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European Blackjack Gold Tips And Strategies In 2023

European Blackjack Gold Tips And Strategies

Without a doubt, blackjack is one of the most evolved gambling games in online casinos, not only in Canada, but across the globe as well. Ever since it started being played centuries ago, there are a couple of equally exciting offshoots that have risen to fit different markets or rather, different kinds of players. Among all those variations, European Blackjack Gold in a casino is one of the most dominant within the gambling circles of Canadian players. Luckily, you can get your game on at Jackpot City for the ultimate experience.

Before you whip out your credit card or you launch your e-wallet, you need to spare the next couple of minutes to read through this brief. That’s because there are some crucial tips, pointers and strategies dished out throughout this page, courtesy of our expert team that has created a list of certified European Blackjack Gold casinos in Canada. Thanks to the dedication of our European Blackjack Gold assessment team, you will find out the following in the next paragraphs:

  • How to play this game to best all your online casino counterparts
  • The main rules and restrictions that you will find as you play the game
  • The top-rated casino online websites in 2023 that have the best games of this blackjack variant
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The Basics

The Basics

Just like any other Blackjack variant, when you play the European Blackjack Gold casino online game, the objective is to get as close to the standard 21 points before the dealer, without exceeding that value. When you exceed 21 that is referred to as ‘busting’. When you get to a casino online, European Blackjack Gold will be a memorable experience as long as you know the rules and some strategies. The real money game will start after you select your bet for the round and the dealer deals you two cards, which will be facing up. The dealer will get two cards as well, but one will face up and the other down.

When you ‘Hit’, you are dealt another card while when you Stand, you will not receive any card and your turn ends. You can ‘Double Down’ by doubling your bet and receiving an extra card and if the dealer deals you a pair, you can ‘Split’ to double your initial wager and then split the hand that was dealt to you into two. After splitting, you will automatically be dealt more cards and you will now start playing each of those two hands separately.

This version is known as the ‘Gold Standard’ of blackjack by many because of the lowered house edge since it is a two-deck game.

The Uniqueness of This Variation

To begin with, one of the main differences in online casino European Blackjack Gold gaming is that it is a No-Hole card game, unlike the standard 21 Blackjack game. This therefore means that the dealer does not peek for blackjack whenever a 10-point card or an ace is showing. Apart from that, the other significant difference that in regular blackjack games, the decks are usually anywhere between 6 and 8, whereas in a casino online, European Blackjack gold has only two decks. The dealer in this type of online casino blackjack will stand on 17 whether it’s hard or soft, which is not the case with regular Blackjack.

In any casino online, European Blackjack Gold is often deemed as the best option particularly because developers such as the esteemed Microgaming present it in the greatest quality graphics. Moreover, there is an extra enhancement to this game where a side bet can be added. This is known as the High Streak and as a gamer, your success rate in successive hands allows a progressive chain of bonuses that could earn you up to a whopping 10:1 payout (more of this in the next paragraph). Unfortunately, not many offer a live dealer version of the casino online European Blackjack Gold game where you can interact with the dealer and other players in real time.

Odds, Payout Rates and Added Value

Players at online casino European Blackjack Gold sites in Canada prefer this version of blackjack mainly because it has a significantly reduced house edge. That’s because there are only two decks in the game. The low number of decks is good because it lowers the edge of the house by up to 0.13%. This therefore means that your chances of winning are improved as well. In a standard blackjack game, the edge of the house is usually about 0.5% depending on the online casino that you are placing wagers at. When the two-deck factor is thrown in that will mean that the house edge will instantly drop to about 0.37%.

Thanks to the extra High Streak option included in the Microgaming version of European Blackjack Gold, you are presented with an opportunity of having the biggest wins ever. That’s because after you win in the standard Eurogold game, the High Streak feature is automatically triggered. The first win in the High Streak mode will pay you 1:1, with your second successive win your payout is increased to 2:1 and by the third consecutive win, your payout will have risen to 5:1. If you happen to get even luckier, the fourth successive winning streak will earn you a 10:1 payout rate. This is great because you get a chance to walk away with bountiful real money.

