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2023’s Best Roulette Royale Online Casinos

Best Roulette Royale Online Casinos

Roulette is one of the most popular and recognizable casino games of the last two hundred years. Originating in France and then spreading out quickly through Europe and beyond, Roulette quickly became the world’s premier game of chance, drawing crowds of enthusiastic gamblers of all levels of experience. The Roulette Royale casino game brings new and sophisticated charm to this elegant game that players can enjoy in Canada.

We’ve tasked our online roulette experts to highlight all the differences and benefits that come to players when playing Roulette Royale games, from the house edge to jackpots, helpful strategies, and more. We’ve also put together our recommendation of the best real money sites to play the Royale variation online in Canada, including our top site pick for 2023, Jackpot City.

On this page, we’ll cover:

  • The basic rules of Roulette Royale betting and play
  • How the progressive jackpot works, and its hidden benefits
  • Helpful strategies for you to consider while placing your bets
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A Primer On The Game's Beginnings

The classic casino game of Roulette came to us from France, in the late 1700s. The name itself is a French word, which means, “little wheel.” The current form of what is known as European Roulette (as opposed to American Roulette) came about in Germany in the mid-1800s as a way to compete against casinos that only offered the traditional “double zero” wheel. These wheels provided better odds to the house.

With its progressive jackpot, payouts for consecutive single numbers, and its low house edge, Roulette Royale brings Canadian online gamers an added level of excitement to playing the classic and well-loved game of roulette.

The Game's Premise

The Game's Premise

Roulette Royale is very similar to the classic European version, where a ball is spun in the opposite direction of the spinning roulette wheel. There are 37 numbered slots, half of which are black, the other half of which are red, with the leftover slot being a green single zero. Players place their bets as to which slot number the ball will fall into.

After all bets have been placed, the ball is sent spinning against the spinning roulette wheel. Once the ball loses its momentum, it eventually bounces into one of the 37 slots, and determining the winners based on the numbers or colours that had been wagered on. For those who want a fast-paced gambling experience at an online casino, Roulette Royale should be their preferred choice.

Roulette Royale vs. American Variations

Roulette Royale differs from its American counterpart in that it features only one green zero pocket (just as European Roulette does), whereas American Roulette features one zero pocket and one double zero pocket. The house greatly benefits from having these two green zero pockets, as the zeros are the house slots. For comparison, the house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%, whereas for European games (such as Roulette Royale) it's only 2.70%.

Progressive Jackpots

The biggest defining difference in online Roulette Royale from all other variants of the game is its real money progressive jackpot. The jackpot is won by a side bet that is placed on a single number. If the ball lands on that number’s slot five consecutive times, the jackpot is awarded to the player that placed the side bet on that number.

While spinning a single number five times in a row is an extremely rare occurrence, there are other benefits to placing this side bet. If a single number is landed at least two times in a row, all Canadian players who have made a side bet on the jackpot are awarded a payout, even if it was not the number they bet on.

Betting, Odds, and Payouts

There are two overarching categories of bets in the Roulette Royale casino game: inside bets and outside bets. These are based on the layout, which is the betting area on the table to the side of the roulette wheel. So when you visit a casino online, Roulette Royale requires you to fully understand these bets.

The outside bets consist of larger rectangles along the outside edges of the rows of numbers. These are categories, such as red or black, even or odd. Generally speaking, the inside bets produce larger payouts than the outside bets, though the odds are much more favourable to win an outside bet. In addition to these categories, there is the jackpot bet, which is mandatory, and gives the jackpot its progressive feature. This is an important tip to keep in mind for Canadian players.

Inside Bets

There are five different types of inside bets in the Roulette Royale casino game: straight (or single), split, street, corner (or square), and a double street (or six line).

Outside Bets

Outside bets include column bets, dozen bets, as well as bets that come in categories of either/or pairs: even or odd, red or black, low or high.

Beginner’s Strategy

Beginner’s Strategy

Like any new-to-you casino game, it can help to go in with a little bit of basic strategy and a long term goal in mind. When you're playing at an online casino, Roulette Royale requires some patience to start with. We all love the idea of going in and striking it rich right from the top, but the reality is that’s a great way to lose your shirt! Here are a few small tips to going in with a level head in order to have the most fun and skilfully win the most money overall.

A Fine Spread

While a winning straight bet (single number) brings a great payout, the odds against winning one are pretty high. A great strategy in Roulette Royale is to spread your bets to cover more possibilities of winning. Placing a bet on a column, for example, gives you pretty good odds to win, even if it is just a 2 to 1 payout. Start small and wide, and build up your winnings slowly, with less risk of losing bets.

The Probability Problem

An important factor to note going into online Roulette Royale is that probability doesn’t work in the same way as it does in other types of Canadian casino games. Because of the nature of the table and the ball, each new turn is its own new set of possibilities, unlike card games that deal with sequences. While there is probability of how likely you are to win an inside or outside bet, that probability stays fixed every turn. There is no special formula to figure out the outcome of this game of chance.

Mobile Compatibility

No matter what system or device you utilize for your mobile Roulette Royale games, you should easily be able to find mobile roulette and casino apps available in Canada. There are apps available for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Samsung Galaxy, LG series), Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Tablet, and many more.

Online Roulette Royale - The Final Call

As you can see, there is a very good reason that the Roulette Royale casino game quickly became, and remains, one of the most popular games in Canada. There are so many variations on types of bets, ways to strategize, and win. With higher odds in favour of the player, we think that the Roulette Royale online casino experience is just about one of the most thrilling real money gaming experiences you can have. Have we caught your attention? Why wait to start winning? Try out a Royale game today by checking out some of our top rated Canadian casino sites.


How do you play Roulette Royale?

Its game play is the same as the traditional European style. There are 37 numbered slots on a spinning wheel, coloured red and black. Bets are placed on a slot or group of slots, at which point a ball is released onto the wheel. What slot the ball lands in determines the winning bets.

Does the table layout and betting work similarly to other roulette games?

Yes. The table layout and betting in Roulette Royale are exactly the same as in European Roulette. They differ from American style roulette by only having one 0 slot on the wheel, as opposed to the 0 and the 00 (double zero) slots.

How popular is Roulette Royale online?

It is not as popular as traditional roulette, yet. However, due to its exciting progressive jackpot, more and more online gamers in 2023 are discovering this experience to be the best available today.

Is the game significantly different than other variations?

No and yes. No, in that the betting and gameplay are identical to other forms of roulette. Yes, in that the addition of the progressive jackpot and the compulsory bet add a unique experience not found in any other variations of roulette.

What are the odds in Roulette Royale?

They vary, depending on how you bet. Outside bets come with very good odds, roughly 2 to 1. Inside bets can have odds as low as 5.16 to 1, and as great as 36 to 1, with multiple levels of odds in between.

Can I play the game on any system?

Can I play the game on any system?

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