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Canada's Best Mini Roulette Casinos in 2023

Canada's Best Mini Roulette Casinos

Just when you think online casinos can no longer think up another roulette version, they prove you wrong. Mini Roulette is a great variation of the game and is essentially quite entertaining. With fewer numbered slots on the wheel, the game gives the house a greater advantage. Despite the house edge, most Canadian beginners prefer this version of online roulette as it is pretty uncomplicated.

Playing presents a great opportunity to grasp the basic concept of roulette and to practice before moving on to other versions. Our expert team of experienced reviewers has picked out the top online casinos for you to enjoy a perfect, stress-free round of Mini Roulette. In 2023, the best casino to play at is Jackpot City.

Here's a few things we'll help you learn about:

  • The best bets you can place for the highest odds
  • Expert strategies, tips and tricks for beginners in Canada
  • Outstanding Canadian online casinos for mini roulette.
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An Introduction to the Game

An Introduction to the Game

When it comes to playing roulette, sometimes gamblers like to change up their routine. In other cases, they might be new to online roulette and may be feeling a bit dazed. Therefore, game makers created the Mini Roulette game featuring a smaller wheel, which would also seriously improve players' chances of winning. It is the basic version of the full-fledged roulette that is available at any casino, online or land-based.

In the online Mini Roulette game, you play by using a roulette wheel that consists of only 13 pockets. The numbers 1 to 12 are printed on the wheel, together with a single zero. The limited numbers make it possible for gamblers to often win many real cash bets, such as bets placed on a specific number. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the payouts for the same bets are lower than in other roulette versions.

Playing Mini Roulette presents a great opportunity to grasp the basic concept of roulette and to practice before moving on to other versions.

What Makes It Different?

The gigantic table of traditional roulette might appear to be slightly more overwhelming than it actually is. While roulette is certainly one of the most beginner-friendly games in a casino, it can feel like there's a lot of money riding on the game. For some players starting out, just the number of betting types and other options available are a lot to handle.

Smaller Wheel

Instead, imagine if it were possible to make things easier to appeal to even the most nervous players. That is the main idea behind creating the mini version of the game available at a number of online casinos in Canada. For the most part, Mini Roulette gaming is the same as other versions of the game. However, there are only two obvious distinctions that you need to remember. One, the roulette wheel is smaller and there are only 13 pockets in total compared to the regular 37 in European and 38 in American Roulette.

La Partage Rule

Secondly, some online casinos make use of software that offers the "La Partage" rule of French Roulette. In case of the La Partage rule, if a player makes a wager that does not include the number zero and the ball drops on the number zero, the player will end up losing only half of their original wager. For instance, you wager $20 on the number 3, the wheel spins and the ball drops on zero, you will end up receiving $10. Fortunately, unlike the French La Partage rule, in the Mini Roulette game, you don't have to place any even money bet. Every bet is subject to this satisfying rule in online casino gaming.

Great Bets and Unbeatable Odds

Great Bets and Unbeatable Odds

For players familiar with standard roulette played at live casinos or online, the bets will be instantly recognizable. But, you will find that the payouts for these bets have been altered. You can place a straight-up bet on any particular number by placing your chip on the exact number on the board. In case you win this bet, it pays out the highest at 11-to-1 in online Mini Roulette gaming.

A split bet is made on any two neighbouring numbers and chips are placed on the line that runs between the two numbers. If the ball lands on any one of these two numbers, you are paid out 5-to-1. Place a street bet on any of the rows of three numbers on the board, you will need to position your chips on the line's edge. You will receive a 3-to-1 payout if any of those three numbers win.

In a square or corner bet, you can bet on four numbers that are arranged in a square. The chips should be laid out on the intersection of these numbers and the bet pays out 2-to-1. You can also try wagering a column bet that consists of four numbers lying in a column. These columns are identified as squares at the end of the column.

Column bets also pay out 2-to-1 in the game. In contrast to "dozen" bets offered in traditional roulette, the Mini Roulette game has "Half Dozen" bets. The half dozen bets comprise of three choices i.e. 1-6, 4-9 and 7-12. If any number in the half dozen set wins, you will be paid out 1-to-1. Finally, the most obvious real money bets are the ones that can be placed as colour bets (red/black) and on even or odd numbers. These bets are considered even-money bets, as the pay out 1-to-1 in Mini Roulette.

The Beginner's Approach

Overall, there's nothing quite as simple as the online Mini Roulette game itself. Still, if you're just starting out, we have an excellent tip we have collected from expert Canadian roulette players. Since every game follows the La Partage rule, you should abide by a single personal rule. Always avoid betting on the zero. Through this strategy, you can make the most of La Partage and collect half of your original real money wager back on a portion of the bets.

The house edge of Mini Roulette bets is 3.85%, which is below that of American Roulette, but higher than the European version. With non-zero bets, you are able to recover half your bet. If the La Partage rule was not in place, the advantage of the house would double to 7.69%. Therefore, it is obvious that it's best to practically shun placing bets on zero, but you can always go ahead with your lucky number when you're enjoying the game.

The Last Word

We find Mini Roulette to be a great choice when logged online and multi-tasking. Keeping track of the game is almost effortless and you can also win some Canadian Dollars on the side. Aside from newbies who like the simple layout, Canadian gamblers who enjoy playing full-fledged roulette welcome taking a break with this lighter version. If you want to take advantage of this exclusive online version of roulette, let us help find a site that's right for you. When playing Mini Roulette, players have to keep the odds in mind to succeed.

Our team of reviewers has gone to great lengths to find the best sites that meet our strict guidelines. We have handpicked secure sites that are licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. These online casinos provide excellent software and promise smooth, uninterrupted games that are completely fair. Moreover, each of these sites accepts popular Canadian methods of online payments.


How does a game of online Mini Roulette work?

This version of roulette works like any other version you might be accustomed to. The purpose of the game is to correctly identify the chamber in which the spinning ball will fall. It is possible to make a wager on whether the ball will land on an exact number, on a number between a range or if the chamber may be black or red.

In Mini Roulette, are the bets and table layout the same as other variations?

No, there is a slight change in the bets and table layout. The wheel only consists of 13 pockets with the numbers 1-12 and a single zero. On account of the reduced numbers on the table and wheel, the odds lie in the favour of the player.

Is the game popular with online players?

Yes, Mini Roulette is a popular choice among online gamblers from across the world and in Canada. A large number of players prefer playing this easy-going game to avoid the puzzling number of bets available in traditional roulette. The game can, without a doubt, help you prepare to be an expert player for any version of roulette.

Is Mini Roulette very different compared to other variations?

While the game is definitely different than other versions, the fundamentals remain the same. The difference lies in the table layout, the types of bets and eventually the payouts. The house-edge also increases from European Roulette, but falls below American Roulette.

What are the odds like?

Compared to other games, the odds for Mini Roulette are high. With a few numbers present on the roulette wheel, the probability of the ball falling on your predicted number increases. Then again, as per the rules, the payouts are inversely proportional to the probability of the winning bet. The highest payout you can expect to receive is 11-to-1, when you bet on a single number.

Can I make use of any roulette systems?

Yes you can use roulette systems. Though, you should remember that Mini Roulette is completely random and its outcomes cannot be predicted. Therefore, you should not put too much faith in mathematical systems to improve your odds or in helping you win.

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