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Expert Online Casino Guides

Expert Online Casino Guides

The world of online casinos can be a daunting one when you are a new player. All the talk of bonuses, bankrolls, and bet types can feel confusing for Canadians that just want to play their favourite games from their local land casinos online.

Not to worry, as our team of Canadian experts has put together a series of extensive and easy-to-understand guides that will teach you everything you need to know about online casino gambling in Canada:

  • How to find and sign up for the best online casinos that CA has to offer
  • What types of real money bonuses are out there and how to get them
  • Strategy guides for different games and how to reduce the house edge
  • A list of the games and slots that regularly pay out the biggest wins

And anything else you could ever want to know about gambling online as a Canadian.

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Bankroll Management
Learn how to properly manage your money so you can play longer and increase your chances of winning real money.
Read more about Bankroll Management
Bonus Guide
Only play at Canadian online casinos that offer you generous welcome and loyalty bonuses, such as these.
Read our guide to bonuses
Withdrawal Guide
How much you win doesn't matter if you have no way to cash out. Be sure to understand the best ways for withdrawing your real money.
Read more about casino banking
Online vs. Offline
All you need to know about the age-old dilemma of playing in land casinos versus online ones.
Compare online v offline casinos
Understanding Odds
If you don't know how odds, house edges, and return-to-player percentages work, read this.
Learn how to understand casino odds
Slots Guide
Today's slots are much more than the three-reel fruit machines of the past (although you can still play those online, too!).
Read our guide to playing slots
Online gambling has a vernacular all its own. From 'ante' to 'turkey', it's helpful to know the language before you start playing.
Discover casino terminology
Top 10 Tips
If you're on a need-to-know basis, here are 10 online gambling tips you need to know more than all others.
Read our top 10 tips
Stay away from these online casinos that are proven to be nothing more than shady scams.
Read more about blacklisted casinos
If you live in Canada and enjoy gambling online, do you have to pay taxes on your winnings?
Learn about Canadian gambling tax
Never play at a casino online that isn't proven secure and safe by a credible quality-assurance organization.
Read more about casino security
Biggest Wins
Find the games that consistently pay out the biggest wins and jackpots right here.
Read more about the biggest wins
Ever wonder how we went from primitive games of chance to being able to gamble on our smartphones?
Read more about casino history
Live Casinos
Live dealer casino games are the latest 'it' thing in the industry. We've listed all the best ones right here.
Read more about Live Casinos
Everything you've ever wanted to know about playing for real cash at Canadian online casinos.
Read more about FAQ
Our team of Canadian experts has put together a series of extensive and easy-to-understand guides that will teach you everything you need to know about online casino gambling in Canada

Finding The Best Venues For Canadian Players

Once you get a grasp on how online casinos work, what kinds of games and bonuses they offer, and how to make the most of them, it's time to choose a casino online.

Our review team has found and reviewed countless sites that cater to Canadian players, and the ones we've ended up recommending on our site are only the very best of the best.

Which brings us to one last great thing about playing online: if you're ever confused about how a game or bonus works, don't know what a particular jargon word means, or have any other questions about online casino gaming, just keep this page open in another tab for quick reference.


What are some things new players should know before joining an online casino?

Before even thinking about joining an online casino, you first need to make sure that it's accredited and proven safe and secure. All the sites we recommend are, but it's a good habit to always look to see that a casino is registered by a national governing gambling commission (if not Canada, then a place like Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, etc.). Also make sure the site has a license from a third-party testing organization (like eCOGRA) which assures you that the site runs fair games and follows safe and legal business practices.

Once that's taken care of, new players should also look for generous welcome bonuses, a wide variety of games that they enjoy playing, and a variety of different options for depositing and withdrawing Canadian dollars.

How can I make the most from playing online casino games?

There are a number of best practices you can follow when gambling online that will reduce the house edge and increase your odds of not only getting to play for a longer time, but also of winning a nice amount of real money. For starters, always set yourself a betting limit or budget, and if that money runs out be able to walk away and not chase your losses.

Also look for slot machines and table games that have either a low house edge (0-3% is typically pretty good) or a high return-to-player rate (anything higher than 95%). Games that fit these descriptions are blackjack, craps, baccarat, and countless different slot machines. Finally, be sure to take advantage of any bonuses and promotions your casino is running, which often result in free real money and/or spins to play with.

What kinds of casino online games can I play?

Any game you enjoy playing in land based venues, and then some!

Online there are countless varieties of all your favorite traditional casino and slots games, and also for some games you might not have played before. From [poker](/poker/) to pai gow, stud to [slots](/slots/), all three kinds of roulette and more, you can find any game you want somewhere online in a variety of different bet sizes and rule sets.

Which games offer the best odds and opportunities for winning real money?

The casino table games that typically have the lowest house edge (and therefore the best odds of you winning real cash) are blackjack, craps, baccarat, three-card poker, and video poker.

There are countless [online slot machines](/slots/) out there that also offer fantastic odds, which can be found by reading the return-to-player reports that most good casinos publish about each of their games.

Do betting strategies work?

If there was a fool-proof way to win money at casinos, everybody would be doing it. And if everyone was doing it, casinos would no longer be in business.

However, there are some betting tactics that have been proven to reduce the house's advantage if followed. A perfect advantage is blackjack basic strategy. If followed, basic strategy can reduce the casino's edge in blackjack to about 0.5-1%, by far the lowest of just about any table game out there.

How can I transition easily from offline casinos to online ones?

To be honest, learning to play at an online casino isn't rocket science. The first step is reading a few reviews of different casinos online until you find one you think has features and games you would enjoy. Next, you simply create your free account and make a deposit (via credit card, e-wallet, or [a number of other methods](/payments/)) to your account.

Before wagering any money, we recommend using the free play mode most casino games offer. This will let you get a grasp for playing casino games online and is also a great opportunity to test new betting strategies. From there, you are ready to begin playing casino games online for real cash!

How do I know my game is fair and my information is safe at an online casino?

If you play at a casino online that is regulated by its local gambling commission and also by a third-party testing organization ([like eCOGRA](http://www.ecogra.org)), you can just about be guaranteed you won't have any issues with that particular casino.

These organizations regularly audit online casinos to ensure they are using a balanced random number generator (RNG) and have strong e-security in place protecting your money and information. Also keep in mind that since the house has a long-term edge in all casino games they offer, there's not really much need or incentive for them to rig their games or cheat their players.

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