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A Guide to 2024's Blacklisted Casinos Online

Blacklisted Casinos

We talk so much about the best operators. Now it's time to talk about those that are not so great. In fact, they're blacklisted. Casino sites like these are the ones that you want to avoid no matter how “good” the welcome bonuses offered may appear.

Whatever the site's intentions could be, they digitally wear the badge of cheaters and scammers. The blacklisted sites listed below fall within these confines. Anyone considering these operators should proceed with caution. Otherwise, you can’t say we never warned yo

Each of these online blacklisted casino sites has their own level of, shall we say, rogue-ness. Some are clearly a rip off operator who will take as much money as possible from all the players and run. Then there are those that may just have one too many shady casino tricks going on or be negligent in the things that matter. These sites commonly have certain problems:

  • Players struggle to withdraw winnings, or don't get them at all
  • Customer support is non-existent or rude
  • Games can be rigged and go unchecked by the gambling authorities
  • Players' email accounts are flooded with spam and malware

How We Choose Blacklisted Casinos

How We Choose Blacklisted Casinos

There are thousands of suspect casinos online. Blacklisted operators listed here are not the only ones on the web. Moreover, just because you don’t see us recommending an online gambling site does not mean it's rogue. To put it simply, the following are the ones worth noting as the worst. Likewise, there are plenty of good casinos that may not be what we consider top notch, but are a “good gamble,” and as far as we know are on the up-and-up.

We are a close knit community of gamblers. We talk and we listen. This list of blacklisted casinos online has not only failed to meet our expectations, but others as well. Here are the reasons why a casino is deemed rogue, blacklisted or a no-go:

Unable to payout winnings – If you win you should get your money, right? Not on many of the rogue sites. Rather than just never getting that check or deposit in an e-wallet (which is bad enough), you will be told you didn’t meet the terms and conditions or violated the casinos’ policies and rules.

No Such Thing as “Randomness” - Good sites will have certified backed software which verifies the RNGs are legit at the casino. Blacklisted sites may not. In fact, they may not be random at all. So when you think you’re next roll of the dice is going to land you a big win only to see a strange hiccup, chances are, it’s rigged.

Blacklisted sites may not be random at all, and when a strange hiccup occurs instead of a big win, chances are it’s rigged.

Customer Support – Canucks are going to have questions every now and then. If you and everyone else fail to get a hold of someone working at the casino, it’s not a good sign.

Spam – No one appreciates spam. When a casino bombards their players with emails, SMS, letters and too many popup ads, they are coming off as too desperate. We don’t like this and neither to our loyal Canadian readers.

Other Rouge Practices – Other features we investigate before deeming a casino blacklisted are security measures, licensures, certifications, SSL encryption and straight up lying to its customers.

Reviewing our Casinos

Background and Safety Check

Background and Safety Check

We take rating our casinos very seriously. The first step that our professional team does is perform a background and safety check. They start off with checking for the site’s verification and they look for known bodies such as eCOGRA. Then they move on to software developers and make sure that the software is reliable. If the above checks out, the team moves on to encryption system to ensure that all players are provided with a safe and secure gambling experience.

Deposit Funds and Contact Customer Support

Deposit Funds and Contact Customer Support

The next step in our rating system is to check out the available deposit bonuses. The team makes a real money deposit to test out how smoothly this is processed. They also check out the different payment methods to make sure that all the popular methods are available for all players. Our experts then contact customer support to check out how helpful and quick this system is.

Play Games and Cash Out Winnings

Play Games and Cash Out Winnings

If the previous two points check out, our team moves on to testing out the available games offered in the casino. They make sure to look at the quality and the quantity of the games. Mobile and app compatibility is also checked so that players can play their favourite games on their smartphone devices. If all of this checks out, the remaining balance is drawn out to test out the cash out system of that casino.

Casino Rated and On Our Approved List

Casino Rated and On Our Approved List

Once everything is tried out, our team discusses on which casinos they liked and disliked. On their decision, the casino is either approved on our list or blacklisted. We have a blacklist so players can avoid all the casinos that we think are not fit for responsible gambling. A casino only goes to our blacklist list if we think that the casino doesn't deliver well or if it poses a risk to players.

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Are You Ready to Find Out the Top Blacklisted Casinos Online?

Here is our ranking, from blacklisted to very blacklisted to stay-away-at-all-costs blacklisted.

Starting with number 10:

No. 10
Absolute Poker

From the outside, this casino appeared to be in good form. It was a favourite of Canada’s online casino goer’s right up until the big cheating scandal broke. Unfortunately, the operator did not handle this shocking scandal very well and left a lot of people very unimpressed.

No. 9
Atlantic Vegas Casino

We talk a lot about proper and legitimate gaming licenses. Some licenses, including those out of Canada, are better than others. Alderney is one of those respected licensure areas and has very strict casino policies. It is respected by any gambler. This online casino claims they are licensed and regulated out of Alderney, but have no documents to back that claim up. As of now, no one is really able to find out where this casino is out of and who owns it.

No. 8
VIP Golden Club

This blacklisted online casino runs off of the cheapest software we’ve ever seen. To make things even more pathetic is that there is no randomness in many of the games. Each bet you make also includes a certain percentage to go directly to the operators own bankroll. You will not get this back and finally, it is impossible to win at blackjack when you play at this rogue casino online.

No. 7

This gambling operator is well known for their black hat SEO tactics. When they draw people in, they quickly find a way to get email addresses and then send out constant spam. The customer support is rude and dodges even the simplest questions. We refuse to deal with sites like these.

No. 6

There is no class whatsoever to this banned Canadian casino online. First you’ll have to keep a close eye on the ever changing terms and conditions. If you don’t keep up with them, you are guaranteed to run into problems. To top it off, payments are incredibly slow and you’re lucky if you actually get them.

