounds and even rules.

Depending on the software online CA casinos may have between 80 and 500+ real money games. Certain operators will feature only poker games or slots. Others may prefer to feature every game that makes up legal online gambling. Ultimately, you will get as close to the experience of going to a land based casino without actually going anywhere. Tell us that’s not cool!


Online casinos slots’ tend to be the focal point around other games. Why? They’re easy, have high payouts, no skill is needed and they make for a good break in between more serious table games. You’ll find a number of different reviews for Canada’s online slots games. From the traditional 3 reels, 5 reels, fruit machines and more, these are easy casino online games to dive into the action. Video slots with exciting wilds and progressive slots with massive jackpots will be readily available and waiting your bet.

Spin the reels and chase big wins in this classic casino game filled with exciting themes and bonus features.
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You’re not going to find any UNO games on our top picks for real money casino games, but you will find the classic felt games that can be played at anytime. You’ll find those which require only a little skill such as Baccarat and those requiring logical thinking if you want to win big. These include blackjack and poker and exciting variations like Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud.

Play your hand, read your opponents, and bluff your way to victory in this skillful game of cards.
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Beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over. Strategy and quick thinking are the keys to success.
Read more about Blackjack
Bet on the player's hand, the banker's hand, or a tie. The goal is to have a hand closest to 9 in this sophisticated card game.
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Blackjack Surrender
Like cashing out a bet early, this new version of Blackjack offers players an ‘out' by declaring a surrender allowing them to better guard their money should they find themselves needing to.
Read more about Blackjack Surrender
Bonus Blackjack
Another new game evolved from the online arena, by adding a side bet bonus, all-new Bonus Blackjack circumvents proven strategies with its addition of chance elements that really spice things up.
Read more about Bonus Blackjack
Double Exposure Blackjack
For a Blackjack game that allows you to see your dealer's hand before you start, try Double Exposure Blackjack, a fun and thrilling variant in which you hold more than the cards.
Read more about Double Exposure Blackjack
European Blackjack
While different, European blackjack has become one the Blackjack formats that most closely resembles the standard version as popularised in land based and online casinos alike.
Read more about European Blackjack
European Blackjack Gold
As a two-deck game, this unique take on Blackjack plays with a lowered house edge giving you a greater chance of winning those real money prizes.
Read more about European Blackjack Gold
Multi Hand Blackjack
Enjoy increased levels of excitement with Multi Hand Blackjack where players can have up to five hands in each game giving you more chances to outsmart the dealer.
Read more about Multi Hand Blackjack
Pai Gow
Create two hands from seven cards to beat the dealer. Luck and strategy come together in this captivating Chinese game.
Read more about Pai Gow
Single-Deck Blackjack
Of all the modern variants of Blackjack, Single Deck provides the lowest house edge which might be why it has become so popular, so fast.
Read more about Single-Deck Blackjack
21 Duel Blackjack
Offering a new twist on traditional blackjack, 21 Duel Blackjack provides all the skill, fun, and excitement of its original format and adds a whole host of new additions that feel fresh and new.
Read more about 21 Duel Blackjack
Atlantic City Blackjack
This boardwalk influenced updated take on original Blackjack puts an entirely spin on the always popular strategic card game, forcing players to think again.
Read more about Atlantic City Blackjack


The roll of the dice reckons a sound that anyone will know. Casino dice games are fast, fun and involve what we like to call quick risk. You can roll the dice and win in just minutes. Games like real money craps or Sic Bo require no skills, practicing or stressing about what you’re going to do next.

Roll the dice and place your bets in this lively game of anticipation. The cheers rise when the dice favor you.
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Sic Bo
Let the dice roll and embrace the unpredictability in this ancient Chinese game of betting on various outcomes.
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Perhaps one of the best games online casinos have, roulette requires a solid betting strategy and some luck. Canada’s casino enthusiasts will enjoy a variety of different roulette versions including Live games which are nearly as good as the real deal.

