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2023's Best Double Exposure Blackjack Online Casinos

Best Double Exposure Blackjack Online Casinos

If you have always wished that you could see your dealer’s cards at one point when playing blackjack, your wish has been granted with double exposure blackjack. This game is like no other in the online casino world and it has a more modern outlook that matches player preference today. It has a more of entertainment approach to it that lacks in other older variations of blackjack. If you have not tried this, 2023 is the right time for you to enjoy something different at our Jackpot City.

We've gone through hundreds of Double Exposure Blackjack online casinos in Canada to create a top list of places you can play at. Each casino on our list has been fully vetted for security, fair gameplay, a range of banking options, a large gaming portfolio and more. Here is what you will learn from this page:

  • The rules of this variation of blackjack
  • What makes it different from all the other variations of the 21 game
  • The best strategies and tips that can make you a better player
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Quick Introduction

Quick Introduction

Like any other card game that you can play at Canadian casinos such as roulette, you need to know the basics before you become good at the online Double Exposure Blackjack. If you have ever played regular blackjack before, you are in luck since it is almost the same. Of course, the standard objective of the game is that you are supposed to get as close as possible to the 21-card value without busting (going over). Whoever gets there first without busting is the ultimate winner of the round. However, with every blackjack variation available at casinos in Canada, there is usually an added set of rules. Below are the main rules that you are supposed to follow in casinos that offer the Double Exposure Blackjack game.

Double Exposure Blackjack is easily a favorite because you are given a chance to see both the dealer’s cards at the beginning of the game. With that information, you can plan your moves more effectively.

Difference Between Other Blackjack Variations

Double Exposure, just from the name, means that all (two) the dealer cards are exposed. This means an advantage for the player, but may also be a disadvantage, so there are rules set to level the playing arena. In the next few minutes, these are the aspects you are going to learn so that you can step up your Double Exposure Blackjack game in a casino. By now, you are obviously wondering about the aspects that make the experience in this variation different. Well, here is a list of differences that make it stand out even from the live dealer version.

How To Beat The Odds

The goal of the player here is to hit 21 and not greater than 21, just like in all blackjack variations. It is the overall game strategy that now differs. Double Exposure Blackjack games will vary from one good online casino to another.

Despite the house having a higher edge for Double Exposure Blackjack than any other version of the game, experts in this game still emphasize that it offers the best odds in any casino as long as the proper strategy is utilized. The game is mostly played with 8 decks, the dealer is needed to stand on a soft 17. Splitting is only permitted after doubling down, however note that doubling is restricted to a hard 9, 11 as well as a soft 19 and 20. The split is just one per hand, with this indicating that the player will win on a tied blackjack with the house.

Best Beginner Strategy

One common disadvantage faced by beginners in the casino online Double Exposure Blackjack experience and other card games such as online roulette is inexperience. In most cases, that will cost you dearly in both the games. However, with the information here, you can easily play like an expert. Ever heard of the old saying; ‘information is power?’ If so, then having the right information can turn you into an expert.

As a beginner, in card games whether roulette or blackjack, you are bound to make mistakes. From our take, you can avoid all those rookie mistakes. Here are a few Double Exposure Blackjack tips for you that will surely take you a long way.

Player Strategy

It is also very important to monitor the Double Exposure Blackjack game you select to play. There have been many CA online casino websites that were closed shortly after being launched because of their duplicity. You wouldn’t want to place wagers at sites that at first seem great, but vanish after a short while, would you? Of course not. In Canada, we have taken it upon ourselves to list the top casinos that you can trust and enjoy playing at.

Double Exposure Blackjack - Check Out Our Top Rated Casinos

Check Out Our Top Rated Casinos

On the top spot of the sites that offer the best Double Exposure Blackjack experience we have Ruby Fortune. Apart from the games range available, Canadian players are more delighted in the exceptional customer service they receive, the jackpot thermometer that can estimate your expected wins, and a variety of games including the roulette. Feel free to check out our extended list of Double Exposure Blackjack casinos!

  1. The deck size: The standards deck size is six or eight decks. Apart from having the standard deck size, Double Exposure Blackjack also has the target number as 21. Both the dealer and the house have an advantage in this game as the cards of all players are exposed, even the casino's cards.
  2. Dealer’s hands : The fact that the cards are exposed gives players inside information to knowing the odds they face. To balance this effect, casinos ensure that the payment has to be in even numbers like (1:1) and not the everyday (3:2) payout. The mystery here is that the dealer wins on all ties unless one receives a natural blackjack. When the dealer hits a soft 17, which is the rule you can double down on. This depends when you have a 9, 10 or 11.
  3. Splitting rules : Splitting can be done three times only. Splitting is also allowed when you have 10 value unlike cards, then double down after the split. Aces’ splitting just gives you one card. Realize in this situation that splitting is actually reduced as players are only allowed to split one time in a given hand.
  4. More doubling rules : In online Double Exposure Blackjack gaming, the doubling rules tend to differ from site to site. Some top casinos allow doubling in the first two cards, while others allow doubling on certain value cards.


What is Double Exposure Blackjack and how can I play?

It is a variant of blackjack where all the dealer’s cards are facing up. The term here that should always ring in your mind is how to double down or when to. In case you have a ten and you can see the dealer has 12-15/8-10, then you definitely need to double down. In case it is a 9 in your hands, then you may double down if the dealer is exposing 5-6/12-15. Moreover, if you have a pair of 5’s, double down if the dealer's exposed cards are 4-8/12-15. Do not double down during any other time. Aces are to be split but not when you can see a dealer has an 11. Instead hit his hand.

Are the wagers similar to regular blackjack?

If you have played blackjack before, then you will realize things are not that different. The main difference is the payout, which is much lower 1:1. The bets will vary between casinos, but the layout table is usually played with multiple decks. The game begins with a shuffle just like any other variation. There is the discard tray which is for all cards that have played and will be played until the game is over. The chip tray is the dealer tray for losing and winning bets. There’s also a card shoe with all cards yet to be played and of course, game rules printed in the center of the table and finally where players will place their wagers.

Is this version of blackjack popular in Canada?

This game has taken Canada by storm. The key here is to make your online selection of a casino wisely for greater entertainment. For the best picks, play in our recommended online casino sites. So far in 2023, lots of players in Canada are already trying this version out.

How different is it from other variations?

It is not very different from other variations. The main distinguishing factor is that the dealer’s cards are exposed to all players. This however adds a slight dent in the payout ratio which is 1:1. Another interesting difference is in times of a tie happening, the player may be given his/her bet but he/she will not win anything. This is known as pushing.

How are the odds in a casino online Double Exposure Blackjack game?

With double exposure, the real cash is paid in even numbers unlike other blackjack games. The player who gets a blackjack wins if both of them have blackjack. The cards are always facing up, making you know in advance what the dealer has.

Can I use any systems while I play this Blackjack variant?

When it comes to systems, any can be used but the important thing is using it to your advantage. You can also manage to minimize your risk depending on the system you use. It can either be a positive or negative progression. The positive one mainly affirms that one raises their bets after having wins. Bigger bets are funded by money that you have actually won. The negative progression is the opposite of the positive, here one raises bets after one loses. This makes it more dangerous as you know a bad run of losses will eventually wipe you out.

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