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Top Premium French Roulette Sites in 2023

Top Premium French Roulette Sites

For over two centuries, casino gamers across the world haven’t seemed to have been able to get enough of roulette. This popular table game developed in France in the late 1700s and spread out across Europe, to North America, and beyond. It is only just and right that a variation for this worldwide craze should be named after its birthplace. The introduction of Premium French Roulette has added more excitement to the game.

Premium French Roulette is not only based on one of the most fun roulette variations, its seamless gameplay and graphics make it a popular gaming experience available to Canadians. Our team has put together a list of the best real money sites for gaming with French Roulette, including our top pick for 2023, Jackpot City.

Today we will take a look at the online Premium French Roulette experience, and explore:

  • How to play it online
  • How French Roulette differs from other forms of roulette
  • Helpful tips and strategies for roulette beginners
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The first thing to note about French Roulette is that its layout is identical to European Roulette, which features 37 slots, numbered 1 through 36, half black and half red, plus a green 0 numbered slot for the house. This gives the player slightly better odds than in American Roulette, which has an additional double 0 house slot. That's why when players head to an online casino, Premium French Roulette is their game of choice.

The gameplay is also identical to European Roulette, in as far as how bets are placed, and what the odds are of winning. The thing that sets French Roulette apart is the “la partage” rule, which we will discuss below.

From the “la partage” rule that softens the house edge, to the smooth, seamless graphics and gameplay, Canadian gamers will love the benefits of real cash Premium French Roulette.

The Rules of Roulette

Almost all variations of roulette begin the same way. Players place bets on the slots, either by the slot number, a group of numbers, a category of numbers (such as odd or even), or on the colour of slot. After bets are placed, the wheel is spun and a ball is released onto the wheel. When the ball slows, it will eventually fall into a slot, at which point all the bets are collected, and the croupier rewards the winning bets.

The French Variation

The great thing about online Premium French Roulette is the addition of the “la partage” rule. This cool little trick takes the low house edge down even further!

Red Or Black, Or Half Your Money Back

Red Or Black, Or Half Your Money Back

When you place an even money bet (meaning bets that payout at a 1 to 1 ratio) in French Roulette, you have a little extra protection. If on any turn, the ball lands on the green 0 house slot, half of each even money bet is returned. Even bets include the following outside bets: odds, evens, red, black, high, and low in Premium French Roulette.

The great thing about these even money bets is that they have high odds of winning. And now, with the “la partage” rule, even when they don’t win, players can still cut their losses by half, which lets you stretch your bank out even further, giving you more chances to win. That's why when we were evaluating any online casino, Premium French Roulette was the first game we tried!

The Premium Difference

Premium French Roulette offers excellent gameplay and special customizable features. Players are given the option to have a private game, or set up a multiplayer game with friends. There is a split view option: you can view the table as a whole, with the wheel at one end and the betting grid at the other (giving a more realistic casino experience), or you can split the screen to have the wheel on top and the betting grid on bottom, which allows for easier views of the numbers. Ever get tired at staring at the same image on screen for too long? You can even customize the table color and the direction that the wheel spins!

Betting and Odds

The betting in an online casino Premium French Roulette game works the same way as in European Roulette. Bets fall into two major categories of inside and outside bets, based on the layout of the betting grid on the table. Inside bets have lower odds of winning, so of course payout at higher ratios, as opposed to outside bets, which are exactly the opposite (high odds and low payout ratios).

Inside Bets

Inside bets are found in the middle of the betting grid, as numbers laid out in rows of three, starting with 1 through 3 and following all the way to 36. The house 0 is represented as a rectangle at the top of the grid.

Players can bet on a single number, a pair of adjoining numbers, three numbers falling on the same row, a square of four numbers with touching corners, or six numbers in two connecting rows. These bets are called straight bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, and double street bets, respectively. Straight bets payout at a 35 to 1 ratio, splits payout at 17 to 1, street bets at 11 to 1, corners at 8 to 1, and double streets at 5 to 1 in the Premium French Roulette casino online experience.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are found on the outer edge of the betting grid, and fall into broad categories of numbers. These categories are as follows: column, dozen, even, odd, black, red, low, and high bets.