Bet on numbers, colours, or combinations, and watch the ball spin on the wheel of fortune.
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3D Roulette
3D Roulette boasts such realistic graphics that, in an increasing number of circumstances, Canadian users are opting for it over its 2D original.
Read more about 3d Roulette
American Roulette
While American Roulette may have evolved from its European cousin, in many parts of the world, including Canada, it has surpassed the Euro version in terms of popularity.
Read more about American Roulette
California Roulette
California Roulette uses cards instead of a ball to select the winning numbers, which give things a refreshing feel and, with one extra potential outcome, it's a greater variant too.
Read more about California Roulette
Euro Gold Roulette
While the era of online casinos has seen lots of alternative takes on traditional casino games, Euro Roulette Gold is the closest to the traditional game, using the same numbers and colours.
Read more about Euro Gold Roulette
European Roulette
Based on 37 numbered slots, European Roulette is the mainstay of all top casinos live and online, with thousands of players spinning every day.
Read more about European Roulette
French Roulette Gold
French Roulette Gold plays just like regular French Roulette but comes with added enhanced hi-res graphics and realistic sound effects for a more immersive experience.
Read more about French Roulette Gold
Immersive Roulette
Immersive Roulette allows online players to experience the thrills of a real casino from the comfort of their own home by adding multi-camera visuals, real casino sounds, and a slow-motion replay feature.
Read more about Immersive Roulette
Mini Roulette
Think of Mini Roulette as a starter version of the game that allows you to learn the tricks and develop strategies before moving up the levels to more complex versions of this popular online casino game.
Read more about Mini Roulette
Multi Ball Roulette
Choose between 2 and 10 balls to increase your chances of success and lower the house's edge in this thrilling new innovative roulette game.
Read more about Multi Ball Roulette
Multi-Player French Roulette
Multi-player French Roulette allows you to play this standard Roulette version with others for added levels of fun and a totally new experience while still playing a regular game of Roulette.
Read more about Multi-Player French Roulette
Multi-Wheel Roulette
More wheels mean more fun with Multi-Wheel Roulette, where there is more real money to be won too.
Read more about Multi-Wheel Roulette
No-Zero Roulette
Increase your chances of success on the colours with No Zero roulette which, as the title suggests, has removed the zero zone giving players an equal chance of betting success.
Read more about No-Zero Roulette
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
From gaming software giants Microgaming comes this all-new spin on Roulette the super-fast, super-fun Premier Roulette Diamond Edition experience.
Read more about Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
Premium European Roulette
Premium European Roulette is a great idea for casino enthusiasts in Canada to make some real money as it takes the raw principles of classic European Roulette and throws exciting new ideas into the mix.
Read more about Premium European Roulette
Premium French Roulette
Premium French Roulette is one of the world's most popular online casino games, made all the more fun by lifelike graphics and animations as well as live calls from a professional dealer.
Read more about Premium French Roulette
Rapid Roulette
An electronic version of live roulette, Rapid roulette has quickly established itself as one of the most popular games in any online casino and is now firmly established as an essential offering for players of all skill levels.
Read more about Rapid Roulette
Roulette Royale
Roulette with a twist, Roulette Royale has a progressive jackpot embedded into the game so that the prize pool generates higher and higher payouts with each spin of the wheel.
Read more about Roulette Royale

Video Poker

Based on 5 Card Draw poker games, you’ll enjoy all different types of bets against the house and no other players involved. Payouts at video poker are high and little skill is needed. Plus there are a variety of winning combinations which is always good news for the player.

Video Poker
Browse through our reviews of the best online video poker sites, where you can play hundreds of games for real money and cash in on exciting sign-up bonuses to really get in the game.
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In Canada, casinos online will have a variety of different lottery games. Gambling real money on these games is dependent upon certain numbers being drawn at random. In bingo you will aim to reach a certain pattern of numbers called. Keno involves numbers being drawn. These games don’t require any skill and very little of your time. The odds of winning are not always high, so we think these are better suited to people who are looking for a few games to play on the side.

Pick your lucky numbers and hope they match the ones drawn. It's a simple yet thrilling game of chance.
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Live Games

Live Games

It’s widely known Canucks who gamble online and live far from the city may miss the interaction real casinos provide. Now at online casinos, blackjack and other table games are available in a live based setting. Played via webcam you can chat with the dealer and offer advice to new players. These live dealer CA games are a lot of fun and surely worth trying.

Depending on the software, online CA casinos may have between 80 and 500+ real money games.

