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Regional Guide To Casinos In Canada

Regional Guide To Casinos In Canada

No matter which province you call home, Canadian players everywhere have great casino options available to them online. In fact, due to online gambling legal status in Canada, there are now so many options that it can be overwhelming to decide where to play first.

Thankfully, our Canadian review team regularly tests and rates all of these sites so that we can recommend you only the very best ones. As you read on in our Canada casino guide, you'll find the top Canadian venues in each province that meet our high standards of quality. While there are many great options, our current overall recommendation for players in 2017 is Spin Palace .

If you stick to our recommendations, you're guaranteed to find a Canadian casino online that:

  • Offers a huge variety of slot, table, and other online betting games
  • Gets you back free real money bonuses just for signing up
  • Is backed by strong bank-level security and customer support

So read on in our casino Canada guide and discover the best in-person and online gaming options, from Airdrie, Alberta to Zenon Park, Saskatchewan.

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Canadian Casinos By Province

As the law stands now, it's currently up to the legislators in each province to make their own laws regarding online gambling. While some provinces only allow for online lotteries to take place, many others are fine with (and even offer) approved online Canadian gambling sites to play on.

In other provinces, online gambling lives in a giant grey area. If this concerns you, just keep in mind that a Canadian citizen has never faced any kind of legal action for playing at an online casino, regardless of it being based domestically or in another country.

As far as live, in-person Canadian gambling in 2017 goes, there are currently over 60 land casinos located across the provinces for players to enjoy (some of which are even government-owned). Find your province below in our Canadian casino guide to learn more about the gambling scene in your specific region.

No matter which province you call home, Canadian players everywhere have great online casino options available to them


Players in this western province have it better than most given the staggering amount of options available to them. Home to some of Canada's oldest land casinos (including the Palace Casino located in the West Edmonton Mall), Albertans located anywhere in the province are almost always a short drive away from in-person gambling action.

While those options are indeed ample, they aren't mandatory if all you want to do is experience the excitement of playing good table and slot games for real money. Thanks to many great online casino options for Albertans, there's no longer any need to venture across the windy plains just to gamble anymore.

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British Columbia

No matter if you want to wager on craps, play the slots, or bet on the Canucks, BC residents have a large number of places they can do just those things both on and offline available to them. For top gambling actions, Vancouver players in particular have it made, as their city is home to some of the biggest and best land casinos in the region.

If you don't feel like it or can't head out to one of British Columbia's more than 20 brick and mortar venues, you can instead play at the official state-legislated online casino and sportsbook. Like with other options available to BC players, this Canadian casino site offers lottery and table games, sports betting, bingo, online slots, and more.

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There's just a few land based venues in Manitoba, but these also happen to be some of Canada's grandest. Three of these venues are owned by the First Nations people and offer much more than just gambling, including stylish restaurants and full resort amenities as part of your experience.

The online gambling opportunities in MB are just as plentiful, and like in BC there is a state-operated and regulated site just for Manitobans to enjoy. And just like anywhere else in Canada, those in Manitoba have lots of other options available to them, too.

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New Brunswick

New Brunswick's three brick and mortar live casinos were all opened in the last six years or so, making them some of the newest in the entire country. Since Casino New Brunswick's opened in 2010 in Moncton, rumors have swirled that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation would like to open its own state-operated online casino.

While that has yet to come to fruition, the typical Canadian online gambling laws (or lack thereof) still apply to New Brunswickers, meaning they can play at basically any good online casino that accepts players from Canada (ideally one of our top recommendations) without worry, regardless of where they are based. 

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Newfoundland is the only Atlantic Canadian province without a land casino. But along with NB, NS, and NEI, it's also part of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation which offers state-licensed online gambling.

However, the options you'll find through the ALC are limited (no slots or table games, for instance) but just like anywhere else in Canada there are plenty of sites that Newfies can play on. Going through these sites allows you access to a much wider variety of gambling entertainment, including all the top real cash games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and much more.

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Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia's two locations (Halifax and Sydney) account for all of the land based sites in the province. Like with other Eastern seaboard provinces, Nova Scotia has a partnership with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, meaning its online gambling options are extremely limited and don't include much more than lotteries, bingo, and some sports and horse betting.

