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The Benefits of Casino MasterCard Deposits

MasterCard Online Casinos

In Canada, credit cards are one of the most common ways to make a deposit at a casino online. MasterCard is probably the frontrunner. Its famous double circle logo found at all the top sites. This payment method has been a favourite for Canadian gamblers because it was one of the first payment methods they could use to play games for real money.

Nowadays, while there are plenty of alternatives, MasterCard deposits still reign. After all, most Canucks have one of these plastic cards readily available. If you want to gamble at an online casino, MasterCard may be the best payment solution. Top-tier casinos like Jackpot City accept MasterCard transactions, and it is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to fund your online gambling.

  • MasterCard works just like real cash
  • You can get special casino and card points for using MasterCard
  • Larger maximum deposit amounts for all you high rollers
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Making a MasterCard Casino Deposit Online

Making a deposit into a gambling account with a MasterCard involves the same process as purchasing something online. Canucks simply have to choose a legitimate operator and sign up for a free account. From there, head the cashier and select “MasterCard”. Fill out the requested details, enter the amount of C$ to be transferred and confirm the transaction. That’s all there is to it. You’ll have to wait a few minutes before your actually able to make a real money bet with it. Established casino operators process payments instantly. You will not have to wait for hours or days before you can play.

Does MasterCard Really Match Up?

MasterCard is one of the most popular payment methods. This means that all the best casinos will offer this method as one of their banking options. It's also one of the safest methods that utilises one of the best encryption systems around.

Topic Mastercard Visa
Transfer Fees (Attached Fees)
Safe & Secure
Selection of Sites
Additional Rewards
Credit Amounts

Two Choices for Casinos’ MasterCard Deposits

Choices For MasterCard Deposits

Canadians will be able to choose from two types of MasterCard deposits. One is the credit card, which means your Canadian Dollars will be “borrowed” from a line of credit which can incur interest. The MasterCard prepaid card has a set amount of real cash on it. Working like a debit card, your deposits at the casino draw money directly from the card. You will owe nothing at the end of the month.

The Pros and Cons of Canadian Dollar MasterCard Deposits

Canucks will find pros and cons for every deposit option, which is the primary reason you should review all of them before you make a choice.

The pros of MasterCard casino deposits:

The cons of using a MasterCard are:

Availability: a Pro and a Con for Online Casino MasterCard Deposits

Both a positive and negative to MasterCard deposits is the ease of availability. Sure, you can pull out your MasterCard and make a deposit in a few minutes, and that’s great as long as you don’t get too carried away. If you know this happens sometimes, we recommend you take a break and when you have extra cash to spend, try using a prepaid card or voucher instead. Ultimately, know your limits.

Be Ready to Show Proof of Identity

Proof of Identity

When you use your MasterCard, online casino sites will ask for proof of identity and card ownership. If this comes as a surprise, relax and feel comforted in knowing the casino cares about your security. This standard process helps to protect Canada casino goers against becoming a victim of fraud. You will need to show a government issued ID and utility bill or other verifiable piece of mail. You will also be asked to send a scanned copy of your card. The casino goes through great measures to ensure all of this information is completely encrypted. What this means is that your information becomes a long line of symbols. Breaking it or hacking it is almost impossible.

MasterCard uses the highest security protocols to ensure all of your information is secure, so when you use your card your money is always protected.

We Have Found the Top Casino Sites Accepting MasterCard Deposits

Just because you see the famous MasterCard logo on a casino site, this does not mean you should automatically trust it. Let’s face it, just about anyone with a little bit of web knowledge and money can launch a gambling site and start taking your hard earned Canada Dollars. This can be easily avoided when you do a little research and play on the top casino sites. All operators you see listed on this CA gambling review site are respected, trustworthy operators. They have passed meticulous testing and are licensed and regulated in the most esteemed jurisdictions. You’ll find the top real money games, fast MasterCard casino deposits and withdrawals. Check out our recommendations, play a few demo games and then once you’re satisfied start going for the big win!

Enjoy the Perks of MasterCard Deposits

MasterCard is very popular among Canadians and it is offered as a payment method on all the best casino sites. Check out our list of our top casinos for MasterCard features.

It works just like real money.

Special bonuses and promotions when using MasterCard.

Large deposit amounts for high rollers.

Safe and secure technology.


Is MasterCard accepted for online gambling?

Yes, MasterCard is one of the most recognized payment methods in the world. Gamblers in Canada are accustomed to using the option because it’s fast, convenient and safe. If your MasterCard does not work at a casino online, the associated banking institution may not allow gambling activity.

How quickly can I make a transfer?

At any top online casino, MasterCard payments are instant. You will need to sign up for your free account first and head to cashier to complete the transaction. Be prepared to show some proof of identity and address to confirm you are who you say you are.

Are there any fees to pay?

All our recommended MasterCard casino sites will not charge Canadians any fee. However, the company could have various fees for advancing the cash or late payments. If you don’t know whether or not this holds true, read over the card provider's policy to verify any fees.

How does MasterCard compare to other credit cards?

MasterCard is a leading credit card company. They have an outstanding track record in terms of security, rewards and customer service. That said, when it comes to the best credit card company, MasterCard is up there with the likes of Visa. The biggest differences you’ll find is the rewards and credit amounts the company will offer.

Are MasterCard payments safe?

Go to the cashier at any of our recommended casino sites accepting MasterCard and your deposits will be incredibly safe. The company uses the highest security protocols to ensure all of your information is secure. Even if a hacker were to get through the numerous firewalls, your information would appear in a string of different symbols. This means is unreadable and will not be able to be used. Don’t forget that, when you use your card, your money is always protected. Should the card be used in a fraudulent way, you can go through a process to claim the money back.

Do you recommend MasterCard deposits?

When it comes to our own preferences, we do use MasterCard to make casino deposits as well as, a few other options. The reason being is that as casino enthusiasts, we prefer to have various go to ways to make deposits and withdrawals.

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