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Single Deck Online Blackjack Casinos in 2023

Single Deck Online Blackjack Casinos

Are you looking for a thrill, a rush of adrenaline, an opportunity to out deal the dealer? You have searched far and wide and you don’t need to look further. Here we have all the information you could ever need on Single Deck Blackjack in the Canadian online casino industry. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will intensely benefit from what you will find on this page, so take your time and take in as much knowledge as you can!

The talented team at Casino.ca has worked tirelessly over the past few years to compile a list of highly regarded Single Deck Blackjack casinos in Canada. These sites have gone through a long list of qualifiers before being shortlisted on our site. Our selected site for this blackjack variation is Jackpot City. Here is a roundup of what you can find on this page:

  • How to play the game
  • How it differs from other blackjack versions
  • The best bets and the best odds
  • The most effective beginners’ strategies
  • Recommended online casinos to play Single Deck Blackjack
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Getting Started

Getting Started

As the name suggests, this variant is played with just a single deck, making it an easy choice even for the most inexperienced online casino gamers. As you already know, the primary objective of this game is to beat the dealer: getting 21 points before the dealer. Your final score should outcount the dealer without surpassing the 21 limit.

The game begins with the dealer delivering two face cards (faced up and the open card), which are the Kings, Queens and Jack Cards amounting to ten. The Ace card may be counted as 1 point or 11 points either by the dealer or the player. When the ace is 11 points, you have a soft hand and when it is 1 point, you have a hard hand. The rest of the cards are counted with the numerical value assigned to the card.

There are 1-3 betting boxes and the bets vary from 1-200 chips. The dealer gets 2 cards, an open card and a down card. With this, as a player you may opt to 'Stand' or 'Hit'. You can further get an 'Insurance' if the dealer’s face card is an Ace. In that case, your payback amount will be half of your initial bet. However, if the dealer’s cards amount to a Blackjack, you get a 'double down'. Here your payback amount is doubled and you lose absolutely nothing. If you have any two cards, you may decide to 'Surrender'.

Single Deck Blackjack has the lowest house edge and this makes players in Canada prefer it more in both land based and online casinos.

What Makes It Different

Like in all the other variants of the 21 game, there is one common goal here, beating the dealer. The single deck edition levels the playing field where the hunter becomes the hunted and vice versa. Brace yourself for an enriching read that will change how you play blackjack online for good!

Clearly the first great difference that comes with this type of blackjack is that there is only one deck of cards. That gives room for a much-reduced house edge when put into comparison the other variants with more decks. Thus, as a Canadian player you should just ensure that you deploy an effective blackjack strategy that will play the house edge to your advantage.

Apart from the number of decks, the other major differences that make this variation stand out are the rules, which are usually different from say the European Blackjack version or the Multi Hand edition. Some of the main rules are:

  1. The dealer is supposed to hit on a soft 17
  2. Here, you are allowed to split a hand up to three times
  3. Aces can also be split and as a player, you are awarded online a single card to each Ace. The Aces can't be re-split
  4. A hand that is composed of an Ace that has been split and a 10-value card isn't considered a blackjack
  5. The payout of blackjack is 3:2 while in some online Single Deck Blackjack variant, it is 6:5
  6. When you win an insurance bet, you get a payout of 2:1
  7. The remainder of the winning hands will pay 1:1
  8. Doubling down isn't allowed after you split

If you are looking for an extra jolt of excitement, then you can try out the live dealer Single Deck Blackjack version where you will get to play in real time with other Canadian players. Just like live online roulette in live dealer games, you can interact with other players that are actively taking part in the game, which includes the dealer.

Single Deck Blackjack: The Holy Grail of The Game

Many blackjack fans in Canada consider this version to be the holy grail of 21, particularly because they have the most lucrative chance to boost their bankroll. The lower the number of decks, the better your stakes. That is why our experts also highly recommended online Single Deck Blackjack gaming for Canadian players. In fact, statistics show that in a single deck game, the house advantage is 0.17% only, compared to an eight-deck game where the house advantage is 0.65%. So, that is clearly a great chance for you to come on top as you play online The house edge can be further decreased when a dealer hits a soft 17, which is also referred to as H17. This reduces the house edge by about 0.2%.

