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Canada’s Favourite Euro Gold Roulette Casinos Online

Canada’s Favourite Euro Gold Roulette Casinos Online

Emerging from 18 th Century France, the classic game of roulette has remained consistently enjoyable. To keep things exciting, casinos continue to introduce thrilling variations. Euro Gold is a version of roulette exclusively available at online casinos. Compared to players from rest of the world, Canadian gamblers have better options and excellent choices when it comes to playing Euro Gold Roulette online.

Our review team has spent hours digging around the internet, visiting numerous sites and reading through terms and conditions. We’ve found the finest online casinos for you to enjoy Euro Gold Roulette in Canada. 2023's top casino for the game is Jackpot City.

Let us help you explore the world of Euro Gold Roulette:

  • How to begin playing for real money online
  • The benefits of Euro Gold compared to other versions
  • Top online casinos for Canadians to play the game variant
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A Quick Introduction

A Quick Introduction

Euro Gold Roulette is one of the hottest table games available at almost every online casino. This original real money version features realistic 3D graphics, tons of bets and fantastic gaming action. Based on the traditional European Roulette model, the wheel consists of 37 unique numbers that range from 0 to 36.

Since this game is exclusively available at online casinos, to begin playing you need to find one that offers Euro Gold. Once you've chosen your online casino, Euro Gold Roulette can help you get lucky. Just set up the amount you would like to bet, choose the number you want to bet on and spin the wheel.

As a Canadian player interested in playing online roulette for real money, you don’t need to do much. Just sign up for an account at any reputable online casino we've listed and then make a deposit. Once you have funds in your online casino, Euro Gold Roulette will help you enjoy the casino atmosphere.

Compared to players from rest of the world, Canadian gamblers have better options and excellent choices when it comes to playing Euro Gold Roulette online.

The Euro Gold Winning Difference

This version of online roulette has existed for a while now and has a large fan-base. Before choosing a new online casino, a large number of players make an effort to find if the casino offers Euro Gold. The game remains the gamblers' favourite due to the slight variation it offers. Unlike the double zeroes in American Roulette, the Euro Gold Roulette casino online wheel features a single zero. This slight difference means players can expect better odds.

The Euro Gold variation is certainly better than playing roulette at a land-based casino. The game follows a single-player format. You only need to play against the computer or against a live dealer and forget about being distracted by any bets from other players or nosy on-lookers. Plus, you’ll always be in control. You can select whether to place multiple bets at a fast pace or to take breaks and go slow.

Of the whole lot of new online roulette varieties at an online casino, Euro Gold Roulette stays true to the traditional version available at a physical casino. The game is played out in the familiar style, while colours and numbers remain classic. However, being a "Gold" version, this game takes complete advantage of the cutting-edge developments in gaming technology. This translates into a roomier player interface and revamped functionality for betting controls. You can experience uninterrupted game play and striking animations for the ball, chips and the wheel.

Your Best Bets For Great Odds

Similar to conventional roulette, each type of bet has a distinct payout based on the odds of winning. Therefore, each player has their own preferred areas when it comes to the roulette wheel. Generally, the bets are divided into two groups: inside and outside bets.

For outside bets, wagers are placed on large groups of numbers by setting your chips on the area that lies next to the grid of numbers, but is not an actual part of the grid. Outside bets are categorized according to their higher probability of winning. However, they have a lower real cash payout compared to inside bets in the Euro Gold game. Often, you will notice the payout will appear on the table felt for player reference.

One of the most popular outside bets in real money roulette is whether the ball will land in black or red. This bet pays out at 1:1. Likewise, the bets made on even or odd numbers pays out the same in real cash. In some casinos, when you place a bet on a set of a dozen numbers such as 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36, you can double your stake upon winning.

Inside bets are located within the number grid mapped on the Euro Gold Roulette casino online table. Each of these bets have a unique payout, where odds match the payouts. When odds are low, the bets pay out higher. Obviously, if you’re feeling very lucky, you can try the single or straight bet. This means placing all your chips on a single number. This pays out the most and you can win about 35x your original stake.

