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Top Blackjack Surrender Online Casinos

No one knows the exact origins of blackjack, but it is safe to say that some early version of it existed in France in the 1700s. Since then, it has spread across the globe to become the most widely played and recognized gambling card game in casinos the world over, with Canada certainly being no stranger to the phenomenon. With any game that is as long lasting and fashionable as blackjack is, one would expect many variations to crop up over time. Blackjack Surrender online gaming is one of the more simple and relatable such variations.

We’ve put our team of online blackjack experts together to come up with a concise guide to playing Blackjack Surrender, as well as compiling a list of the best Canadian casinos, including our pick for best site for 2023, Jackpot City.

Below, we’ll take a look at:

  • The basic gameplay of Blackjack Surrender
  • How Blackjack Surrender differs from traditional blackjack
  • The best Canadian online casinos to play it on
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Discover Blackjack Surrender

Online Blackjack Surrender takes a facet of standard blackjack and makes it the centre of the game. It’s the option that lets you surrender your hand in return for half of your bet. It should be noted that surrender of some sort is allowed in many variations of blackjack. What makes Blackjack Surrender unique is that the player has the option of both a late and an early surrender, whereas most games will just give the player the option of a late surrender.

With the helpful option of either an early or late surrender, Blackjack Surrender offers peace of mind via safer and smarter betting that Canadian gamers will find extremely advantageous to their real money online blackjack experience.

Blackjack Surrender: The Objective

The goal in a game of Blackjack Surrender online is the same as in most other blackjack variations: the player is playing against the dealer. Both are trying to obtain the highest valued hand, without going over 21. A ten-value card and an Ace are known as blackjack, or a “natural,” and trump all other hands, even another combination that equals 21.

General Gameplay

At the beginning of a hand of blackjack, the player places their bet before any cards are dealt. Blackjack is what is known as a “hole card” game, due to the dealer’s hand containing one face down card (the hole card), as well as a face up card. The dealer deals two face up cards to the player. Now the player has a variety of choices to choose from. They can choose to hit, which is when the dealer deals the player another card. They can stand, which means they will play the hand they have currently, taking no more cards.

Other options players can choose at this point include doubling down, splitting, and surrendering. If a player wishes to up their original wager with a new one (which is equal to the amount of the initial bet), they will double down. Doing this requires the player to accept one more card from the dealer, and then stand, so there is a risk. Doubling down can happen after the initial hand is dealt, as well as after a split.

A split can occur when a player is dealt two cards of the same type. If the player chooses to split these cards, the dealer deals them two new cards, one for each of the original. Now the player has two hands they can choose to play from. If one of the new hands now contains doubles, they may split again if they like.

A surrender is of course when the player does not like the hand they have, does not wish to hit or stand, and rather decides to fold. The benefit of surrendering is that the player will only lose half of the bet they wager, as the dealer returns half of it.

There are standard rules for the dealer as well. In the event of a hand with a total value of 17 that also includes an Ace (which is known as a soft 17), the dealer must always hit, or take another card. The dealer can also check their hole card for blackjack, as long as their face up card is either a ten-value card or an Ace. In the event of the dealer having blackjack, they reveal their hand and win that round.

Comparison to Other Blackjack Games

Comparison to Other Blackjack Games

Better Late Than Never, But Better Never Late

In other games of blackjack that offer surrender, most if not all will only offer the option of “late surrender.” In most online Blackjack Surrender games however, the player has the option of an “early surrender.” Let’s look closer at these two options. These are the reasons that when someone heads to a casino site, Blackjack Surrender is their first choice in gaming.

Late Surrender : If a dealer is dealt a face up card of a Ten, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, they may check their hole card to see if they have blackjack. If they do not, then the player has the option of a late surrender. If the dealer does have blackjack, the player may not surrender, and the dealer wins the hand..

Early Surrender : An early surrender can happen before the dealer checks their hole card for blackjack. This is obviously a greater boon to the player, and is therefore not offered in most blackjack games.

Bet Smart To Win

While many players may look at losing half of their bet as still losing, this is actually quite a helpful advantage in Blackjack Surrender. Not only does it slow the potential loss of real money, it gives players the opportunity to make their full bets count by only committing them to hands that have more favourable odds at winning.

If a dealer is showing an Ace or a Ten card, they have much better odds at winning that hand than if they were showing, say, a 4 or a 6. Blackjack Surrender gives players the fortunate option of making smarter bets, which is a big help in the long run.

Betting and Odds

A Kinder, Gentler Wager

Betting online in real money Blackjack Surrender works exactly as it would in traditional blackjack. Before cards are dealt, the player places a bet. If the player wishes to double down, they may do so after the cards are dealt, or after a split in the case of a hand with identical cards. The only real difference is the option of the player recovering half of their initial bet in the case of surrender.

Odds And Ends

As in standard variations of the game, the payout for a winning hand in a Blackjack Surrender game is 1 to 1. The payout for a blackjack is 3 to 2. The house edge in most of these games is 0.5%, depending on how many decks the casino uses (usually four). This makes it one of the games with the best odds of winning.

Blackjack Surrender: Strategy for Beginners

Strategy for Beginners

Hold ‘Em Or Fold ‘Em?

A game of Blackjack Surrender casino online affords gamers some added flexibility to their gambling strategies. Obviously an important one to be mindful of is when to use the surrender option and when to press on.

In general, if you are holding a hand of 5, 6, 7, or 8, you should almost always hit in Blackjack Surrender, no matter what. The exception would be if the dealer were showing a Ten or an Ace, in which case you would have to decide if you want to risk it. Of course, if you don’t take an early surrender option and the dealer checks their hole card and doesn’t have blackjack, you should hit. If you have an Ace in this scenario, double down.

Watch The Wallet

Set yourself some limits. It's very easy to play hand after hand without thinking about the bigger picture, which is why we always recommend strict bankroll management. This means setting yourself a limit, whether it be amount of money spent or amount of time played. This way you can enjoy yourself without the fear that you'll over spend.

Mobile Gameplay

Blackjack Surrender is available at any top online casino! And a top casino will offer brilliant compatibility with all the biggest operating systems. Open up a browser window on your mobile and start playing at any of our recommended casinos.


Blackjack Surrender offers gamblers a new kind of strategy and peace of mind. We find that by using the early surrender option, more of our bets on stronger hands really pay off. Why don’t you see for yourself today? Visit our list of top real money sites for gamers in Canada, and try your hand at this exciting casino game today!


How do you play Blackjack Surrender?

A game is played the exact same way as a game of traditional blackjack would be, with the exception of the early surrender option. The player and the dealer are both trying to reach 21 first, without going over or "busting".

Does the table layout and betting work the same way as other blackjack games?

Yes. The layout is the same as traditional blackjack, and bets are made before cards are dealt just as in other variants. You can still hit, stand, split, or double down according to the cards you hold.

How popular is Blackjack Surrender online?

It's one of the more popular variations of the game. This is because it allows you to surrender and opt out of a bet for half the money if you feel that your hand isn't strong enough. So this greater control over the game makes Canadians like it even more.

Is this version much different from other blackjack games?

No. The only real difference in Blackjack Surrender is the option to surrender your hand in exchange for receiving half of your initial bet back, either before or after the dealer checks their hole card (assuming they don’t have blackjack).

What are the odds like in Blackjack Surrender?

Very good. The game has a house edge of 0.5%, which makes it a game with one of the best odds available for players in Canada.

Can you play this game using a system?

Yes, you can use any system that you would use on any other game of blackjack. The most popular systems are the Martingale system and the 2-1-2 (or Manhattan) system.

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