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It is believed that roulette was first invented in the 18th century by a French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. This perhaps explains why the machine was named Roulette, which is a French word for 'Little Wheel'. Over the years, the game has risen to become one of the most played at both land-based and online casinos in Canada, perhaps because of its easy to understand rules and straightforward basics. With several variations available, this game also has the American Roulette version, which we will discuss on this page.

Our team has created a brief roulette guide which features how you can play one of the more popular variants of the game, the different bets you can place, and most importantly, we've highlighted the best American Roulette online casinos, like Jackpot City. Our shortlisted Canadian casinos have a proven track record of offering a safe, secure and fun-filled gaming experience. Furthermore, you'll get to learn the following on this page:

  • How the American Roulette game came about
  • How to play it at a Canadian casino
  • Different bets to know about
  • The top real money roulette sites to play at in 2023
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The Invention Of The Game

The Invention Of The Game

During the 19th century, the roulette game spread across the European continent and finally into the US, where it became an instant hit in casinos. The game spread to the north via the Mississippi River, and from the Big Easy to the western side of the country. It's at this point where players made a few alterations to the American Roulette game.

For example, in the early versions of the game, the American Roulette wheel was discovered to have numbers from 1 to 28, featuring an American eagle, a double zero and a single zero. The American eagle slot was reserved for the house, and increased the house edge in the game. This slot vanished with time and since then the American Roulette wheel only has numbered slots.

In the beginning of the 20th century, large gambling destinations such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo popularized the game. In fact, the game became such a huge hit that in the late 70's, it was the most popular real money game at the casinos. Now online roulette dominates several casinos thanks to its excitement factor.

The American Roulette betting layout consists of two sections: group bets and individual numbers.

How American Roulette Works

Online American Roulette gaming is simple. At land-based and live roulette casinos, the dealer or croupier is in charge of the game. They have the responsibility of placing bets on your behalf as well as collecting the losing bets and paying the winning ones.

When playing the online American Roulette, you are required to predict the number, colour, section or the type of number (odds or evens) that the ball will land on. You do this by placing your chips on the roulette table. Once all the bets have been placed, the dealer spins the wheel and everybody waits for the results. Once the wheel comes to a stop, the dealer will place a little 'marker' or 'buck' on top of the winning number. After this, he/she will sweep off all the losing bets from the table and pay the winning bets in online roulette.

Different Types Of Bets

The Straight Up Bet : This is an inside bet that involves betting on one or more numbers by placing your chip on one number on the roulette table. Should your number hit, the online casino will pay you at odds of 35:1 in American Roulette.

The Split Bet : It's also an inside bet that starts by placing your roulette chip on the line between the two numbers. For example, you can place a split bet on the line separating 13 and 16. Should your split bet hit, the online casino pays you at odds of 17:1 in real cash.

The Street Bet : It is also referred to as the trio/side bet or the three number bet. With all these titles you are probably thinking, "This is the best paying bet!" This isn't actually the case. In fact, should you get the bet correct, you'll only be paid at odds of 11:1 in real cash. To make this bet, you simply place your roulette chips on the outside border of the three numbers you wish to bet on.

The Corner Bet : This is also referred to as the four number bet or the square bet and you only win if any of the four numbers show up once the wheel stops. To place this bet, you place your chip at the intersection of the four numbers. For instance, place your chip over the intersection of numbers 17, 18, 20 and 21. Should the ball land in any of the four numbers, you will be paid out at odds of 8:1 in online American Roulette.

The Five Number Bet : Also referred to as 'The Beast' or 'The Monster', this is only found on the American Roulette wheel. It incorporates five numbers, 1, 2, 3, 0 and the 00 and pays out at odds of 6:1. It is also the bet with the highest house edge online, at an astonishing 7.89% in American Roulette.

The Column Bet : You will simply be betting that any of the winning numbers will be featured in any of the columns. To place this bet, place your roulette chip on either the section marked with 1st row, 2nd row or 3rd-row. If you win, the casino will pay out at odds of 2:1. However, take note that the numbers 0 and 00 are not part of the bet, and if they show up, you lose the bet.

Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

The croupier will continuously spin the wheel, during which you can continue placing your roulette bet. However, at some point, if you are playing at a land-based casino or a live dealer roulette game, the dealer will wave her hand over the roulette table and say 'No More Bets'. At this point you should stop placing your real money bet.

If you are playing at a land-based casino in Canada or playing live online, the croupier will usually call out the colour, number or announce if the number is odd or even. He/she will put a puck on the winning number after which all the bets that have been lost will be swept off the table, while the winning bets are paid off in American Roulette casino online. When most Canadians play at an online casino, American Roulette may not be their first choice due to the game's high house edge. However, it's still an exciting game to play and if you get lucky, you walk out with 35 times the amount you started with!

If you are playing an online American Roulette game, you will only receive a pop up message showing you the amount that you've won. Clicking on the pop up message will give you further information on your win.

Playing At a Reputable Online Casino

If you want to play the American Roulette game in Canada, why not you visit some of the online casinos we've recommended below? If you want to find Canadian site which offers you a life-like experience, then you shouldn’t hesitate to visit the sites below. In live dealer games you can engage the croupier through chat while you watch them spin the wheel. Feel free to also ask for assistance from the croupiers should you fail to understand how to play or run into trouble while playing.

To give you a running start to online American Roulette, these casinos in Canada have a great welcome bonus after you join them. This, of course, is after making your first deposit using any of the available banking options at the sites. Start the American Roulette game adventure today!


How do I play American Roulette?

To play the game, simply place a bet on the number or colour you think the ball will land on. You can place a straight, split, street, corner, column, or five number bet according to the kind of payout you're looking for. Details on these bets are provided on the page above.

What are the rules?

Players are required to first purchase their chips. Then you can begin placing bets either on a single bet or a combination. The dealer then spins the wheel and you cannot place any bets after this point. Once the wheel comes to a stop and the ball lands in a pocket, winnings are paid out accordingly.

Which are the best American Roulette odds?

As usual, the straight up bet has the best pay off ratio. However, the chances of you winning the bet are usually low due to the fact that you are guessing the exact number that the ball will land on. To increase your chances of winning when playing, choose the even money bets, i.e., high or low odds, black or red bet or even or odd bet. For every C$1 you bet on even money bets, you win C$1 real cash.

Is there a system that I can use?

Systems and strategies have been developed to reduce the house edge and give you a chance of winning while playing American Roulette. A popular system is the 'en prison rule' that enables you to either take back half of your bet if it lands on the zero mark, or take another spin and if it lands on the zero mark again, you lose the bet.

What is the main difference between American Roulette and other variants?

The main difference comes with the table layout. While the European Roulette table has a single zero, the American Roulette has double zeros in addition to the single zero. It's because of these double zeros that the house edge is twice that of the European version.

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