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Prior to the innovation of the land based and online casino, roulette was a game suited to the elite and royal families of Europe. Now, visit any casino and you'll be drawn into the classic clicking of the online roulette wheel. Onlookers will be in awe as they cheer on the bettor hoping the ball lands in the right place.

In Canada, casino goers love the thrill and excitement of the roulette games online. If you too want to join the action, but are not familiar with the basics, we'll show you everything you need. Once you've read about real money roulette games, you can try out your hand at Jackpot City, which is our top pick for online roulette.

Canadian casino enthusiasts will enjoy the best games in the industry. These sites offer:

  • Play on mobile or desktop
  • Traditional and modern online roulette variations
  • Large C$ bonuses just for Canadians

If you're already convinced and want to play roulette online now, you can go ahead and take a virtual spin by clicking on any of the casinos here.

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The Best Roulette Casino Games in Canada

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          Learn How to Play Roulette Online

          Quick Facts

          • Roulette was previously known as a game for the royal and the elite.
          • Today's version was first played in Paris in 1796.
          • American Roulette is the most popular version in Canada.

          Clicking spin on the casino software is very exciting. Even so, you should have a grasp of how to play roulette. When you first enter the online casinos' roulette room you will notice the wheel. The European game has 37 numbers and the American game has 38 with a single and double zero. Numbers are out of sequence and alternate from black to red colors. The zeros are in green.

          Whenever you're playing roulette for real money, you won't see the wheel spin until after you've made a bet. But wait; before we explain how bets at online roulette casinos work, you should understand the betting board.

          It is the betting board section of game that really matters most. This is the area you make you real C$ wagers on. You will see the same numbers on the board as you see on the wheel. These numbers are listed in consecutive order and broken into three columns. Making a bet simply requires you to choose a number and place virtual chips on that selection.

          Online roulette is huge in a Canada, and casino sites strive to offer an ever more sophisticated gaming experience at the virtual wheel.

          Making a Bet on Roulette

          Making a Bet on Roulette

          In Canada, online roulette casino games offer several types of bets. You only need to start gambling with knowledge of just a few. When you begin, you'll first be asked to set a limit to bet with. You can choose anywhere from C$1 to C$100 or more. Now, select the lucky number.

          Betting on More Than One Number in Roulette

          If you want to choose more than one number, you can do so by:

          Online roulette games offered by Canadian casino sites will give players the chance to make side bets too. To do so, you will place money on whether or not the ball lands into a black or red slot or into an odd or even slot. These roulette games found online will give players the chance to make side bets too. To do so, you will place money on whether or not the ball lands into a black or red slot or into an odd or even slot.

          Betting on More Than One Number in Roulette

          As soon as your bets are final, you will have to wait and watch the wheel work its magic. Will it be your lucky day? We hope so. After the wheel stops and the ball lands in the numbered slot, winners will be paid immediately. If you've won, you will see the real money added to your bankroll.

          Apart from the bets above, casinos online will have other types of wagering options. The Split Bet allows you to wager on adjoining numbers and the Corner Bet allows you to place money on four numbers. If you should win this, the payout will be an incredible 8 to 1.

          Roulette Glossary

          Roulette Odds

          Inside & Outside Bets

          Inside bets involve all the numbers on the board including the zeros. Players can bet on one number or a combination of numbers. Outside bets are the options that surround the board such as even, odd, red, black etc.

          You know the bets, so now it's time you know what the chances are of winning at the casino. Roulette online odds vary from different games, software and operating sites. It's a good idea to review any casinos' roulette odds before you make a deposit. Without doing so, you could win or lose more than you expected.

          The most common roulette bet Canadians like is the Red or Black and Odd or Even wager. Money is paid evenly. So, if you've bet $10 and won a bet on Even, you will get $10 back. When you bet on a single number, you stand a chance at winning a large amount of real cash at a casino online. Roulette bets like this come with low odds, but they do add a little extra excitement. If you happen to win this bet, you will be paid 35 to 1. In other words, a $10 bet could turn into $350.