But as recently as 2014 there have been discussions to expand the amount and type of online gambling offered to Nova Scotians. While nothing official has come out of these talks yet as of early 2017, NS residents can enjoy internationally-based online casinos targeted toward Canadians just like anyone else in the meantime.

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Canada's least populous territory doesn't have any land casinos to speak of, but that doesn't mean Nunavummiut don't enjoy good gambling. Bingo, lottery tickets, and a few other types of gambling are all regulated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and at the moment there is no state-sponsored online casino.

But just like anywhere else in Canada, if you want to play slots and table games for real C$, it's as simple as following our recommendations here. When you do, you'll find sites catered to Canadian players and currency, and of course all the best online gambling games.

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NW Territories

There are no land casinos or any state-run Canadian casino sites in the Northwest Territories, but that doesn't mean that residents there don't like to pass the long winters by gambling online at sites located elsewhere.

These sites are plentiful, super convenient by accepting the Canadian dollar, also offer real cash bonuses, customer support just for Canadians, and of course any top casino game. Remember, even if a province like NWT isn't allowed to host their own casinos online, there's no precedent saying that its residents can't go to ones located elsewhere to scratch their gambling itch.

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Canadian gambling enthusiasts that live in Ontario have a big problem: the paradox of choice. The list of casinos in Ontario is a long one, and two of them (Casino Niagara and Caesars Windsor) are among the nation's five largest. Compounding that already difficult decision are the great online options available to Ontarians.

The Ontario government recently launched the province's first online casino, which offers table games, slot games, video poker, keno, sports betting, and much more. Not to mention all the real money international gambling sites available as well, and those in ON truly have a 'problem' the rest of the nation is envious of.

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Prince Edward Island

Like with other eastern Canadian provinces, online gambling in Prince Edward Island is offered and regulated through the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. While it's nice to play for and win real money in lottery, bingo, sports betting and more directly from the state, you'll have to go elsewhere if you want to play classic casino table games online.

And if you don't live near Charlottetown, home of PEI's best and only land casino, then that means you'll have to play at an internationally-based casino that caters to Canadian players. That's not a bad thing by any means, as you'll find that these venues offer blackjack, roulette, poker, and any other table game you could ever want, accept the Canadian dollar, and even offer customer support specifically for Canucks.

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If you live in Quebec and are into state-sponsored online gambling, then you have it better than most of your countrymen. Quebec's official online gaming site is possibly the most well-rounded in all of casino Canada, and allows you to play slot machines, video poker, table games, and bet on sports all on the same site in both English and French.

While the Quebecois government has expressed concerns about its citizens visiting online casinos based elsewhere, there remains no legal ramifications for doing so. Not to mention, Quebec citizens have nine great land casinos situated within their borders, including the Casino de Montreal, the largest in the country.

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For about two years, there was an online casino that operated out of the White Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan. Since closed down, flatlanders interested in Internet gambling in 2017 have had to fill that void by going to good online venues based outside the province's borders.

But those interested in gambling more locally can do that too at any of SK's eight brick and mortar casinos located in eight different cities across the province. With the success of province-sponsored online gambling in other parts of the country, it's likely only a matter of time before Saskatchewan re-joins the party and offers up an online option for its residents.

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The Yukon Territory is an important piece in the history of Canada gaming. Home to the first and oldest land casino in the country, Gertie's is also the only physical casino in Northern Canada, period.

If you're not near Dawson City, you'll have to resort to playing at casinos online instead. The YT doesn't offer an official state-sponsored site, but there are countless gambling sites based elsewhere which are secure, safe, and cater to the Canadian dollar and players. In addition to accepting C$, many of these sites offer their services in both French and English and even have customer support dedicated solely to servicing Canadians.

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Finding The Best Casinos In Canada, On and Offline

No matter which province you live in, opportunities to play blackjack, slots, poker, and much more are probably closer than you think.

Whether that's driving to one of Canada's many famed land casinos, logging into a province-run online casino, or one based internationally, it's easy for Canadians to play their favorite gambling for real money.

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