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Have you ever heard of a hit, bust and a push? It all sums up to one exciting game, online Multi-Hand Blackjack. It's the rollercoaster ride of gaming legends, coupled with exhilarating highs and lows and finally hitting the Blackjack gold. Most Canadian players who take part in this usually have a bit of skill and experience. Like the standard version, this classic 21 is a game of pure probability. However, this version is definitely not for the fainthearted because it has one of the highest house edges among all variants.

Are you bold enough? More importantly, are you smart enough to give the dealers a run for their money as you proudly sweep your chips of victory off the table? The online Multi-Hand Blackjack experience is best known as the high risk high reward version. A symbol of gaming legends. Whether you just started playing this online casino game recently or you are a seasoned veteran, we've got you covered. Our team has worked hard to source some of the finest Multi-Hand Blackjack casinos in Canada, like Jackpot City. Here is a list of things you will learn from this site:

  • How to play the Multi-Hand Blackjack casino game
  • How this 21 game differs from other variants in Canadian casinos
  • A list of top sites we've recommended in 2023
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How To Play

How To Play

In a casino online, Multi-Hand Blackjack uses two standard decks of 52-416 cards just like a two deck game or European Blackjack. It requires two or more players and of course the dealer. The players should not exceed six in every round. The catch of the game is:

Pretty simple, right? Now, here is a detailed layout on how to play Multi-Hand Blackjack like a master.

The players are each given a two-card hand by the dealer. Face cards, which are inclusive of Kings, Queens and Jacks, are summed up to 10 points. The Ace card is counted as either 1 or 11 points by the dealer and the players. The game starts when the player, using the 2 cards given decides to 'hit' (taking a card), 'stand' (end their turn), 'double-down' (double the bet, pick a card and finish) or 'split'(making 2 hands with the cards of the same value) and finally 'surrender'. At the end of any round, the player or the dealer wins by getting the 21 score or when the score is closest to 21. Any score exceeding 21 is called 'going bust' or 'busting' which leads to a loss. In case a dealer busts, the player with a score of 21 or less than 21 wins that round.

If your hand has an Ace card counted as 11 points, you cannot go bust by drawing an extra card, and the hand is called a 'soft' hand. Adding the value of any card plus 11 will always amount to a score that is less than or equal to 21, otherwise the hand is called a 'hard' hand. On the dealer’s end, they must hit till the score’s total is 17 or more. A dealer may also hit a S17 when the ace and one or more cards total 6. For a player, the win comes by not busting and when their total is higher than the dealer’s. If the dealer busts or has lower hand, then a player who has not busted automatically loses. When the scores come to a draw, it is referred to as a 'push' or 'standoff’ and the player will neither lose nor gain anything on that hand. In case all the players bust, the game ends without the dealer playing their real cash hand.

Players in Canada like playing this version of blackjack because they have the freedom of playing up to five hands at a go using different strategies in every hand. This extra twist makes the game much more exciting.

How This 21 Game Differs From Other Variants

Here in Canada, casino sites pay 3:2 or less, unlike Single Deck Blackjack, which often pays 6:5. The online Multi-Hand Blackjack game allows you to access the title on your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad anywhere at any time.

Did you know that Multi-Hand Blackjack allows you to bet on up to five hands at once? You can double-down or split your card on whichever hand you wish.

The other notable difference in the Multi-Hand Blackjack game is that the table minimums tend to be significantly lower than those in live dealer games. Canadian casinos opt to minimize the stakes so that all player requirements can be met. So if you visit a casino online, Multi-Hand Blackjack is the game to try!

Beginner's Guide To Playing

Casino Multi-Hand Blackjack has a basic strategy which works within the following parameters:

Beginner or pro, the tips below will be a great help to win real money. Some of the most effective strategies that you can employ as you place real cash wagers include:

If you've never played this version before, stick to the above strategies and you will find yourself getting better with every hand.

The Walk To Be A Blackjack Legend

If you want to become the best in the Multi-Hand Blackjack game, here are a few tips to lead you to that endpoint.

In this game, the house usually has an edge of between 0.15% and 1%. When compared to other card games such as live dealer roulette or online roulette, Blackjack is among the cheapest casino table games to play. Online Multi-Hand Blackjack gaming however allows the house a 0.65% advantage, which is high compared to 0.15% in a regular single deck game. Keeping this in mind, you should keep your bets low until you gain more experience. Before becoming an actual expert, smaller bets provide you with great assurance of not losing much in case things don’t work out your way.

Recommended Sites To Play at In 2023

Recommended Sites To Play

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. That said, many fraudulent sites will try to disguise themselves as the real deal. Therefore, you have to find a credible site that will guarantee your money is safe and you enjoy the beauty of the game.

Here, we have a list of Multi-Hand Blackjack sites that have been reviewed using the following criteria: background and security checks, game variety, percentage payout and payout speed among other considerations. To play for real money, create an account on any of our chosen sites, choose your preferred payment method, then pay your deposit. Afterwards click on the option to play for real money and begin.


If you are a fan of other games such as live dealer roulette and you have never tried the Multi-Hand Blackjack game, you have to give it a shot. If you had noted down 'Try out new experiences’ on your 2023 resolution list, what better way than to start now with Multi-Hand Blackjack? The listed sites are also popular for other table games such as roulette, baccarat, poker and keno.


How do you play Multi-Hand Blackjack?

Your main aim is to score 21 points without getting a dealer blackjack and ensuring you don't surpass the 21 limit, which is a bust. You are given two cards and you are to decide to deal using the following moves: hit, split, stand, double-down, or insurance. The most interesting thing about this version of blackjack is that you can play multiple hands at a go.

Are the bets, odds and table layout the same as other versions?

Yes, they are mostly the same. Since online Multi-Hand Blackjack gaming is a product of standard blackjack, the rules and regulations generally apply similarly with very few exceptions. For example, you are allowed to bet on more than one hand, unlike in other variants. This in turn increases your chances of winning more real cash.

Is Multi-Hand Blackjack popular in Canada?

Yes, this version of blackjack is quite popular for Canadian players. In fact it is a Canadian classic and a global favourite. It's fun and thrilling, plus you have a great chance to win some real money. Furthermore, if you already know how to play the standard 21 game, you will have an easy time playing this version

Is there much of a difference from other variations?

As the name suggests, you are dealing with more than a single hand as you place wagers online. According to the rules of the Multi-Hand edition, you can bet up-to 5 hands in one go. Another difference is that the rules that allow you to Double Down and Split are a bit different. In a Multi-Hand Blackjack game, you are allowed to Double Down and Split whichever hand you choose. In other versions, Doubling Down and Splitting is sometimes restricted to specific hands.

What are the odds of the game?

The odds are more stationed against the player in this game. The house has a 0.65% advantage, which is much higher than the 0.15% house edge in variants such as the Single Deck Blackjack. This calls for a keen eye on your bets or you risk losing a lot. On the flip side, if your risk is good enough, you could walk away with a great fortune since you can bet as you wish on several hands in the game.

Can I use any system or winning strategy?

The basic strategy (as highlighted above) is more broadly used and preferred by many Canadian players. The shuffle tracking system is also recommended and if applied correctly, is a good boost even in brick and mortar casinos in Canada. In online Multi-Hand Blackjack, card counting is impossible since each hand is started with a fresh deck after reshuffling.

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