          Pick Your Perfect Wheel to Spin

          With the introduction of online roulette, the game became available to the masses. It's now one of the most popular games in online casinos. Canada is no exception. Residents love playing roulette and the aim of the game is simple. The player bets on a circumstance on where the ball might land. If the ball lands in the correct pocket, the player wins. Below, we've provided a comparison list of the two most popular variants.

          Topic American Roulette European Roulette
          About the Game A variation of the popular table game of roulette. A variation of the popular table game of roulette.
          Variations of the Game This version has a '0' and a double zero '00'. This version only has a single zero.
          House Advantage The house advantage is that of 5.26%. The house advantage is that of 2.7%.
          Additional Information Casinos make more profit from this game. Includes a betting option called 'En Prison' in which players can get half their wager back.
          Best Options The winning chances are lower than that of European Roulette. The ideal choice for beginners.

          Try All the Variations of Roulette Before You Choose Your Favourite One

          When you play at an online casino, roulette games come in a variety of different types. Canada gamblers, be sure to check each one of these out because they all have their own odds and payouts. Online roulette games you'll find include:

          Get Started With This Simple Strategy

          Get Started With This Simple Strategy

          Do a search online and you'll discover all types of strategies for winning at roulette online. Remember, this is a game that combines luck with skill. That being said there is a simple strategy which does have its advantages. Known as the Martingale Strategy, it works like this. If you lose, double your bet. If you win, cut it in half. Make sense?  No, well consider this example.

          If you place a C$10 bet on Red and lose, you bet $20 on the next spin. If you lose, you double that so it's now $40. You follow this pattern and eventually will win and regain your losses.

          Does this strategy work? Yes, essentially it would. However, you would need a fair amount of real money in your bankroll.

          A few extra tips to help you win at online roulette include:

          Spin the Reels Online

          Canadian online roulette fans have plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the game. Players can decide to play roulette at their local land based casino. This provides more realism and a sense of personal interaction. Others tend to prefer playing roulette in the comfort of their own home or on their smartphone. Several players prefer the experience of a live dealer roulette which instantly provides you with the best of both options.

          Topic Land based Casino Online Casino Live Dealer Casinos
          Ease of play
          High Limits
          Low Limits
          Payment Options

          We've Discovered the Top Places to Play Online Roulette in Canada

          You should now understand the basics of roulette. If you're ready to test your skills, you can try a demo game for free at any of our recommended casinos. Real money roulette bets can be made as soon as you think you've got what it takes. Rest assured you don't need much. You're going to have an incredible time, we're sure of that! Ready to spin the virtual roulette wheel and win?


          Where will I find the games?

          Classic roulette games and all the exciting variations can be found on your user interface under 'Table Games'. Sometimes the casino will have its own category specifically for roulette. Once you've found the game, click on it to play. Don't forget to read our casino reviews if you haven't already found a site.

          How does the online version differ from the regular game?

          Online roulette is purely virtual. You don't need to go anywhere to have fun and win money. On your screen there will be a roulette wheel and a table where you can make bets, wager and win. If you're after something more realistic, be sure to check out the Live Dealer Roulette games.

          Is it a popular game in Canada?

          Roulette is surprisingly popular in Canada. It's an easy game to play and has a low house edge. Plus, the simplest bets can actually rake in a lot of money if you're lucky.

          How much do I stand to win?

          It's hard to state a numbered amount of money you could win. Realistically, what you could win depends on your bankroll and the size of your bets. If you make low bets, your winnings will be much less than a medium to high bet. The exception to this is if you are very lucky and land on a zero or double zero bet.

          Are their strategies I can use?

          There are numerous roulette strategies. Some work and others could be considered a gimmick. However, roulette is based upon chance. You cannot control where the ball will land. What you do have control over is the actual bet and its associated size or amount.

          Will I get a fair game?

          When you're playing at legitimate sites which are regulated by third parties who oversee the random number generators, you will get a fair game of online roulette. Rest assured, we only play fair; you'll only find casinos with the proper regulations on this site.

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