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Most Aesthetic Hotels & Casinos on the Vegas Strip, According to Tripadvisor Reviews

Besides Sin City, where else can you find yourself simultaneously in Paris, New York, Italy, and Las Vegas all at once? Love it or hate it – Las Vegas is the adult playground where your imagination has no limits. With just shy of 41 million travelers visiting Las Vegas in 2023, the demand for locations to stay is thriving. Throughout the Strip, you’ll find resorts with their own over-the-top personalities, ready to satisfy any traveler's needs. So, if you’re ready to discover, or rediscover, the most aesthetic hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, our study is for you. 

The most iconic hotels in Vegas aren’t merely a place to rest your post-slots head, but where vibrant nightlife, entertainment and iconic architecture collide. With this in mind, we wanted to delve into the interior world of Las Vegas hotels and casinos, to find out the most aesthetic offerings on the Strip. To do this, we scraped over 400,000 Tripadvisor reviews that contained keywords such as; ‘beautiful,’ ‘stunning,’ ‘aesthetic,’ and ‘gorgeous.’

Key Findings:

  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the most ‘aesthetic’ hotel and casino according to Tripadvisor reviewers, with 26% of reviews containing wording related to aesthetics
  • In second place, is the Resorts World (Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords) with 22%
  • Treasure Island Hotel & Casino ranked as the least ‘aesthetic’ resort, with only 1% of reviews containing keywords associated to positive appearance
US Most Aesthetic Casinos

Las Vegas Strip's Top 3 Most Visually Pleasing Hotels & Casinos:

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, home to the iconic Marquee Dayclub Dome, big spenders, and – the ‘most aesthetic hotel & casino’ title. From its three-bedroom Chelsea penthouses to the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails disclosed behind an old janitor’s door, this resort isn’t shy of swanky interiors and architecture. That’s certainly reflected in its reviews, as The Cosmopolitan received an impressive 26% of reviews being associated to 'aesthetic’ key words.

In second place we have Resorts World, who totted up 22% ‘aesthetic’ related Tripadvisor reviews. The luxurious resort group made up of three Hilton hotels: Las Vegas Hilton, the Conrad Las Vegas and the Crockford Las Vegas seems to have it all. Celeb residencies, breathtaking restaurants, a big gaming scene and a spa – you name it, Resort World probably has it.

Next up in the ‘aesthetic’ rankings on the Las Vegas strip is the Bellagio. According to our Tripadvisor analysis, 17% of the 10,451 reviews scraped were associated with all things aesthetic and beauty. This Lake Como-inspired adult wonderland may be over-the-top to some, but reviewers certainly disagree. The Bellagio received the highest number of ‘beautiful’ mentions by users, at an impressive 1,397. If you look up extravaganza in the Vegas dictionary, no doubt you’ll find the Bellagio.

Not So Picture Perfect: Vegas Strip's Least Aesthetic Hotels & Casinos

Pass a keyboard to a dissatisfied customer and brace yourself for some unfiltered feedback. Well, we sifted through thousands of Las Vegas reviews on the 15 hotels located on the Strip. Should you be planning your next adventure to the neon city, we revealed which came bottom of the list, and ranked as the least ‘aesthetic’ offering.

Our Tripadvisor analysis reveals that Treasure Island Hotel & Casino ranks bottom of the list for the most ‘aesthetic’. Out of 18,200 reviews the hotel has gained over the years, only a mere 1% included words such as ‘beautiful,’ ‘aesthetic,’ ‘stunning,’ and ‘gorgeous’ - yikes. Whilst luxe interiors may not be top of their agenda, if you’re looking for value for money and pirate motifs, then head just north of the Strip to the land of treasure and you won’t be disappointed! This famous hotel in fact received the lowest count of the word ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning’ across its reviews, at 198 and 6 respectively. 

With an impressive 59 thousand reviews, heading south of the strip is Luxor Hotel & Casino who received only 2% positively associated feedback regarding its appearance. What’s that you see? A black pyramid-like structure with a fierce laser illuminating the strip? That’ll be the Luxor. If you’re a sucker for a theme you best buy into this kitsch, Egyptian-esque hotel which clearly isn’t to everyone's taste.


Heading to Las Vegas on your next getaway? Soak in the breathtaking beauty of some of these most ‘aesthetic’ casinos, as attested by fellow travelers. Whilst reviews should be consumed with a pinch of salt, if you’re craving an Instagram-worthy, aesthetically pleasing stay – then you know where to bet on!


To create the ‘most aesthetic hotels and casinos’ rankings, we produced a deep dive into each resort Tripadvisor page, scraping over 400,000 reviews for keywords such as; ‘beautiful,’ ‘stunning,’ ‘gorgeous,’ and ‘aesthetic.’ Once the keyword mentions were gathered, we worked out what percentage of their total reviews contained wording related to aesthetics. A ranking was then created based on these percentages.

Data was scraped from March 2017 – March 2024, using the official Tripadvisor site.

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