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Bonus Blackjack

People the world over love the game of blackjack. It’s been one of the most popular casino card games for over 200 years! It has become so popular that countless variations have cropped up over the years as players keep exploring different aspects and strategies of the game. This includes a relatively new innovation, playing Bonus Blackjack at a Canadian online casino.

The excitement here is in the extra money that can be wagered against the player being dealt a natural blackjack! Online gamers throughout Canada who have discovered this great variant are playing on the edge of their seat now more than ever. We’ve tasked our team of blackjack experts to unfold the Bonus Blackjack casino game for you, as well as compile a list of the absolute best real money sites to play it on, including our top pick for 2023, Jackpot City.

On this page, we’re going to look at:

  • The basic gameplay
  • How an online Bonus Blackjack game differs from other variations
  • Finding the best Canadian online casinos to play it on
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Like many variations, the Bonus Blackjack game takes one aspect of a typical online blackjack game and makes it the focus. In this case, it's the goal of being dealt a natural blackjack itself: a combination of an Ace and a ten-value card. The bonus here is a side bet placed on the outcome of each hand as it is dealt. That's why when Canadians head to an online casino, Bonus Blackjack is often their game of choice. Let's review the basic flow of a game of blackjack, and see where the bonus comes in.

This blackjack variant gives online gamers the blackjack gambling experience they know and love, while adding a further element of chance to the mix with the addition of a bonus side bet.

The Goal

Your aim in Bonus Blackjack is identical to standardl blackjack. It's a game of player versus the dealer. The player and dealer are attempting to win by having the hand with the greatest value, without busting (going over 21). The combination of an Ace and another ten-value card is known as blackjack, or a “natural.” This combination takes precedence over any other hand, including other combinations that have a cumulative value of 21.

How the Game is Played

As in traditional blackjack, an initial bet is placed before the cards are dealt. After this comes the bonus. Players have the opportunity to place a separate bet on whether or not they will be dealt blackjack. After all bets are placed, the cards are dealt. The player is dealt with both cards face up. The dealer also deals themselves two cards, one face up, and one face down, known as a “hole card.”

If anyone has been dealt blackjack and has made a bonus bet, the dealer pays out those bets at this time. After this, anyone not holding blackjack loses the hand, and a new round begins. If no-one has blackjack, the game continues as usual.

Now the player has a few standard options:

Stand : If a player wishes to play the hand as it is, and receive no more cards, they “stand.”

Split : If a player’s initial hands have two cards of one kind, they may choose to split these cards into two separate hands. They then receive two new cards to complete both hands, and stand or hit on the hand that is the strongest. If two pairs exist in one of the new hands, the player can choose to split again. The exception to this rule is in the case of a pair of Aces, which can be split only once, and receive only one card. When the player chooses to split, they must pay and additional wager.

Double Down : This occurs if you want to double the amount of their initial bet. A player can choose to double down regardless of the value of the cards they hold. Doubling down can occur either after the first two cards are dealt, or alternately, after a pair of cards are split. The penalty for doubling down is that the player must hit exactly once and then stand after the move.

Hit : If the player wishes to be dealt another card, they will “hit.”

As in a game of traditional blackjack, the dealer must hit on a soft 17. This is when a hand valuing 17 includes an Ace, which can either count as 1 or 11. Also the same as games featuring a hole card the dealer will check the hole card for blackjack when their face up card is a ten-value card or an Ace. If the dealer does have blackjack, they win the hand then and there.

How it Stacks up Against Other Variations

The only real difference with Bonus Blackjack is the option for the bonus side bet. To many first time online blackjack players, this may seem like an unenticing option. Why make a bet on such a specific combination of cards being dealt? But slightly more experienced players will find this added game of chance to be an exciting addition. The more expert level strategists, who employ card-counting techniques, will find it especially engaging.

Betting and The Odds

The betting in Bonus Blackjack works the same way as in traditional versions of the game. There is generally a house minimum and maximum bet. The side bet of Bonus Blackjack usually will have a maximum far less than the house max bet. All bets must be in before cards are dealt.

