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Online Casinos For EntroPay Deposits

Online Casinos For EntroPay Deposits

Many players from Canada love playing slot and casinos games online, but are understandably hesitant to provide sites with their credit card information in 2023. Thankfully, Visa has come up with a solution to address that problem: EntroPay.

EntroPay is a kind of virtual pre-paid debit card which you can use anonymously at any casino online (or any online vendor period) that accepts Visa and Canadian players. Additionally with Visa EntroPay, you'll experience:

  • Instant access to your funds
  • No fees for spending your money
  • Huge choice of casinos accepting EntroPay

As you can imagine, that last one can make it a little hard to choose a worthy EntroPay online casino to play real money games at. That's why our reviewers made the shortlist on this page that recommends only the top casinos accepting EntroPay. Our current favourite for 2023 is Jackpot City, but using the payment method at any of them give you the convenience and privacy that makes the payment method so popular with those in Canada.

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What EntroPay Is And How It Works

What EntroPay Is And How It Works

EntroPay is an electronic payment system you can use anonymously at the best online casinos, and anywhere that Visa credit cards and debit cards are accepted. We say anonymously because you don't have to provide vendors with any personal or credit card information, instead just your EntroPay card number.

That 'card' is a strictly virtual one. When you register your EntroPay account, you'll be asked to load funds into it via a traditional debit or credit card. These transactions are processed instantly, and you are then ready to use your card just like you would a pre-paid debit card.

EntroPay is a virtual, pre-paid debit card you can use anonymously at any casino online (or any online vendor period) that accepts both Visa and Canadians

The Features Canadians Love

Players from Canada flock to using Visa EntroPay for one reason above all others: added security and privacy. Especially for those that share bank accounts, tucking some money away on EntroPay and then using that to make casino deposits is a nice boost of privacy. When you use EntroPay at a Canada online casino or one based anywhere else, absolutely none of your personal details or credit card information is disclosed.

Better yet, these deposits as quickly as credit cards do, meaning you can sign up for your account and begin playing top games for real money in just minutes. Nothing is worse than having to wait around for your funds to become available like with other payment methods, which is never the case with EntroPay.

Entropay - Some Pros And Cons

Like with any deposit and withdrawal method, there are pros and cons to making EntroPay online casino deposits.

One of the biggest advantages that draws so many to using it is the added anonymity. Unlike with using a credit card at an online casino, there's no need to provide your name, and email, and private credit card number. Instead, all you need to make a deposit is your Visa EntroPay user number, and then the payment processes as fast as a Visa credit card. Speaking of Visa, that's another huge advantage of EntroPay's: it's accepted nearly anywhere that Visa credit cards and debit cards are, including countless casino sites that cater to players from Canada.

The added safety that and convenience does unfortunately come with a little bit of a cost. When you load funds onto your EntroPay card using a credit card, there is a small commission taken (4.95%). Similarly, when you want to withdraw money from EntroPay back to a personal credit card or debit card, a small transaction fee of £3/$6 is taken. Finally, one big con to Canadian players is that the payment method currently only works with USD, GBP, and the Euro, meaning a conversion must first be done if you wish to use Canadian dollars.

Making Casino Deposits

Making Casino Deposits

The first step to making EntroPay casino deposits is to set up an account on their site. Next you'll need to load money onto your new virtual EntroPay card then choose one of the best recommended online casinos on this page. Next you'll sign up, which should be pretty straightforward and take only a minute or two.

Once you choose EntroPay as your deposit method of choice and load funds into your casino account, something great will probably happen. Chances are the site gave you a good real money bonus on top of your deposit, just for signing up! You can now use that money as well as your Visa EntroPay deposit to play all your favourite slot, table, and other great game types for real money. Note that some EntroPay casinos will have you download an app or software before you can start playing, while the best ones will just allow you to play directly in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visa EntroPay?

It is a virtual, pre-paid debit card that you can load real cash onto and then spend it wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted (including at the best online gaming sites for those from Canada).

Using Entropay you to make deposits at online casinos without providing your personal credit card info to the site.

How do casino deposits work with it?

Making a deposit at an EntroPay online casino isn't that much different than using a Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or any other debit or credit cards.

The biggest difference is the small added stop of registering for you virtual card at their site, then loading money onto it. Once that's taken care of, you can make a deposit at the online gambling site of your choice and begin playing your favourite games for real money.

Are there many casinos accepting EntroPay?

Yup, and many of them also accept Canadian players.

Virtually anywhere you see a Visa or MasterCard symbol means you are good to use the provider to make real money deposits there.

Is it safe to use?

Definitely, as the virtual card's added security is one of the big reasons people use it in the first place.

Additionally, all the payment methods (and casinos recommending them) on this site are certified proven and safe. Frankly, it wouldn't be smart of us to do anything otherwise.

How fast do EntroPay casino online deposits and withdrawals process?

Just like making a credit card or debit card deposit at an online casino, using EntroPay is also as good as instantaneous.

If you choose to withdraw your winnings back into your EntroPay account, you can do that quickly too (typically in just one-two business days).

How does it compare to other payment methods?

EntroPay is as fast as using a credit card, yet with a great amount of additional security and anonymity.

There are some small fees associated with using the virtual card, making it similar to other online payment methods that Canadians also like to use at casinos, such as Skrill and Neteller.

Are there any fees associated with using it?

There is a small charge that comes with putting money onto your EntroPay card. If you use a credit or debit card, that charge is 4.95% of the transaction total, and 3.95% if loading from a personal bank account.

Once money is in your account however, you are free to use your Entropay funds to make online payments with no additional charge, including making a deposit at a casino.

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