When it comes to inside bets at a casino online, Euro Gold Roulette has a variety of patterns that are preferred by seasoned gamblers. For instance, players place a "split bet", bets placed on two numbers that are adjacent on the wheel. Similarly, there is an option to place "corner bets", you will bet on four numbers that can be linked into a square. In a "street bet", the betting area consists of a specific row of numbers. For a "trio bet", you can bet on three numbers such as 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3. A trio bet is placed on the intersecting point of the lines dividing these numbers.

All things considered, it is impossible to cover the numerous possible real cash bets in a roulette game. In the face of endless opportunities, place a bet you’re comfortable with and make the game your own.

Player Strategy That Works

As a beginner at Euro Gold Roulette, there are quite a few things that can help you beat the real cash odds. Here’s a quick run-down of expert tips to add to your game strategy. Make sure you place bets on colours or even/odd numbers, these outside bets can reward you with a 50% chance of winning. If you’ve decided to place your bets on an individual lucky number, improve your chance by placing another bet on any other number that lies close. Although you might not be paid out as much as you would on a single number, you’ll definitely have better odds.

To increase your chances of winning on every spin at a casino online, Euro Gold Roulette lets you can place several bets simultaneously. As per the result, you can win more than one bet in just one solo game. Imagine choosing to bet on the number 7 individually, then placing a second bet on the colour red and finally wagering on an odd number. If the ball were to land on 7, you would win all three bets. If the ball lands on 19, you win two bets – red and even. On the other hand, if the ball would drop on the 31, you would still win one bet, an even number.

Remember to practice sound bankroll management. You should always think about the amount you’re willing to lose. Setting up a maximum amount to spend on roulette can help you stay in control. Consider your ultimate goal, having set a limit to your loss can be used as a gauge for when to quit. Many players prefer to follow a system, they keep doubling bets when winning but quickly lower them if the odds do not seem to be in their favour. This helps in spreading out your chances of making more money through bets.

Most importantly, always play the Euro Gold Roulette game at a reputable online casino, which is safe and secure. In online roulette, after being processed through a Random Number Generator (RNG), the ball can land on any possible number on the wheel. This means the result of each and every game should be completely unbiased. If an operator does not practice fair play, the odds are stacked against you before you even begin!

The Last Word

The Last Word

At a casino online, Euro Gold Roulette is the absolute choice for any player interested in real money gambling online. While the game can be found at almost all online casinos, it is beneficial to choose a trustworthy casino that is happy to accept Canadian players. With the aim of simplifying the process of selection, our review team has picked out a comprehensive list of the best sites to enjoy Euro Gold online. As online gambling means playing with real money, each of these casinos has been tested by our panel of experts.

Aside from rewarding players with generous welcome bonuses, our handpicked online casinos are extremely reliable and secure. These operators offer multiple methods of making deposits and withdrawals in Canadian Dollars. Moreover, you can easily access them through your mobile devices and smartphones. We recommend you try one of the great casinos on our list, today!


How does the game Euro Gold Roulette work?

Ultimately, Euro Gold is the same as the European variation of the classic roulette game. The only essential alteration is that Euro Gold is in the single-play arrangement. This means when playing the game, you are completely in charge of setting the pace.

Will the table layout and bets be the same as other online table games?

You’ll find the bets and table layout for Euro Gold Roulette to be quite familiar. In fact, if you’ve ever played casino table games, you will feel right at home with this game.

Is Euro Gold popular with online players?

Yes. The game is popular with online players from around the world. Gamblers in Canada love the low house-edge, excellent odds and the pace of the game.

How much does this game differ from other roulette variations?

The game isn’t too different from other roulette variants. Since the Euro Gold wheel does not feature double zeroes like American Roulette, it thus lowers the house edge and improves players’ odds. Secondly, being a single-format game, it allows you to play at the speed you’re comfortable with.

How are the odds?

When playing the Euro Gold Roulette game, gamblers will find the odds to be similar to European Roulette odds. Each bet is accompanied by a 2.7% house-edge, which is minimal for a table game.

Is it possible to make use of any roulette system?

There are several systems that promise success in the game. However, it is important to remember that use of systems has an almost insignificant effect on your winning odds.

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