A late surrender may be permitted if there is no Ace card from the dealer and this usually works to give out the worst hand. Based on the wager that you placed, your payout may be reduced. If you have Aces, you can 'hit' the hand and then split the Aces. This further reduces the house edge significantly by about 0.13%.

Tips And Strategies To Get Your Game On

Luckily for you, we have taken our time to analyze all the best strategies that can make you play like a guru even if you have very little experience. In fact, even if you are an expert, these tips are still worth your while since there are some secrets which you may not already know about in online Single Deck Blackjack competitions. Some of the best strategies include:

Recommended Online Blackjack Sites To Play

Recommended Online Blackjack Sites To Play

When you decide to play for real money, you need to first find a trustworthy and credible site. In this section, we will recommend a couple of sites which won't disappoint you. To play for real money, create an account on one of the sites of choice, and choose your payment methods. We recommend using Visa or MasterCard. Before we list any Canadian Single Deck Blackjack sites, we closely review them, give them a thorough security check, look at game variety, check the payout percentages and speed in payment. These casinos are also top rated in other popular gambling games such as roulette.

Here is a list of sites we recommend for the ultimate experience.

2023 is your year of great fun in the world of casino games. Get on your high horse and add this game to your bucket list. As you embark on the adventure, don’t forget about our tips and strategies that will help you win big. May the odds infinitely fall in your favour!

  1. The dealer is supposed to hit on soft 17
  2. Here, you are allowed to split a hand up to three times
  3. Aces can also be split and as a player, you are awarded only a single card to each Ace. The aces can’t be re-split
  4. A hand that is composed of an Ace that has been split and a 10-value card isn’t considered a blackjack
  5. The payout of blackjack is 3:2 while in some online Single Deck Blackjack variants, it is 6:5
  6. When you win an insurance bet, you get a payout of 2:1
  7. The remainder of the winning hands will pay 1:1
  8. Doubling down isn’t allowed after you split


How do I play Single Deck Blackjack?

The standard rule is to have a hand with the 21 value or get a total that is as close to 21 as possible before the dealer gets it. You must not go over the 21 as well, otherwise you risk busting, which means you lose. Alternatively, some Canadian players prefer to stand and make the dealer bust instead. As the game begins, you are dealt two cards that face up while the dealer gets two where only one faces up. Cards are dealt continuously until the first player gets a blackjack or the dealer busts. You can stand, hit, double down or split depending on the cards that you have and the dealer’s face up card.

Are the wagers and the layout of the table similar to regular blackjack?

In the most basic sense, Single Deck Blackjack is similar in structure to standard blackjack, except that it has a single deck. Otherwise, just like the other variants, the cards are dealt in a clockwise motion and you can hit, stand, double down, split or get the insurance. However, there are a couple of waging restrictions that come with this variant that aren’t found in other versions of blackjack.

Is the online Single Deck Blackjack game popular in Canada?

Yes, this is one of the most popular variants because it has only a single deck of cards. That single deck reduces the house edge, thus giving you a better chance of having a substantial payout. You should definitely try out a real money game on the sites that we have recommended.

How different is the game from other variations?

To begin with, it has only one deck while other blackjack versions have more than two decks, with some even going as high as eight decks. The single deck gives players an advantage of a lower house edge, which makes it a popular variant. A couple of rules are also different in this type of blackjack for instance, you can split a hand up to three times, a rule which is usually non-existent in some other blackjack versions.

What are my odds?

With this edition, the house edge is as low as 0.15%, which will set you at an almost even playing field with the bookie itself compared to the eight-deck game where the edge of the house is at a high of 0.65%. With the odds already in your favour, you should do as much as you can to make wise moves.

Are there any systems that I can use?

Yes, if you have Aces in your hand, you can 'hit' that hand and then go ahead to split the Aces. This lowers the house edge and gives you a stronger winning position.

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