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Canada's Best Online Keno Casinos In 2023

Canada's Best Online Keno Casinos

Anywhere you go in the world, you're bound to find some type of lottery game being played in bars, parlors, or even out on the street. In Canada, one of the most popular lottery games is Keno, which can even be found at some province's official online casinos.

But are those the best places to play Keno casino games? What about instead playing on a site based internationally? Thankfully our team of Canadian reviewers has answered those questions for you and also rounded up the best options for CA players. The team's top favorite currently is Jackpot City, but ultimately it's a matter of preference and you're bound to find here an option that suits you.

When you don't settle and instead choose an online casino Keno site that's best for you, you'll enjoy:

  • Real money bonuses back just for signing up and playing Keno
  • Paytables that let you see the best combinations and bets to make
  • Fast and exciting Keno action that never requires you to wait long to play

That's just the beginning of all the good things that playing online Keno in 2023 offers. Read on in our guide to the game and you'll discover the best strategy, how to play the game, more about Keno payouts, as well as the best places to start playing games online today.

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How To Play Online

How To Play Online

There's not much to Keno, and anyone that has ever played any kind of lottery or bingo game before will pick up on it quickly. When you begin playing, you'll have a grid of numbers on your screen that usually ranges from 1 to 80. You then manually choose a set number of these spots (usually no more than 20) to wager on or have the computer autopick for you.

Twenty numbers are then drawn randomly by the computer, and if enough of your numbers are drawn, you'll win a real cash prize. Keno payouts vary by a number of factors including how many numbers you choose, the number of matches, and of course how much you wagered. All good Keno games will have a paytable you can look at before wagering so you can figure out exactly how much real money you stand to win.

In Canada, one of those most popular lottery games is Keno, which can even be found at some province's official online casinos.

A Brief History Of Keno

Keno is an ancient Chinese game that has a French name meaning "five winning numbers". The game was incredibly popular in ancient China and the proceeds from it supposedly funded the construction of the Great Wall.

Lotteries like Keno didn't re-emerge in China until the 19th century, when tickets and results for the game were sent and communicated to remote villages using carrier pigeons (Keno's literal Chinese name means "white dove ticket".) The game eventually made its way to the Western world in the 1800s, when Chinese migrated to North America to help construct the Transcontinental Railroad. A few decades later and the game could be found in many Western American cities, and a century later it's become one of the most popular online casino games everywhere in the world.

Beginner's Strategy And The Best Bets You Can Make

Beginner's Strategy And The Best Bets You Can Make

Since Keno is operated using a random number generator and is essentially a game of chance (like bingo and lottery games), there's no way to predict possible outcomes or otherwise manipulate what numbers are selected. On the flip side, this means the learning curve with Keno is non-existent and you don't have to memorize any complicated before you can start playing for real money.

That said, many games online will offer up return to player charts you can look at. This will help you gauge how much players are winning on average based upon how many spots they play. Using this, you can get a sense for the combinations that offer the highest returns on average and base your picks around that information.

How To Find The Best Keno Online Casino For You

As a Canadian, your options for places to play Keno casino games are near limitless and more than most other online casino games. So much so that it can be overwhelming to try and decide which casino is a quality one that will offer strong security and top bonuses along with great real money action.

Thankfully, our Canadian review team has done all the work for you. From Montreal to BC, our experts have analyzed, scrutinized, and reviewed every Keno casino online out there that accepts CA players and listed only the very best ones right here.

When you trust our recommendations, you're going to be playing on one of the internet's top Keno online casinos, guaranteed. Better yet, you'll be up and playing within minutes, much quicker than if you were to scour every single Keno option out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play online Keno?

Keno is basically traditional lottery game meets bingo.

From a sheet of 80 numbers (usually), you'll select up to 20 numbers of your own and choose how much you want to wager and for how many drawings. Then, you just sit back and hope enough of your numbers are drawn so that you'll win a huge amount of real cash! There's no advanced casino Keno strategy you have to worry about learning, and when you play online the pace is always fast and exciting.

Where can I play Keno as a Canadian?

Countless online casinos based both in and outside of Canada offer Keno games for CA players.

It can be overwhelming trying to find a good place to play, so we suggest looking at our recommendations to find a site that has the benefits and type of Keno you will enjoy most.

Is it a popular game in Canada?

Yes! Keno is so popular with CA players that as of 2023 several provinces' official online casinos offer the game. This includes the Montreal sites, as well British Columbia's and several other provinces.

There are also many great online casinos that cater to players from Canada that offer the game because of their love for it.

How much real money do I stand to win?

With most Keno casino online games, it depends on much you are wagering and on what.

Every good game will have a payouts table you can look at to determine exactly how much real cash you stand to win for your wager on different bet combinations.

Is there such a thing as tournament Keno?

Yes! While not every online casino will offer tournament play, there are many top options that do.

In tournament Keno, there'll usually be some sort of buy-in that gives you an amount of credits that every player in the tournament (your opponents) will receive. You then are required to 'bet' those credits over a set amount of time (anywhere from a few minutes to a week) in an attempt to record more winnings than your opponents. When the set time limit is up, the player or players with the most points will win real money. These tournaments are less common at province run casinos and you may have to look at internationally based sites to find a good one.

Are Keno games rigged?

Absolutely not! For starters we would never recommend a site that wasn't proven fair and balanced by its licensing province or country as well as by a quality assurance organization like eCOGRA.

Additionally, most Keno casino games already carry a decent enough house edge (anywhere from 4-35%), making the game profitable enough as is. The penalty for getting caught operating an unfair game would severely outweigh the little bit of extra cash a crooked online Keno operator might make by rigging the game.

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