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A Guide to Problem Gambling

Gambling in Canada is the largest entertainment sector in the country right beside movies. It’s a pastime which goes back centuries, and like all things popular amongst communities, there will be people who struggle to control their actions. In this case it may be the inability to quit or control spending at casinos.

If you’re questioning whether or not your gambling is getting out of control, there is a good chance that it is, otherwise this question would not arise.

Although the definition of problem gambling varies, it is widely accepted that it is an uncontrollable urge to wager or bet in spite of any direct or indirect consequences. Problem gamblers can be from all backgrounds, of all ages, of any sex and any culture. Some people will be a problem gambler as soon as they start the activity; others will slowly develop it.

Around 3.2% of the adult population in Canada have a gambling problem. Some people initially fall into problem gambling because they were chasing a loss. Others were deeply stressed and turned to gambling as an escape. Then there are those who simply love the adrenaline rush, the action and the entertainment.

Losing money is not the only result of problem gambling. Moreover, it affects the individual’s life as well as, their family. Gambling with real money becomes a problem when:

How you can recognize problem gambling?

In order to get help for problem gambling, you have to be able to recognize there is a real issue. Through this, you can accept the issue and begin to implement a plan of action. Here are 10 signs of problem gambling:

Controlling Problem Gambling

You can learn to control your gambling. Although some professionals would say to completely avoid this, there are psychologists who remain speculative of that idea. This is because as humans, being told we “cannot” do something ever again, subconsciously makes us want to do that action even more. If you recognize there is a problem and want to change this for the better there are techniques you can implore to control your gambling, cut back to a healthy level or quit all together.

Casinos Take Problem Gambling Seriously

Many of our recommended casinos take problem gambling very seriously. Whenever they see obvious signs they may begin to monitor him or her to decide whether or not there is a problem. If there is, they may offer advice or other options such as self exclusion for a certain amount of time.

Getting Help in Canada

If you or someone you know gambles too much, it’s important to seek out help. Luckily, there is a large community of people who are recovering from problem gambling and can directly relate to how you may be feeling. There is also a wide network of professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people like you. At any time, you can reach out to the following groups:

Gamblers Anonymous- This completely anonymous group can be found in cities and towns throughout Canada. You can attend for free at the various meeting times and listen or talk and give or receive advice.

Problem Gambling CA- The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario offers a free 24 hour helpline to discuss your problem gambling and options of getting help.

Gam-Anon- An international group helping the families and loved ones of problem gamblers.

If you would like further assistance or information on problem gambling, please contact the above groups or professional medical personal.

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