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You may be wondering just who is running this Canadian casino review site. Like you, we too always get a little bit curious about the personalities behind the brand. If you haven’t already figured it out, we’re really serious about gambling and gaming. We grew up on Atari and Nintendo. Going to the arcade was a weekly adventure and watching our neighbours’ bi-nightly card games became a pastime. Eventually, we were hanging out with friends and playing war, blackjack and poker for fun. With that came better (and more affordable!) computers, internet and online casinos. It was like the Universe bringing the best of all things wonderful – games, fun and easy money! What more could you ask for? You could say the rest is history; that is until we launched this site.

Unfortunately there are all sorts of casino sites online. We have had our fair share of disappointment, and nothing is worse than getting conned or betrayed, especially when you had such great ideas about what that new casino was going to be like. We’re trying to eliminate that one casino site at a time.

A lot of man hours and effort goes into creating a casino review site like this. We don’t just do a search on Google for the top 2 pages of websites and review those that popped up. Rather, we find out what the community is saying. We take notes of the good sites, the shady sites and those that are oh-so-obviously rogue. We also factor in our own experience. From there, it’s a very tedious task of breaking a site down into everything that makes it who they are. Each feature or aspect is dissected and critiqued; if you don’t believe us, you should see our notes! Of course we can’t just copy and paste a pile of notes onto a website. So, we compile all our highlights into an easy to read page which will hopefully allow you to make the right decision.

Why Use Us to Find the Top Casinos Online?

  • Our team has over a decade in online gambling and casino reviewing.
  • We’re experts in the field and specialize in information for Canadians.
  • Thousands of players around Canada trust our site for the most up to date news.
  • Our ratings factor in a number of important, often overlooked, features.
  • Promotions, bonuses and offers are exclusive to this site.
Casino.ca - The Idea Casino.ca - The Idea - mobile


The Idea

A bunch of us gathered round playing our favourite game of poker and we decided that it was about time we acted on an idea that has been brewing in our minds. For quite some time we'd been brainstorming on developing a casino review site made for Canadians, by Canadians.

Red Arrow
Casino.ca Was Born


Casino.ca Was Born

We did it! Casino.ca was born in 2015. From a sprouting idea came an informative and successful website in which Canadians could look up anything from their favourite games to our reviewed and trusted casinos. It was a success from the very beginning.

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Casino.ca - We Expanded Our Site


We Expanded Our Site

As months went by, our website continued to grow in popularity. We started getting feedback from all over Canada about how much this site has guided some of their biggest gambling decisions. We decided to keep our project growing by updating the site with more information for Canadians.

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Casino.ca - We're Still Going Strong


We're Still Going Strong

Casino.ca is one of the most popular gambling sites in Canada. We don't stop at casino reviews. We strive to keep our information up-to-date, always bringing new content for our readers. Canadians deserve the best and we intend on giving it all to you!

Who Are the People Working Behind the Scenes?

We thought you’d want to know even more. So, allow us to get into extra detail about ourselves – call it a virtual Meet and Greet.

Gabrielle Tremblay
Gabrielle Tremblay
Layout Developer. Writer. Researcher. Dice Enthusiast.

Meet the lady Gabrielle herself. As a University of Toronto graduate, she believes that a sites layout is very important and using her own initiative and creativity, she makes sure everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Gabrielle spends many hours researching and learning about gambling and uses that to write all this useful information. In her spare time, she loves a good game of Craps, especially making bets with the finest black chips.

Ryan Hamel
Ryan Hamel
Content Editor. Researcher. Poker Nerd and Connoisseur.

This York University graduate is meticulous about words. That’s right; he takes the content and turns it into something even better than it already was. Call it the finishing touches. He also has been gambling since he was old enough to understand. Ryan has a brain which seems to be almost as fast as a computer (or that’s what Gabrielle says!) and can think under intense situations. This means he is very good at poker; so don’t let him fool you. But, do ask for his advice!

Ethan Boucher
Ethan Boucher
Techie. Web Developer. Sports better and all around gambler.

Ethan studied at Colombia University and moved back to Canada to focus on his career. He loves a good puzzle and anything logical which makes him a very good tech guy. His mind thinks in code, security, servers and everything that makes a site run. He is well known for his ability to take a casino site and break it down into tech jargon most people don’t understand. He loves sports and sports betting. Anything goes as he would say and so, if he’s not in the sidelines of a hockey event, he’s probably off on the video poker or baccarat games.

Make the Most of Casino.ca

Here at Casino.ca we go out of our way to focus on YOU. Our professional team work hard to provide quality information that you can benefit from. We make sure to fully update our website regularly so that you're always on top of all things casino related. Our website is full of useful information so it's up to you to decide which parts you should engage with. We’re always here to help so make sure to check out our FAQS or get in touch if you need a helping hand.

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