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Top 2023 Casinos For European Blackjack

Casinos For European Blackjack

Among all the available blackjack variants that are played today at online casinos and land based betting dens across the globe, European Blackjack in Canada is among the most popular. It is obviously the most widespread variant played in Europe and its popularity has massively spread over the years, mostly as a result of its lower decks when put into comparison with all the other variations of blackjack in a casino.

The dedicated team at casino.ca has worked hard to develop a list of quality European Blackjack casinos in Canada that you can fully trust. Our preferred casino this year is Jackpot City. However, before you start playing it for real money, you have to polish up your skills and strategies so that you have a better chance of winning. In the next few sections, here is what you are going to learn:

  • The rules of playing online European Blackjack
  • How this variant differs from all the other blackjack variants
  • The best online casinos, exclusively selected for the richest European Blackjack experience
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Common Rules

Common Rules

As a lover of blackjack games in Canada, this is a variant that you should definitely try out, particularly because of its lower house edge. In all the card games, for instance real money roulette in at Canadian online casino sites, you have to understand all the rules that are involved. Thus, it is critical for you to know the rules of the online European Blackjack game. That is the only way you can be assured of winning, whether you are a rookie or an expert in online betting games. Below are some rules of the game you should know:

If you love blackjack, you should try out this variation and see how the changes in some rules bring an extra twist of flavor and excitement to the game

How It Differs

Just like any other variant of blackjack that gamblers in CA online casinos play, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages as well that make it stand out. Without a doubt, it is quite fun to play, even though you can’t double down on any hand except the 9, 10 or 11 like in other variants such as American Blackjack. Other significant differences that the online casino European blackjack game has when compared to other variants come with the restriction in the splitting of hands and the fact that there is no hole card. In other blackjack variants including live dealer games, you are allowed to split hands more liberally and there is a hole card.

All in all, the most attractive feature of European Blackjack casino online is the lower house edge since it is a double deck real money game. In fact, this is what most card counters love about it. In any casino online, European Blackjack is also more lucrative for real money players in Canada because there is a greater chance for random occurrence of high concentrations such as ‘Ace rich’ decks.

Best Odds and Payout

When it comes to the odds, European Blackjack offers online casino players in Canada a comparable house edge to all the other variants of the game. Since it is played with only two decks, Canadian gamblers prefer this type of blackjack because the low number of decks in any variant directly translates to a lower house edge. Moreover, a low number of decks also makes it easier for card counters to do their thing. That’s because keeping track of the cards that remain is also simple with a two-deck game. In addition, some of the rules of casino online European Blackjack favor your chances as a player. For instance:

On the other hand, what most players never realize is that in most of the card games with lower decks, European Blackjack usually comes with a set of unfavourable rules. These extra rules then end up offsetting that card counting advantage. Some of these rules also increase the odds of the house, they include:

Furthermore, if you are a real money Canadian player who is fond of counting cards, then you should be aware that the majority of European Blackjack game sites online have an automatic shuffler after each round of play. This is quite a nightmare if you are a card counter because it will be virtually impossible for you to count the cards.

When it comes to the payout of European Blackjack, online casino rates are fixed at 3:2. This is quite favourable because in other types of blackjack such as the American version, the game is plagued with inconsistent payout rates. Moreover, all the other winnings of any hand in the real money European variation have odds of 1:1, except for the winning insurance side bet whose payout rate is at 2:1.

Tips For Playing The Game

As an online casino gamer in 2023, you should try out free blackjack or online roulette games first in any casino before you start playing for real money. That way, even as a beginner you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the rules first before proceeding to play real money games. This should be a rule of thumb for you, especially if you are still a rookie.

Here are some of the winning strategies that you can use to play European Blackjack casino online, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Dedicated Gaming Sites

Dedicated Gaming Sites

Another important thing that most casino players in Canada fail to confirm is the legitimacy of the online casino that they want to place wagers at. We know that it takes too much time to go over all the CA bookies whether you love roulette or blackjack. That is why our team of avid blackjack team has done all the digging for you. Here, we have the top recommended European Blackjack online casinos that will give you a rich gaming experience unlike any other. To start placing your real money wagers at the best rated bookies in CA, just click on any of the links that we have here and you can get started right away!

  1. Hit: As a player, you are supposed to indicate to the dealer that you want to be dealt another card. If you go over 21, you will have to give your cards and you will lose your wager.
  2. Stand: When you stand, it means that you want to stay with the cards that the dealer dealt to you.
  3. Double Down: In this strategy, you can double your initial wager. In exchange, you will only be dealt one more card. If you have a good hand in the online casino European Blackjack game, then this is a great move to make. In the European Blackjack variation, you are only allowed two hands that have a total value of 9, 10 or 11. Furthermore, you cannot double after you split your hand.
  4. Surrender: When you surrender, you will give up your first two cards and 50% of your initial wager and this can only be done after the dealer checks for a Blackjack in his or her own cards. Once you surrender, you will no longer be involved in the current round of the game and your cards are effectively taken off of the table. However, you should be aware that this option is not available in the European Blackjack game.
  5. Insurance: This option is also referred to as ‘Even Money’. If you happen to have a Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace on the upper card, you will be given an ‘insurance’ or ‘even money’ option. This means that you will be awarded a 1:1 payout before the dealer looks at the second card.


How do I play the European Blackjack game?

The European Blackjack online casino game is almost identical to the standard blackjack game. When you play, you are supposed to place wagers on the hands that the dealer deals to you. Just like regular blackjack, your goal is to try and get as close as you possibly can to 21. However, there are a few differences that you should keep in mind while playing.

Are the wagers and the layout of the table similar to games I've played?

The structure of the European version of blackjack is the same as the standard blackjack game. The gestures and the wager that you make while playing and the terminologies as well are similar. The difference usually comes with the rules of the game and the house edge, which is comparatively lower. For example, this version of blackjack is a No-Hole card game.

It is a popular online wagering game in casinos in Canada?

Yes, being the most popular Blackjack variation in Europe, European Blackjack is also quite popular in CA. Most of the Canadian Blackjack fans prefer playing it because it has only two decks, which makes it better than the variants with more decks because it has a reduced house edge. So, if you are searching for a card game that gives you better chances of winning, this is it.

How different is European Blackjack from other variations?

For the most part, the game is similar to the regular version. The main differences come with the rules, which also end up slightly changing how you are supposed to play. For instance, the Surrender option is not allowed in European Blackjack and it has only two decks. In addition, the difference in the rules also alters the house edge.

How are the odds of a game?

The odds of this type of Blackjack are lower because the game only has two decks. Usually, in blackjack, the house edge tends to reduce with the reduced number of decks. Another factor that helps lower the house edge of the casino online European Blackjack variation is the fact that the dealer can stand on soft 17. This means that if you play a blackjack game with more than 4 decks, the edge of the house is significantly high.

Can I use any strategies or systems to help me win?

Yes, just like any other 21 Blackjack game, you can use any form of strategies or systems to improve your performance in the game. In fact, we have provided some of the best systems you can use above. Apart from those, the most popular system of playing European Blackjack is card counting, particularly because it has only two decks.

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