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The Difference Between Online and Offline Casinos

Online vs Offline Casinos

Are you debating on whether or not you should take that long car ride into Ontario just so you can fulfill that long awaited desire to play blackjack? If so, you can forget about it. Sure, brick and mortar casinos are great, especially in Canada, but there are other options. What are differences between online and offline casinos and which one trumps players –hands down? Let’s find out.

Offline casinos do have plenty of games; however, you can easily find yourself waiting up to an hour just to join a game of blackjack or poker. Then of course your lucky slot machine could become overtaken by the sweet old lady who unfortunately thinks it’s her own lucky machine too. It’s a problem that at one point or another you will have to face. Online casinos don’t have any of that.

What you will get is hundreds of the best casino games including all their exciting variations. If you still need to fulfill that desire for the real experience, you can with the Live Dealer online casino games. That’s right you can bring a real life, albeit very attractive, dealer right to your home.

The Bonuses and Promotions

Brick and mortar casinos giveaway things like buffets, drinks, rooms and entertainment tickets. We’re not going to argue that these things are not great, but again, you still have to get there and want to immerse yourself into that kind of environment.

Online casinos give away things too, but in the form of bonuses and promotions. These can be generated very quickly because of the speed of the games. For example, you can play three times the number of blackjack hands online than you can offline. This gives you more points and more free money.

The Payouts and Odds

The Payouts and Odds

Offline casinos have a huge overhead; running into the tens of millions of dollars. Naturally, games will have lower payout percentages. Online casinos have a large overhead too, but not nearly as much. As a result, they can give more to their players. Games will have better odds and payouts. You can find payouts between 95.5 and 97% on the top sites. Essentially, you get more value for your money.

The Accessibility

Forget about travelling anywhere, especially when it’s cold outside and you’re going to have to battle a snowstorm just to try and win money. Cuddle up, make some hot cocoa and visit an online casino. As long as you have an internet connection and a fairly decent computer, you can get started. Nowadays, your smartphone can become a virtual casino on the go. All sorts of downloadable casino apps and in browser games can be played in just a few minutes. Take a look at our own site recommendations for the best mobile apps.

Human Interaction

The Winner, Ergo, The Trump!

Let’s face it there are a wealth of gamblers who are no very fond of human interaction. These people tend to keep their meet-ups to a bare minimum and for them offline casinos are not even an option. Online casinos can have a wealth of human interaction or none at all. You can play the live dealer games or sit in a live tournament where you can talk with the dealer or players. Likewise, you can play your best hands at the virtual green and never have to say anything. The choice is yours.

The Winner, Ergo, The Trump!

Everyone’s opinion of what type of casino is better will vary, and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, we are passionate about gambling, and going to a brick and mortar casino can be a lot of fun. However, it’s not always practical. You need time, lots of money and the willingness to stroll about the casino floor. Online casinos don’t require this. You can sit back and play looking and wearing whatever you want. You don’t have to put on any poker face, you can just be you. You get a wealth of benefits in terms of games, freebies and selection. Overall the possibilities are endless. This is why online casinos trump every brick and mortar establishment.

Ready to see for yourself? Check out our top picks of great online casinos for Canadians.

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