Payouts for the bonus bet differ from site to site, but generally a winning bet for a natural blackjack hand is 25 to 1. Some casinos pay an extra bonus for hands that include an Ace of Spades or a Jack of Spades, sometimes as much as 50 to 1! That's why when many gamblers in Canada visit a casino online, Bonus Blackjack is the game they play first.

The house edge is in the same range as most other variants of blackjack, usually under 1%. Depending on how many decks are used by the house, it can be as low as 0.7%.

Strategy for Beginners

Strategy for Beginners

Count Cards

Players who know their way around card counting techniques will want to keep their eye on the deck for when it appears to be rich in Aces and ten-value cards. Many casinos only use two decks in Bonus Blackjack online, which makes the accuracy of card counting much more precise.

Be Vigilant

Always note the dealer’s up card, is it good? Good cards are 7 through Ace, with 2 - 6 being bad ones. A good general rule of thumb when playing blackjack is to stand on a hand with a value of 17 or greater, and to hit on a hand with a value under 17. It’s also a good idea to split a hand with double Ace cards or double 8 cards. And if you have an Ace, you probably want to hit in the Bonus Blackjack game.

The Watchword Is: Wallet

It’s always a good idea to decide how much money you are willing to lose before the start of any game, and then stick to that number no matter what. You will also want to decide the number of rounds you plan to play (is it going to be a quick game, or do you want to sit and stay a while?), then decide the amount of money you will need in order to make what’s in your wallet last over that many hands. Resist the temptation to stay and play longer. Don’t keep playing in an effort to dig yourself out of a hole if you’re on a losing streak, and stick to the original number of hands you had planned on playing, even if you are on a real cash winning streak.

Mobile Compatibility

The Bonus Blackjack game is available on a number of the top real money mobile casinos in Canada. The ones listed on our site are compatible with all major operating systems and devices, such as iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), Windows, BlackBerry, Android (LG, Samsung Galaxy), and others. Just open a web browser on your device and head to your favourite site from our fully vetted list of Canadian online casinos. Many of them offer free blackjack apps so you have instant access to the games.

Bonus Blackjack Online: A Summary

Of all the variants of the game readily available in online casinos today, the Bonus Blackjack one might be the most exciting and risky version yet! Canadian gamers can enjoy the standard game of blackjack that they know and love, with the added thrill of the side bonus bet. So the next time you're at an online casino, Bonus Blackjack should be your first choice.

Are you ready to give it a try? Why not take a look at our list of 2023's best Canadian-friendly sites for checking out a game of Bonus Blackjack right now?


How do you play it?

The game is played exactly like a standard game of blackjack, with the addition of an extra side bet before cards are dealt. This real cash bet is whether the player will be dealt a natural blackjack. If won, the bonus bet pays out at great odds, often 25 to 1 or higher (depending on the casino).

Does the table layout and betting work the same way as other blackjack games?

Yes. The layout and betting in Bonus Blackjack work exactly the same as in the normal versions, with the exception of the extra bonus bet, which is optional, and is made at the beginning of each turn before the cards are dealt.

How popular is the game?

Bonus Blackjack is moderately popular. It is one of a handful of popular variants of blackjack, and can be found in many real money online casinos available to gamers in Canada.

Is it much different from other blackjack games?

No. It is not very different from many of them, especially ones that stick to the basic gameplay. The only difference is the inclusion of an optional bonus bet at the beginning of each hand, before cards are dealt.

What are the odds like?

They are fairly good. The house edge in Bonus Blackjack is under 1%. The payout for winning the bonus bet is very high, usually at least 25 to 1, depending on the casino. Some casinos pay out more for special combinations of blackjack, such as an Ace and Jack of Spades.

Can I use a system to win?

Bonus Blackjack, like the traditional version, is mostly a game of chance. Therefore, no system can guarantee victory. However, you can use the tips we've outlined above to improve your chances of getting a winning hand.

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