In the course of our casino online review of the European Blackjack Gold game, there are two situations that made this version of blackjack far more lucrative than its card game counterparts. They are:

As you can see, these two pointers make the European Blackjack Gold casino online version more valuable to you as a Canadian player.

Triumphant Strategies

In most card games at online casinos that you find in Canada, you just have to polish up your skills. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips and strategies that you can use so that you can always be ahead in the game:

The above tips can get you started smoothly as a player of the online casino European Blackjack Gold game.

Start Playing In Top Casinos

Start Playing In Top Casinos

In 2023, finding an exceptional online casino that you can place your wagers at is not easy. Fortunately for you, we have sifted through plenty of Canadian casinos to bring you only the top ones where you are assured of an awesome experience. Moreover, the casinos that we have selected for you are also suitable for other popular games such as online roulette and live dealer roulette as well.

What remains is for you to find ample time to sharpen your skills. Furthermore, if you follow the tips that we have highlighted here, you can win big in the top bookies who have European Blackjack Gold that is developed by the most reputable entities such as Microgaming. So, from our shortlisted CA casinos, be sure that you will find absolutely what you are looking for and so much more.

Browse through our exclusive list of the finest online casinos and start playing now!

  1. First start by playing free games. You could even learn a trick or two in the process that will help you play better. That way you can ‘warm up’ thoroughly before you finally start spending your real cash. And this applies to all other casino games such as roulette and other card games you may have an interest in.
  2. For a hand that is between 17 and 20, you should draw with either a soft 17 or 18
  3. As you play in the casino online, European Blackjack Gold dealers are forced to draw to seventeen on any total that is above 17. You could easily exploit this option by Standing on virtually all totals (12 and above) then the up card of the dealer is either a 4, 5 or 6. That’s because in these situations, there is a very high probability that the dealer will have to draw only one extra card and risk busting. And if the dealer busts, you ultimately win that hand!
  4. If you have a hand of 11 or less, you should always draw.


How is the European Blackjack Gold game played?

The aim of the European Blackjack Gold game is for you to get as close as 21 without going over. This game has only two decks so that makes it a little easier to play. You can Stand, Hit, Double Down and use the same strategies that you use in the standard game. But then, there are a few differences when it comes to some of the rules. For instance, there is no ‘Late Surrender’ option in this version. For the full set of rules associated with this variation, just check out the details in the post above.

Is the layout of the table and the wagers similar to the ones in the games I've played?

Yes, the layout of the table in European Blackjack Gold is similar to that of the standard 21 game. Placing wagers is also the same and most of the things that you can do in regular blackjack can be done in this variation. For example, you can Split and Double Down as usual, but there are a couple of restrictions to when and how you can do the splitting and doubling down.

Is European Blackjack Gold a popular Canadian casino online game?

Yes, it is quite popular in Canada. In fact, compared to all the available variants of the game, this version is usually known as the ‘Gold Standard’ of blackjack because of how easy it is to play, even for beginners. That’s because it is played with only two decks, which lowers the edge of the house in your favor. You can start playing right now by choosing any of our recommended casinos above.

How different is this type of blackjack from other variations?

The first major difference of the European Blackjack Gold edition is that there are only two decks unlike in the regular 21 game where the decks usually range between 6 and 8. Apart from that, it is a No-Hole card game and there are some extra rules that are put in place that are usually not applicable in other variations. A few examples are the dealer is forced to stand on any 17 whether soft or otherwise and Splitting isn’t allowed after you Double Down.

How are the odds of this Blackjack edition?

By having two decks in the game, the odds of the house are already reduced by 0.13%. The rest of the payout rate is mostly the same like regular Blackjack. In some versions, for example the Microgaming edition of European Blackjack Gold, there is a High Streak feature which provides you an opportunity of earning some progressive wins with a payout of up to 10:1!

Are there any systems that I can use as I play in CA casinos?

Yes, there are a variety of systems that you can use which can improve your chances of winning. Counting cards is possible, especially when you play at land based casinos because there are only two decks.

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