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From Courtside to Canvas: NBA Fans Draw Logos from Memory

NBA supporters are known for their game-day rituals, season ticket loyalty, and vivid recollections of historic plays. But can fans translate this passion into a recognizable sketch of their team’s logo? You’d assume this would be a simple task as supporters are no strangers to the sight of their team’s emblem; whether seen on TV screens, experienced first-hand during a game, or proudly displayed on merchandise.

To put this assumption to the test, we challenged 1,000 NBA fans to draw their team’s badge from memory. With the help of AI, we then scored their sketches for similarity to the real thing and ranked them from best to worst. So, which logos are ingrained in their fan's minds, and which supporters need a refresher? Let's uncover the scores.

Key Findings:

  • Golden State Warriors fans topped our leaderboard with the highest logo recall accuracy rate at 46.82%.
  • New York Knicks (42.51%) and Sacramento Kings (42.43%) fans secured the second and third positions.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks fanbase landed at the bottom of our leaderboard with a score of 13.23%.

Top Talent: NBA's Fanbases with the Best Logo Recall from Memory

From swooshes to animal motifs, NBA logos tell the story of team pride and city identity. Over the years, most teams have undergone multiple changes to their badges, with some making slight alterations and others opting for complete rebrands. However, just one team has remained loyal to their original logo – Chicago Bulls. Keep reading to discover how this team scored on our leaderboard.

Golden State Warriors supporters lead the pack showing the highest familiarity with their team’s logo. This is particularly impressive considering the Golden Gate Bridge's intricate detail and the badge's many transformations over the years. It's clear their fan base has an eye for detail sharper than a Steph Curry three-pointer, boasting an impressive 46.82% accuracy score. Here are some of our favorites:

Golden State Warriors Screen 1 Golden State Warriors Screen 2 Golden State Warriors Screen 3

New York Knicks fans swoop in with second place. Their sketches boast an average of 42.51% accuracy, according to our AI indicator. The scoring compares every intricate detail of the badges to the drawings. Talk about bringing the Madison Square Garden energy to logo recognition!

New York Knicks Screen 1 New York Knicks Screen 2 New York Knicks Screen 3

Sacramento Kings (42.43%), Phoenix Suns (38.37%), and San Antonio Spurs (38.02%) round out the remainder of the top 5. With memory sharper than a crossover dribble, these teams fanbases prove they've got what it takes to score big in logo recall! Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons (37.84%), Denver Nuggets (36.50%), Portland Trail Blazers (34.92%), Memphis Grizzlies (32.85%), and Los Angeles Lakers (32.83%) claim spots in the top 10.

Sacrament Screen 1 Sacrament Screen 2 Sacrament Screen 3

Sketching Struggles: NBA's Fanbases at the Bottom of the Leaderboard

Other NBA fan bases found the task a little harder and we couldn't help but chuckle as we sifted through some of the sketches submitted. While their attempts to capture their team's logos from memory may not have been the most accurate, they certainly provided us with a good laugh along the way.

The Milwaukee Bucks fanbase found itself at the bottom of our leaderboard, offering sketches that bore an uncanny resemblance to Wilson from "Cast Away" (if you know, you know). Though scoring a modest 13.23%, their attempts didn't fail to amuse us with their comedic charm.

The Milwaukee Bucks Screen 1

Milwaukee Bucks logo

The Milwaukee Bucks Screen 2

Milwaukee Bucks logo

The Milwaukee Bucks Screen 3

Wilson from Cast Away

Despite its sleek and simple design, the Brooklyn Nets logo proved to be a challenge for fans to recall, landing as the second most difficult. With an average score of 21.90%, it seems Net’s fans might need a little extra practice to slam dunk that memory!

Brooklyn Nets Screen 1 Brooklyn Nets Screen 2 Brooklyn Nets Screen 3

One of the most surprising findings among the teams was the Chicago Bulls. Renowned for its iconic status, the Chicago Bulls logo stands as one of the most recognizable symbols in the NBA. As a global brand, it holds the distinction of being the only team to have not altered its logo. Therefore, it was unexpected to discover that the team's fans ranked third from the bottom in logo accuracy, scoring at just 22.27%.

Chicago Bulls Screen 1 Chicago Bullss Screen 2 Chicago Bulls Screen 3


In conclusion, our exploration of NBA logo recall has been enlightening and entertaining. From impressive sketches to hilariously creative interpretations, we've seen the true essence of sports fandom.


We tasked 1000 NBA fans with sketching their team's logo from memory. From this pool, we randomly selected five sketches representing various levels of proficiency for each team. These sketches were then analyzed using an AI tool to assess accuracy. Notably, we excluded color as an evaluative factor and chose NBA logos that closely matched the sketches provided for comparison purposes.

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