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Canada's Top Rapid Roulette Casino Sites For 2023

Canada's Top Rapid Roulette Casino Sites

Games that once could only be experienced at casinos have now become commonplace online, through top real money gambling sites. One such example is the online Rapid Roulette game, which never ceases to amaze gamblers from Canada and beyond.

Rapid Roulette is a game being offered at many brick-and-mortar casinos in Canada today, a game based on the experience of solo online gaming. However, it continues to be even more popular at Canadian online casinos, like the top rated Spin Palace, thanks to its excitement and payouts.

Below, we’re going to explore this new fad that’s catching on in 2023, and look at:

  • The origins of Rapid Roulette
  • How the game differs from other types of online roulette
  • Top tips and strategies for Canadians to get started
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An Introduction to the Game

An Introduction to the Game

The traditional roulette experience is a classic casino scene: many people gathered around the table, the croupier calling for bets to be placed, players using professional sounding terminology and hand gestures, and lots of cheering. It can be very exciting for some, but for others it feels claustrophobic, alienating, intimidating, or just not very appealing.

Along comes the internet, and gives this group of gamers a whole new experience. Now people are able to play in the comfort of their own home and even out and about with the advent of mobile technology. No crowds, no feeling awkward from not knowing the lingo, no traveling long distances to get to the nearest casino. That's why when many Canadians hope online to enjoy the Rapid Roulette casino experience.

Casinos have taken a page from the real money online gaming book, and come up with the game of Rapid Roulette. Canadian players can appreciate a more private, individual roulette experience while enjoying the overall experience of going to their favourite casino.

The Rapid Roulette Experience

To compete with this, physical casinos had to come up with ways to offer those customers a similar experience. Enter: Rapid Roulette. This game is offered at both Canadian brick-and-mortar and online casinos today. Players sit by themselves in front of a touch screen, where the betting area is displayed. Betting is done by first clicking on the chip amount the player wishes to wager and then by clicking on the number or field/category they wish to bet on.

The roulette wheel is not on this personal screen. It is displayed on a larger shared monitor, in the Rapid Roulette area of the physical casino. All players in front of their individual screens are betting on the outcome of the wheel on this larger shared monitor. In some casinos, this is a video broadcast of a physical wheel that is actually being spun somewhere else. Other casinos use a simulated wheel through video graphics. Live dealer Rapid Roulette also offers a similar experience for you to enjoy from your own place of comfort.

The rest of the game is played as usual: 37 or 38 slots on the wheel, black and red, 1 to 36, and one or two green 0 slots, depending on if it is European or American Roulette. Inside and outside bets are made, and the payout is the same as in traditional roulette.

A Rapid Comparison to Other Roulette Games

The one difference in Rapid Roulette from other variants is the personal screen. The options this opens up for the gaming experience. That's why when you want to play a game of chance at a casino online, Rapid Roulette should be your first choice.

A Home Away From Home

Let’s face it. With our technology advancing the way it is, and becoming more and more a part of every moment, we have become a rather individualized society in 2023, more so than we’ve ever been before. For better or worse, we can stay connected to our screens on a regular, if not constant basis, and still feel as if we are maintaining a healthy connection to our friends, family and our society.

The rapid game experience is a product of this way of interacting. It allows gamers to have their own space, play at their own pace, and yet still feel like they’ve gone out and been in the world by visiting their favourite casino site. It’s a brilliant mash up of two opposing cultures: the physical game floor setting and the world of live dealer online casinos.

Placing Bets and Knowing the Odds

Placing Bets and Knowing the Odds

The types of bets in the Rapid Roulette game are identical to those in any other game of roulette. They fall into two main categories: outside and inside bets. The outside bets consist of columns and dozens (which pay out at 2 to 1), and reds, blacks, evens, odds, highs, and lows (which all pay out even money, 1 to 1). The inside bets are as follows: straight, split, street, corner, and double street. These pay out at 35 to 1, 17 to 1, 11 to 1, 8 to 1, and 5 to 1, respectively.

The odds of winning a straight bet are not in your favour: 36 to 1. This is why a straight bet pays out at such a high rate. You are more likely to win a corner or a double street, as far as inside bets are concerned. Outside bets are definitely the safer choice. Granted, they don’t pay out very much, but you are far less likely to lose as often. As in any game of roulette, the house edge is 2.7%.

Strategies for Roulette Beginners

We think these few tips will keep you on your feet and having fun in the Rapid Roulette online casino game.

Coming To You Live

As we mentioned earlier, different casinos have different ways of broadcasting the wheel portion of Rapid Roulette. Some use a live feed, while others show a computer graphic version of a wheel. Many hard core roulette buffs will swear that if it isn’t a real wheel, it’s just a video game, a computer program. They will tell you that you can’t beat a computer program, so you’re better off playing the slot machines. The validity of this sentiment is lost on us, but it makes sense that you would want to have as "real" of an experience as you can if you are playing the live dealer game, so our advice would be to opt for casinos that offer Rapid Roulette games with a real live wheel.

Spread ‘Em

It’s fun to win it big in a casino, there’s no denying that. However, it’s also good to remember that the odds of winning on something like a straight or split bet in roulette are not great. Your best option for success is to have a nice spread of bets.

Plug the Piggy Bank

An excellent tactic to any game of chance is to plan ahead. And by "plan ahead" we mean, "budget your bank". Decide how much you are able to risk at any game before you sit down to play it, and stick to that number. Even if you hit a losing streak and spend your whole bank, fight the urge to dip into your reserves to try and win some money back.

Online Rapid Roulette - The Big Picture

Rapid Roulette is such an interesting study in how real money online gaming has succeeded in affecting gaming culture in casinos across Canada and the rest of the world. By offering players an extra bit of privacy and comfort, the online casino Rapid Roulette game continues to entice gamblers of all sorts. We invite you to view our full list of recommended sites today.


How is a game of Rapid Roulette played?

The game is played the same way as any other online roulette game. Players bet on slots on a spinning wheel numbered 1 to 36 and coloured red or black. After the bets are placed, a ball is released and when it lands in a slot, the bets are collected and winnings paid out.

Do the bets and table layout in Rapid Roulette work the same was as in other games of roulette?

Yes. The table layout and the types of bets players can make are the same as in traditional European and American Roulette.

Is Rapid Roulette very different from other types of roulette games?

Not at all. It is exactly the same as other types of real money online roulette games that you are familiar with.

What are the odds in a Rapid Roulette game?

The odds are the same as in other games of roulette. The house edge is 2.7%. The odds of winning a straight bet are not great: 36 to 1. The odds of winning an even money outside bet are about 2 to 1.

Can you use any type of system on the game?

Yes. Any system you would use on a game of traditional roulette can be used just as effectively in the Rapid Roulette game.

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