Column bets are placed on the twelve numbers in one column on the grid. A winning column bet pays out at 2 to 1. Dozen bets break the 36 numbers on the grid into three groups of dozen: 1 through 12, 13 through 24, and 25 through 36. A winning dozen bet pays out at 2 to 1.

Even bets are bets placed on all the even numbers on the grid, while odd bets are placed on all the odd numbers. Black and red bets are bets on all the numbers falling in the respective coloured slot. Low bets are placed on the first half of the numbers, 1 through 18. High bets are placed on the second half, 19 through 36. All of these bets are called even money bets because they payout at 1 to 1.

What’re The Odds?

Roulette in general has a very low house edge, with European games (such as French Roulette), having even better odds. European roulette starts off with a house edge of 2.70%. Because of the “la partage” rule, the house edge on an even money bet in the Premium French Roulette game is 1.35%!

Strategy for Beginners

Sharing Is Caring

As many online gamers in Canada will know, “la partage” is French for sharing. As in the house shares half of a losing even money bet with the player if the ball lands on 0. This makes for a very simple but no-brainer strategy: place a lot of even money bets! They have high odds of winning to begin with, and losing them is much safer in French Roulette due to this rule.

Spread Yourself Thin

In roulette, you are not limited to one bet per round. It’s a good idea to place a few different kinds of bets. For instance, you could place a bet on black, and odd, as well as a few inside bets like a double street or a corner bet. You can place smaller bets on inside bets to limit your losses, while still getting an impressive payout if they win.

Better Banking To Bring Home The Bacon

Call it strategy or common sense, but we think one of the best things any player can do when going into a game is to decide beforehand how much they are willing to spend, and how many rounds they are going to want to play. This will help determine what your maximum bet per turn can be. Worst-case scenario: you end up using your entire proposed bank on a losing streak. Sticking to the plan will keep you from the temptation to dig deeper than you should to try and win some of it back. Best-case scenario? You win big, and develop that piece of elusive gambling wisdom: “Quit while you’re ahead!” Either way, this strategy will never let you down.

Mobile Compatibility

The Premium Difference

With such a popular game as online Premium French Roulette, finding real money casinos to play it in is no problem. And if you are itching to play on the go, these sites are compatible with all major operating systems and products: Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android (Samsung Galaxy, LG G4), Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and more! Typically you'll find dedicated Premium French Roulette mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. For Windows and BlackBerry, you can play straight on the HTML5 site from your browser.


It’s easy to see why the Premium French Roulette game is such a popular variant for so many gaming enthusiasts. The low house edge is hard to pass up! Add that to the attractive graphics and smooth gameplay, and we feel like gamers across Canada will soon be flocking to the wheel.

Have we managed to get your attention? Good! Don’t wait any longer to start winning. Try out Premium French Roulette right now from one of our top online casinos of 2023. You’ll be glad you did!


How do you play a game of Premium French Roulette?

Bets are placed on slots of different numbers, colours, and categories. Then the wheel and ball are spun, and bets are collected and paid out based on the winning slot.

Is table layout and betting process the same as other roulette variations?

Yes. The table layout of Premier French Roulette is identical to the layout of European Roulette, where there is one green 0 slot, as opposed to the extra double 0 slot in American Roulette. Betting is the same as well, with the added bonus of half of a losing even money bet being paid back to players when the ball lands on 0.

Is Premium French Roulette very popular online?

It is very popular. Due to the low house edge, and the realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, the game has become quite popular with online gamers.

How different is this version compared to other roulette games?

It is very similar. French Roulette is extremely similar to other roulette games in gameplay and betting. It differs from American Roulette by only having one green 0 slot instead of two. It also has a rule called “la partage,” which allows for half of a losing even money bet to be paid back to the player when the ball lands on 0.

How good are the odds?

The odds are very good. The house edge in French Roulette is 2.70%. The house edge on an even bet is even lower, at 1.35%

Can you use any betting system on games?

You can use any betting system on Premium French Roulette that you would on another roulette game. While betting systems can be of some help, none have proven to be "get rich quick" schemes. The best strategies are to cast a wide spread of outside and inside bets, and to budget your bank carefully.

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