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St Patrick's Day: Revealing America and Canada's Hotspots

St. Patrick's Day, a day of shamrocks, lively celebrations, and Irish culture. In the USA, cities like Chicago and Texas make a splash by dyeing rivers green, while others such as New York and Boston host grand parades. Meanwhile, north of the border in Canada, Toronto and Halifax host street parties of their own and Irish jigs echo throughout pubs nationwide. Whether out and about, with family at home, or reveling at a party, folks celebrate in all kinds of ways.

We delved into the data to uncover where the Irish spirit truly thrives. Surveying 4,000 people, we reveal the top-ranking US state and Canadian province or territory that truly embraces the festivities. Let's get set to paint the town green!

Key Findings:

  • Nevada ranks 1st place for the ultimate St. Patrick's Day US hotspot with a perfect score of 100/100
  • South Carolina takes 2nd place in the US with an impressive score of 88.7/100
  • Colorado leads as the state that drinks the most on St. Paddy’s Day in the US
  • Newfoundland and Labrador takes 1st place as Canada's St Patrick’s Day hotspot with a flawless score of 100
  • Quebec secures second position in Canada with a solid 71.4 score
  • Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, and New Brunswick share the title for Canada's top drinkers on St. Patrick's Day

The Scoring:

To identify the leading St. Paddy’s Day party places, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Percentage of people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • Sentiment of Irish pubs
  • Likelihood of visiting an Irish pub on holiday
  • Typical expenditure
  • Typical alcohol consumption
  • Whether Guinness is their drink of choice on the day
  • Plans to wear green
  • Plans to book the next day off work
  • How they celebrate

We then used the results to create a scoring system out of 100.

Ranking the Ultimate Party States for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Ranking the Ultimate Party States for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

While Ireland may seem like the obvious contender for the biggest St Patrick’s Day parties, it’s actually America that claims the title. With Ireland being of comparable size to Maine, festivities are considerably smaller compared to the grand scale of America’s nationwide celebrations. But where in the US parties the most? Keep reading to find out!

Nevada shines as the ultimate St. Patrick's Day hotspot, boasting a perfect score of 100 for its unmatched celebration spirit! From Las Vegas to small towns, the state ignites with Irish fervor. Expect the pubs to be bustling, with 70% of Nevada respondents expressing their intention to celebrate the occasion and 60% of those choosing to do so at a pub or bar. Notably, 100% of celebrants that were surveyed said they will be dressed in green attire. With 3 in 10 Nevadans wisely opting to book the following day off work, it guarantees that the festivities will continue well into the night. Cheers to Nevada, where the party never stops!

South Carolina takes the second spot for St. Patrick's Day celebrations with an impressive score of 88.7. Georgia follows with 79.6, while Minnesota and Pennsylvania aren't far off with scores of 79.4 and 76.7. Whether it's the bustling pubs, beverage consumption or everyone decked out in green, these states sure know how to keep the St. Paddy's vibes alive.

States Sipping the Most on St. Patrick's Day

While not formally recognized as a holiday in the US, St. Patrick’s Day is widely embraced by many Americans as an occasion synonymous with indulging in spirited celebrations and drinking. This rings particularly true for Colorado residents who claim the title for the state that drinks the most on St Paddy’s Day. With an average of 5 drinks consumed per person, it stands just above Pennsylvania and South Carolina, both averaging 4 drinks per person.

States Splurging the Most: Where's the Big St. Patrick's Day Spending?

Connecticut residents kick off the St. Patrick’s Day spending spree by claiming the title of the biggest spenders. They dish out an average of $94 per person on drinks, nearly double the national average of $48.

Nevada claims the second spot at $70 per person, which might not be surprising given the steep prices of alcohol on the strip, while New York follows closely in third place at $67. Looks like these states are raising the bar for St Paddy’s Day – literally!

Top Party Provinces and Territories in Canada for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Top Party Provinces and Territories in Canada for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

As we shift our focus to Canada, our quest for the ultimate party regions continues, employing the same scoring system as above.

Newfoundland and Labrador steals the spotlight as Canada's ultimate St Patrick’s Day party haven, earning a flawless score of 100 for its unrivaled celebrations. This province truly knows how to get the festivities flowing, leading the charge with St. Paddy’s Day drinking, averaging an impressive 5 drinks per person. When it comes to embracing the spirit of the holiday 100% of Newfoundlanders who are celebrating said they will be proudly wearing green attire. What's more, their enthusiasm extends to spending, as Newfoundlanders claim the top spot with an average of $73 CAD per person expected to be splurged on drinks, surpassing the national average of $57 CAD. Newfoundland and Labrador are setting the St. Paddy's Day standard higher than ever!

Quebec secures second position with a solid score of 71.4. Joining Newfoundland at the top of the Canadian leaderboard, Quebec boasts an impressive average of 5 pints per person, making it a powerhouse in St. Paddy's Day drinking. Additionally, Quebec claims second place for holiday spending, with an average of $71 per person lavished on celebrations. The spirit of the Emerald Isle runs deep, with 90% of celebrants committing to donning their finest green attire. Furthermore, with an average likelihood rating of 7 out of 10 for visiting an Irish pub while on holiday, Quebecers are primed to soak in the festive atmosphere.

Ontario secures the third position with a commendable score of 54.4, showcasing its dedication to St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Notably, another region that shines in its own right is New Brunswick, which shares the top spot for St. Patrick's Day drinking alongside Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.


In summary, St. Patrick's Day celebrations in both America and Canada are lively and spirited, with vibrant parades, bustling pubs, and more. From coast to coast, communities come together to honor Irish culture and enjoy the festivities. Cheers to St Patrick’s Day!


We conducted a survey among 4,000 individuals from the United States and Canada to gather insights into their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Subsequently, we segmented the data by country, followed by further division into states, provinces, and territories.

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