No. 5
El Dorado Palace Casino

Perhaps one of the most amusing terms and conditions we’ve seen comes out of this casino online. Blacklisted sites like this are a prime example of why you need to read reviews first. The T&C’s on this site stated that the casino had the right to confiscate (we think steal) winnings from a player that attempts to withdrawal a partial part of their bankroll. These were not only stated in the T&C’s, but enforced too.

No. 4
Ace Revenue Casino Group

This is the latest name the group goes under. Prior to this rebranding, it was known as the Crystal Palace Group. Based in Costa Rica, there is no proper licensing or regulations. Players have no protection and these casinos take advantage of this. Expect slow payments, problems getting your winnings, terrible customer service and dodgy practices all together.

Ace Revenue Casino Group operates all of these blacklisted gambling websites:
Captain Jack Casino, Planet 7 Casino, Royal Ace Casino, Silver Oak Casino, Slot Madness

The Virtual Casino Group

All casinos under this group are blacklisted. They are well known in the industry for not paying winnings, or just going very slow all together. They’ll bluff players by asking for different ID’s and proof of address. Getting a hold of customer support is virtually impossible. They are not registered meaning there is no player protection.

Play at these blacklisted casinos online and you will get burned. Sites include:
Club Player Casino, Cool Cat Casino, Dreams Casino, Palace of Chance, Prism Casino, Ruby Slots, Slots Garden Casino, Slots of Vegas, The Virtual Casino, Vegas Strip Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, Wild Vegas Casino, 123SlotsOnline

No. 2
Sorila Commercial Casinos

Operators like these cannot expect to last very long. Known for black hat seo and shady web advertising, they entice potential players onto sites and collect information. Inboxes are filled with spam and malware. There are also complaints of credit cards being billed twice and threats to players who make a complaint to the customer service.

Sites owned by Sorila Commercial Casinos include:
Gold VIP Club Casino, Golden Gate Casino

All Casinos under The Blacknote Group

Once known as the Winward Group, all casinos they operate implore a very lengthy, albeit insane, terms and conditions. For example, when a CA player makes a deposit, it is automatically subject to the bonus wagering requirements and ready for this – even if you didn't collect the bonus. Withdrawals are limited to $500 a month for the first 6 months. You pretty much have no control of your money at any of these sites.

All operators owned by The Blacknote Group are Blacklisted casino sites; these include:
21 Dukes Casino, 7 Reels Casino, 7 Spins Casino, Casino Moons, Loco Jungle Casino, Rich Casino, Slots Village Casino, Thebes Casino, Winward Casino

A quick intermission: Check and Double Check the Name and URL of the Casino When you’re playing at a casino online, blacklisted sites may have tweaked the name of the establishment or URL itself. Always confirm the website is not just the same rogue operator with a new name.

Real example:
GrandPriveCasino.com is now BetGrandPrive.com.

Un-Blacklisting a Site

Just because you see a site we don’t recommend to Canadians now, doesn’t mean it will always be like that. There have been cases of blacklisted casino sites that have made a tremendous effort to regain their reputation. This can take a few years and a lot of money, but it is possible. To be fair, we do maintain optimal effort to ensure all these sites are on the right page. Of course if it’s not blacklisted, Canada’s’ casino goers should refer to this page every now and then because we will add more if need be.

Let Us Know About a Potentially Rogue Casino

Let Us Know About a Potentially Rogue Casino

Hey Canadians, we’re all gamblers and looking out for one another. Let’s work to keep the online casino community secure. By doing so, you’re not only keeping gamblers safe, but also maintaining a good reputation on a world wide scale as a casino advocate. If you think an online casino is rogue, we want to know about it. Contact us and tell us about your experience.

Find a Safe Online Casino for Canadians

Now, that you know the blacklisted casinos, why not play on a whitelisted site? Canada’s gambling enthusiasts have plenty of legitimate, premium sites to choose from. Take a look around, read the reviews and start playing at one of Canada's top real money online casinos.


What does blacklisted mean for a site?

A blacklisted site, by our terms, is when any operator is implementing dodgy or rogue practices. These can range anywhere from not paying out winnings, slow deposits, rude customer support, outdated security measures or lying about licensing and certifications. When a site is blacklisted by us, or the gambling community, it basically warns anyone from playing on that site. Although sever companies or legal issues have forced blacklisted sites to close, this usually takes time. What this means is many blacklisted sites continue to operate out of sketchy countries and entice naïve players onto their platform.

Why is it important to avoid blacklisted casinos?

There are countless horror stories on the web about players who have been burned from playing on a blacklisted casino. In worst case scenarios you could lose your money or have your personal information shared or sold to third parties. Most of the time, you’ll have to deal with slow payouts and questionable practices.

What can I do if I’ve already joined?

If you signed up to a blacklisted site unknowingly we recommend getting your money off of the site as soon as possible. From there, it’s a good idea to close down your account. If you suspect any type of fraud has happened, contact your bank for further advice.

Will I be able to get my money back?

Unfortunately, you may have to take a loss. That said, we’ve heard of blacklisted sites eventually giving a player their well-earned money, but it can take months. Ultimately, getting your Canadian dollars back will depend on your own personal circumstances.

How do I know if a site is untrustworthy?

We highly recommend reading casino review sites where you’ll find the most up-to-date information on trusted and un-trusted casinos. If you suspect a site is rogue do some online research. Gambling communities make a big effort to work together ensuring everyone has a safe, fair and enjoyable experience. Finally, you can verify any licenses or certifications claimed by the site through the actual third parties website. If anything turns out to be false or inaccurate information, there’s a good chance the site has poor intentions.