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An Introduction To Sports Betting

Betting on sports is one of the fastest-growing and most popular types of gambling in both Canada and the world. From the shark that spends his days at the sportsbook to the mom that enjoys playing fantasy sports and everything in between, sports betting online is one type of gambling that all different types of people enjoy in one way or another.

Canadians that enjoy placing bets on their favourite sports are in luck, as there are countless great betting sites out there they can use. Our team of dedicated Canadian sports bettors have tried and test most of these, and listed the top ones here.

Their current top choice is Spin Palace, but each gambling site we recommend offers:

  • The ability to deposit, withdrawl, and play with Canadian dollars
  • Strong security and reliable customer support
  • Betting lines for any sport you could possibly want to wager on

And much more. Every Canadian sport betting site is a little different, which is why we suggest reading our reviews closely in order to find the one that is best for you.

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An Introduction To Sports Betting

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

There are two big reasons why online sports betting has become so popular. The first is just how easy it's become to do in 2023. No longer do you need to place a call to a bookie somewhere in order to place your bet and then wait for your winnings to arrive in the mail. Today, both placing a bet and receiving a payout are instantaneous. Plus, with the advent of advanced statistics and tracking tools, you can now find the best value among hundreds of different sports leagues and online sportsbooks in an instant.

Which gets into the other reason sports bets online have exploded the past few years both in Canada and around the world: you can bet on basically anything . From local CFL, NHL, and OHL games to European soccer to horse races in Dubai, you'll find sports betting odds for anything you could possibly want to wager on. Not only can you just bet on who you think will win a particular contest, most sportsbooks also offer odds on everything from who you think will be winning at halftime, to which players will score a goal, the result of the opening coin flip. Even if you don't know anything about a particular league, you can read tips and gain sports betting tips from bettors that follow that sport religiously and share their picks online for all to use.

For both casual sports fans and diehard ones, sports betting is a great way to put your knowledge to use and make a little money on the side while also adding some excitement to games you may not otherwise be interested in.

Canada is a proud nation that loves sport, and that also loves testing their sport knowledge by betting on their favourite leagues and teams.

Types Of Odds And How To Make The Most Of Them

Depending on where your site of choice is based, you may see odds listed out a number of different ways:

UK sports gambling sites often list their odds as fractional odds. These odds are written as something like 5/1, which indicates that for every dollar you spend (the second number), you will win five dollars (the first number). The lower the first number and greater the second number, the higher the implied win probability, and vice versa.

North American casinos most commonly use American odds, also called moneyline odds. These odds work differently depending on if you wager on the favourite or on the underdog. If you are betting on the former, it will be written as something like Toronto Maple Leafs -125. This means you would need to bet $100 to win $125. If betting on the underdog, say Ottawa Senators +150, the odds tell you how much you would win if you bet $100 (so $150 in this case).

Finally, European and Australian sportsbooks seem to favour decimal sports betting odds. These are written as Manchester United (3.50), for example. Quite simply, if you multiply the amount you want to wager by the decimal odds you can quickly figure out your potential payout. Betting $20 on Man U in this case would yield a total return of $70 (3.5 x 20=70).

One type of odds isn't better than any other, and which you use is strictly a matter of personal preference. Most good Canadian sports betting sites in 2023 offer the ability to switch the odds to your style of choice. And if they don't, there are many great calculators that let you easily convert odds from one format to another.

How We Rate Online Sportsbooks

Types Of Odds And How To Make The Most Of Them

Different people like different things, something our review team kept in mind in their search for the best sports betting sites online. Some have strong feelings for the types of odds the site uses (see above), while others love having the ability to do live betting and make ridiculous prop bets. While everyone has slightly different preferences in terms of what kind of lines they like to see, everyone loves sites that give great real money bonuses and offer a wide variety of sports to bet on.

The sports betting sites on 2023 shortlist are all reputable in their payments and offer a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Similarly, they generally offer the most favorable lines to you, the bettor, and put them up sooner in the day than their competitors. This allows you more time to monitor the movement of odds at several different online sports betting sites and then find the best value.

Our Sports Betting Recommendations For Canadians

There are a lot of Canadian sports betting sites out there, and if you are new to the game it can be confusing trying to figure out what separates a great one from an average one. We've all been there and can empathize with you.

Which is why our sports experts took the time to rank and review tons of online gambling sites After calculating their scores, what's left is the shortlist of sites on this page that will save you countless of hours researching sportsbooks that you could instead use to research, wager on, and watch your favourite sports.

Each of these top sports betting sites in Canada are tested regularly by independent organizations for quality control purposes, offer great real money bonuses just for signing up and wagering, have 24/7 customer support, and best of all accept Canada players and C$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online sports betting popular in Canada?

Of course! Canada is a nation that loves sport, and that also loves testing their knowledge by wagering real money on their favourite leagues and teams.

Many of the Canadian province's official casinos even offer an official state-sponsored sportsbook to play on (though this doesn't necessarily mean they are the best option for Canadian players).

What sports can I wager on?

Perhaps not surprisingly, NHL and major junior hockey get most of Canadians' betting budgets, but you can find lines for any and every professional or major collegiate sport you are interested in, both in and outside of Canada.

This includes top leagues in the States (like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA), all the best major European and South American soccer leagues (like the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and the Campeonato Brasileiro), individual sports (like Formula 1, NASCAR, darts, PGA and European Tour golf), special events like the Olympics, and just about anything else you can imagine.

How do I find the best welcome bonuses?

By reading before signing up at a Canada online sports betting site!

Always know what you'll be getting back as a bonus before making your deposit. If you read and follow our recommendations, you'll be sure to end up only on sites that reward your properly for betting with them.

Can wagering on sports be profitable?

Absolutely! Keep in mind the old axiom of "if it were easy, everybody would be doing it", but there are plenty of people that make a good amount of money on the side (or even as a career) off sports betting sites.

A few things the best sports bettors all seem to have in common are that they place controlled bet sizes that are no more than 2% of their total bankroll, they shop for odds across several different gambling sites, and they of course do plenty of research. There are also bettors that offer good sports betting tips online along with records and results of their daily picks that can be helpful.

Do sports betting odds change?

Almost always! Remember that a sports betting line is set by the odds-makers in an attempt to get an equal amount of money bet on both (or all three in the case of some sports) options. It is not necessarily a reflection of public perception or how they personally think a game will turn out as some might believe.

From the time they are released up until game time, odds will shift for a number of reasons. These include the total amount of money being wagered on the game, the amounts being wagered on one specific betting option, and events leading up to the game such as a player being ruled out due to injury or suspension.

Will I find different odds at different betting sites?

Definitely. Different online sportsbooks use different services to make their odds. Sometimes they come from a third party company (that several sites will use), while others employ full-time odds-makers to create their lines.

To be a great sports bettor, it's important to shop around at different sports betting sites in order to find the best values on the games you are interested in putting action on.

Will I make more money if I use betting systems?

Many sports betting enthusiasts swear on using a particular system to place their bets, while others go so far as to create their own formulas to help them pick games.

While these can help you find value in games you might not look at otherwise, there is no foolproof betting system. If one was invented, the industry would cease to exist because it would no longer be profitable for the sportsbooks. But that's why most people love sports in the first place, the unpredictability of it all!

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