Enjoy Your Favourite Games Your Way

Gambling is a popular form of entertainment among Canadians. There are three options available for the average gambler; land based games, online games and live dealer games. All these three options have their own set of pros and cons. However, online casinos and live dealer casinos specialise in a wide variety of games , excellent bonuses and promotional offers.

Topic Land based Casino Online Casino Live Dealer Casinos
Ease of play
High Limits
Low Limits
Payment Options


The best online casino games are not just available in the browser. In fact, you’ll find all sorts of real money games via downloadable mobile apps. If you have an account at an internet casino, slots, roulette and all your other favourite casino online games will be available on the go. Most casinos recommended for Canadians will feature incredible games for mobile and tablet devices.

Real Money vs. Free Demo Mode

Remember, you are never obligated to play games for real money. If you’re not confident in your knowledge of the game, want to build your skills or just test the software out you can do so. Playing casino games for free is available. Remember you won’t win any real money, but you may be able to collect special points which can be exchanged for player privileges.

The Games with the Best Odds and Bets

Best Odds and Bets

Before you start to gamble, there are good games to play and there are those that are not so good (financially speaking). Of course, all are fun. If you are after more money in your bankroll, take note. Many Canucks believe online casinos’ slots games are the “safe way to go”. Yes that’s true. However, the odds of winning are not as nearly as good as playing any of the table games. If you’re new to gambling, after playing a few games of slots head to the online casinos’ blackjack games. Blackjack has about low house edge. In fact this is the best game if you’re after some real money winnings! Moving from the blackjack table, craps has the second best odds with about a 50-50 chance of winning. Following those two top casino games is roulette and poker. Ready to find out the worst odds at a casino online? Slots. However, Canadians love slots and we know this. So, if you’re going to gamble with slots, remember the more money you bet, the higher your chance of winning. If you max out a 1 cent machine at about 50 cents, the odds of winning greatly increase than if you only bet with 5 cents.

We Found the Best Games to Play Online in Canada

If you’re ready to play real money at Canada’s best online casinos, look no further. Throughout this site we discuss everything you need to know to get started. As soon as you want to join in on the action, you can select a casino that is right for you. All casinos on this site have been through rigorous testing and passed our high standards of what makes a quality operator. Signing up is free, easy and takes 5 minutes. Get started now to collect an exclusive bonus offer.


Which are the most popular online casino games?

Canadians really do love all things gambling, but when it comes to their all-time favourites, slots and blackjack take the reign. We don’t only mean the traditional variation of the classic card game or the 3 reel slots either. Rather, it’s all the fun blackjack variations like Red Dog, Perfect Pairs or Live Dealer games. You’ll find 5 reel and multi payline slots as well as six and seven figure progressive jackpots.

How do I play them?

To start playing the top games, all you need to do is sign up for a free account at your preferred operator. You can begin learning the basics of the game using the free demo mode, or make an instant deposit to start winning cash. Be sure to take a look at our guides which explain all the most popular gambling games.

Are online games fair?

Yes, but this is only 100% true when you play on a site which is licensed by a reputable jurisdiction and regulated by esteemed third party operators.

How do I know how to find the best odds?

Odds will depend on the house edge and payout percentage, in addition to the actual game. We go into determining the odds in more detail here, but for now, we can recommend playing blackjack, roulette or craps for the best odds in the house.

Where will the biggest jackpots be?

Some casinos will have their own in-house jackpots and others will share them with sister sites. In general, the shared jackpots are much larger because there are more players coming from multiple sites. That said the in house jackpots can be equally large because it takes longer for someone to land one. We recommend Spin City and Jackpot City for some extra large jackpots.

Are there certain games that help beginners learn?

There was a time in which we were just starting out, but back then, casino review sites like this didn’t exist. We had to learn the hard way. Now, we can share that knowledge with you. If you’re keen on learning how to gamble online, we recommend reading through this site first. There is a wealth of information on everything you need to know about gambling and online casinos. From there, find a website you think is right for you and sign up for your free account. Now you can browse around and play the demo games first. This lets you get a feel for the game and develop new skills. Once you've done that, you can carry out a deposit and start making small bets. Good luck!

How can I get a better chance of winning?

If you’re serious about winning money, we recommend to keep practicing. As you hone your skills, you will see more real cash in your bankroll. If you’re after a quick way to win, maximum bets on progressive jackpots or roulette is your best bet – no pun intended.

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