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2023’s Top Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Online Casinos

Top Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Online Casinos

Over the last two hundred years, few casino games have gained the popularity or recognizability that roulette has. Roulette has its early origins in France, and then quickly spread out throughout Europe and into the rest of the world. Roulette, easily the world’s premier game of chance, continues to bring crowds of gamers of all skill levels and experience to its table. The relatively recent introduction of the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game has lured many new gamblers into the arena.

Premier Roulette is one of the most popular casino games on the internet today. We’ve had our top Canadian gaming experts compile a list of 2023’s best real money sites to try your hand at Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, such as Jackpot City, our pick of best site for 2023.

Read on below, as we take a look at:

  • The basics of a Premier Roulette game
  • What new additions players can expect from the Diamond Edition
  • Helpful tips and strategies for beginners
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The Basics

Many Canadian gamers will already be familiar the online classic from Microgaming, Premier Roulette. The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition title has the same basic gameplay as traditional European or American roulette. That's why for many Canadians it ranks among their preferred games.

With many new additions mixed in with the classic gameplay that Canadian gamers have come to love, Microgaming has truly upped the ante of fun with their Premier Roulette Diamond Edition phenomenon.


Online Premier Roulette Diamond Edition takes place on a spinning wheel with different slots on it. Each slot has a colour and a number: black or red, 1 through 36. There is also a green slot with a 0 on it. This is known as European Roulette. American Roulette includes an extra green slot with double 0s on it, and players can choose which version to play. Bets are placed on slots, either a specific number, a series of numbers, or a general colour.

The wheel starts to spin, and a ball is released, spinning in the opposite direction. Eventually the ball will lose momentum and bounce into a slot, at which point bets are collected and winning bets are paid out. So if you're at an online casino, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition will always follow this format.

The Premier Touch

Fans in Canada of Microgaming’s Premier Roulette will find many of the great features of that game returning for the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game. Helpful extras such as repeat bets, auto play, and gaming history are part of the reason why tons of Canadian gamers have come to love this online version of the casino classic, and will undoubtedly be pleased to see them back again for this new edition.

The Diamond Edition Difference

The Diamond Edition Difference

Microgaming has taken its popular game of Premier Roulette and added some fun new features for online gamers in Canada to enjoy:

A Game Of A Different Colour

In a game of online Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, the player has many more colours of slots to choose from than just the traditional red and black. Players can choose from green, blue, purple, yellow, as well as black and red.

The More The Merrier

One of the more exciting aspects of a Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game is the ability to play with other real live players around the world! Whereas before it was a game of you betting along with computer generated players, now the real money bets being cast to your left and right are from other online gamers.

It’s Good to Have Options

Not keen on casino style piano tunes? Want to turn on some extra features like turbo mode? Like to play in complete silence, no sound of spinning wheels or bouncing balls? Head down to the options menu, where you can customize your gameplay experience with many of these types of options.

Betting and Odds

Both the type of bets and the odds of winning in the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game are the same as in any classic game of roulette. Here’s a quick refresher on the types of bets in roulette. Keep in mind that whenever you're at an online casino, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition will have these types of bets available.

Inside Bets

Inside bets get their categorical name because of their placement on the inner part of the grid found on the table, which is arranged in rows of three, the first row containing 1, 2, and 3, and each row following this pattern, with the 0 found at the top of the grid. There are five different kinds of inside bets in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition:

Outside Bets

An outside bet is a bet that falls on the outer part of the grid on the table. These are divided up into categories:


Inside bets are harder to win, and therefore payout at higher odds. The lowest of these is a double street, which pays out 5 to 1. A corner bet pays out at 8 to 1, a street bet at 11 to 1, and a split pays out at 17 to 1. The highest of course is a straight bet, which pays out at 35 to 1.

Outside bets payout at much smaller rates, but are much easier to win. Evens, odds, lows, highs, and colour specific bets payout at a 1 to 1 ratio. Column bets and dozen bets payout at 2 to 1.

Strategy for Beginners

Strategy for Beginners

Since the actual setup, rules, and gameplay for a Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game are the same as in a game of classic online roulette, we will go over some of the basic strategies that any online gamer should take into account when spinning the wheel.

Proper Probability

People love to talk about probability in gambling, but it’s important to realize that that doesn’t always mean the same thing in every setting. For instance, when playing a card game with multiple rounds or hands coming from the same deck, the probability of certain cards or combination of cards being played changes as the game goes on. In roulette, each new round is completely independent of all the rounds that came before. Therefore, the concept of probability is quite different.

If you want to play it safe, the probabilities of betting on and winning with an even number, or a certain colour of slot, are pretty high, almost 50/50. The probability of hitting the same type of slot does not change, however, from turn to turn.

A Generous Spread

It’s quite thrilling to win a straight bet and rake in a payout of 35 to 1, but the odds are very much stacked against that happening. A good strategy is to vary your spread. Choosing an outside bet, or a double street won’t get you rich quick, but it will help you hold onto your money longer, and you have better odds at gradually amassing your winnings over a long period of time.

Mobile Compatibility

Players in Canada will find that they have many opportunities to enjoy Premier Roulette Diamond Edition on the go, no matter what device they use. Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad can easily be used for mobile gaming. Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy or the Google Pixel phone are all capable of playing this game at many real money online casinos. Even if you have a Windows Phone or a BlackBerry device, you can still play this game online using your browser.


Fans of the original Premier Roulette from Microgaming will be quick to fall in love with the Diamond Edition. With its added attractions and the connectivity with other players that it affords, the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game has truly improved on an online casino classic! Go ahead and try it for yourself today. Visit one of these great Canadian sites from our list from around the web.


How do you play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition?

It's played the same way as all other games of roulette. Bets are placed on the possible winning slots of the roulette wheel, either by number, colour, or various groups and categories. Then the wheel is spun and the ball released. The ball eventually loses speed and falls into a slot, and bets are collected and winnings paid.

Does the betting and table layout work the same way as it does in other roulette games?

Yes. The layout, betting, and general gameplay in the Diamond Edition are all the same as in most other versions of the game.

How popular is this version in online casinos?

It is becoming more popular. The previous edition, Premier Roulette, is one of the more popular roulette games in online casinos. This updated edition has many of the features of the original, plus new features to make gameplay more interesting.

Is Premier Roulette Diamond Edition much different from other games of roulette?

No. In gameplay, the Diamond Edition is exactly like the earlier edition of Premier Roulette, and indeed like any other variation. The differences come in additional features such as live multi-player gaming and more customization of the wheel and table.

What are the odds in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition?

The odds are the same as in other variations. The odds on winning an outside bet are quite high. The higher the stakes and more specific your bets get, the lower the odds are at winning.

Can you play this game using any system?

Yes. Though while you may use one of the many betting systems available to you, we advise not to put much faith in any particular system to help you win big. They can be helpful tools, but not as get rich quick plans.

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