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Fur-ocious Showdown: Cat vs Dog States

Cat lover or dog devotee? A single question that can reveal traits of a person which often mirrors their beloved pets' personalities. Cats tend to be more independent, vigilant, and curious. While dogs can be more dependent, sociable, and loyal. Although it’s possible to cherish both, many align with one or the other, igniting the age-old debate, ‘cats or dogs?’

After surveying 2,000 Americans, we’ll reveal which states across the US are Team Cat or Team Dog. Keep reading to find out which furry companion your state leans towards.

Key Findings:

  • With a majority of 60%, more states prefer dogs to cats
  • 62% of respondents who have a dog or cat post their pet on social media
  • Dog owners are more likely to post their pet on social media than cat owners
Dog vs Cat States in the US

Positively Pawesome: Dogs take the lead in popularity

Pet ownership is undeniably on the rise with a whopping 71% of Americans surveyed as proud owners to dogs, cats, or both. However, whether you’re a pet owner or not, chances are you’ve got a preference to one or the other. Discovering a nationwide sentiment, we asked respondents which animal they preferred.

Dogs took the lead, winning the affection from 30 states. From New York to Florida, Texas to California, the preference for dogs is shared all over country. Mississippi has a 60% dog-favorite vote, the highest percentage split out of all the states. They truly are the top dogs!

In 13 states, the purr of preference goes to cats, with Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Kansas and North Dakota all choosing cats as their favorite animal between the two. New Hampshire leads with a 67% cat-favorite vote.

7 states opt for the best of both worlds, favoring both dogs and cats equally, such as Nevada, Louisiana and Montana. Vermont has the highest vote favoring both at 60%.

Paws and Posts: Exploring the most active pet owners online

Pets and social media infographic

Pet owners love to flood social media with photos and videos of their fur babies. After all, who doesn’t adore scrolling through cute animal pictures? Among the participants who owned a cat or dog, we asked whether they feature their companions on their profiles.

An impressive 62% of respondents proudly post their pets on social media - 56% being dog owners and 44% owning cats. Notably, 14% of the owners showcase their pets weekly, proving they’re not kitten’ around when it comes to their furry content creators.

The Final Verdict

In summary, the dog vs cat debate draws to a close with dogs being the clear frontrunner, securing an impressive 60% of states in their favor across the US. Furthermore, dog owners show a greater inclination to post their pooches on their profiles. So, now you know why there’s an adorable assortment of doggy photos as you scroll through your social media feed!


We surveyed 2,000 Americans in August 2023 about whether they preferred dogs or cats. The age range was 18+ with all participants living in the United States.

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