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2023's Best ecoPayz Online Casinos

Best ecoPayz Online Casinos

ecoPayz is an e-wallet that offers all the features you've come to expect, plus a good number of other additional services that make it the preferred casino payment choice of many Canadian players.

Around since 1999, the UK-based payment method is now accepted by online vendors in 159 countries around the world (including Canada) and anywhere online casino gambling is available. Naturally, this can make choosing your ecoPayz casino a little difficult. That's why our team of Canada-focused reviewers vetted the competition and made a shortlist of only the best site accepting ecoPayz, which all offer:

  • Great real money welcome bonuses
  • Quick and convenient payouts
  • Strong security and 24/7 customer service
  • ecoPayz mobile casinos let you play from your smartphone or tablet

And much more, which you'll see below in our guide on this page sites. Our current favourite for 2023 is Jackpot City, but all our top recommendations are great for players in Canada.

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What ecoPayz Is And How It Works At Online Casinos

What ecoPayz Is And How It Works At Online Casinos

Founded in 2000, ecoPayz is one of the older digital wallets and payment solutions you'll come across, and one of the most widely accepted. With support to businesses and customers in 159 different countries, in 45 different currencies (including Canadian dollars), and multilingual support in many different languages, it also has one of the largest reaches globally of any payment method in 2023.

More specifically, there are two different ways you can fund your online casino account using ecoPayz. The first is by registering an account and then funding it with your credit card, debit card, or other payment method. Once you have funds in your ecoPayz account then it's super simple to transfer that money any time you sign up for a new casino (similar to how PayPal and other e-wallets work). The second method is called ecoCard, which is a pre-paid debit card of sorts you can use at millions of vendors (including online casinos). This is great if you don't want to link up an e-wallet or credit card account with an online vendor or gaming site.

Features That ecoPayz Users Love

The provider's biggest selling point is its super strong security, which we go into more a little later. But ecoPayz users in Canada also the love the many different options you have in which to fund your account (credit card, bank transfer, etc.) and the speed with which you can go from registering to depositing and playing great casino games, since there is no account verification process like with other e-wallets.

Many are also big fans of the ecoPayz virtual card, also just called ecoCard. This is a pre-paid card the company offers that you can purchase and then use like you would a good gift card. And not only can you use both this card and your regular account at casinos accepting ecoPayz, you can use it at any other accepting-vendor on the internet (of which there are many). Finally, when it comes time to cash out your real money casino winnings, you can do that straight back into the same ecoPayz account you deposited from.

Pros And Cons

One of the biggest advantages to making online casino ecoPayz deposits is the added security you get when doing so. Any site we recommend already has strong security of its own, but even greater peace of mind comes with using ecoPayz, as its 256-bit SSL encryption has been nominated for anti-fraud and security solution awards. Other strong points include the ability to be used from smartphones and tablets at ecoPayz mobile casinos, its wide acceptability, transaction speed, and the ability to buy a prepaid debit card.

The biggest flaw with ecoPayz are the small fees you will accrue anytime you load funds into your account or make a transfer to an online casino. This is pretty par for the course with most e-wallets however, and in general the fees aren't that much. For instance, it's just a 1-1.50% charge when you deposit to a gaming site as a Canadian player.

How To Make Casino Deposits Using ecoPayz

How To Make Casino Deposits Using ecoPayz

As you might guess from the payment method's widespread success and popularity, making online casino ecoPayz deposits is very simple. If you are just using their e-wallet services, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and then fund it with money from your bank account, credit card, debit card, an e-check, or other payment method.

Once the funds are in, you'll go to the sign-up page at your new online casino of choice (or the banking page if you're already a member). From the list of payment options, select ecoPayz and then how much you want to transfer. This transaction is usually instant, meaning you are ready to start playing your favourite table and slot games right then. If you wish to use the ecoPayz virtual card instead of the e-wallet, the funding process is very similar and you'll usually select 'debit card' as your deposit method.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecoPayz?

ecoPayz is an online payment solution (read: e-wallet) that lets you make easy and quick payments to countless different internet vendors, including to online casinos. There is also the ecoCard, a pre-paid debit card you purchase and make online payments with.

The company itself was founded in 2000 and its payment options are supported in 159 countries and in 45 different currencies (including CA dollars). There are even ecoPayz mobile casinos, which let you deposit and play the best slots and table games for real cash on your smartphone or tablet.

How does it work?

Once you register for an account with ecoPayz, you'll have to load funds into it using your credit card, debit card, an e-check, or bank account. Once the funds transfer in, you can quickly make deposits at online casinos just by providing your account name or number.

For the ecoCard, it's a pre-loaded debit card (essentially) that you purchase and then can use anywhere debit cards are accepted, which is most top online casinos.

Can you use ecoPayz at online casinos?

Absolutely! ecoPayz is supported at countless sites based in many different countries, including many great ones that cater to Canadian players and the CA dollar.

Since it's been around since 2000, most top gaming sites we recommend are ones accepting ecoPayz. But to check for sure before signing up, go to a specific gaming site's banking/deposit page and look for the provider's name or logo.

Is it a safe payment option?

Absolutely, and ecoPayz's extremely strong security is what draws many players to use it in the first place.

The payment method's 256-bit SSL encryption is technology is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is in compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards (PCI and DSS).

How fast are ecoPayz deposits and withdrawals?

Once you register your account, verify it, and load it with funds, making ecoPayz casino deposits as good as instant at most gaming sites.

Withdrawals are also pretty fast, and typically take 1-2 business days to process which is typical for nearly all withdrawal methods.

How does it compare with similar payment methods?

For ecoPayz Canada users, the payment method is generally cheaper to use than some of its similar e-wallet competitors, and it's also a little bit quicker. The latter is because with ecoPayz there is no need to verify your account upon registering. Instead, you can transfer funds from your bank or credit card into your account, then immediately deposit them at your top online casino of choice and begin playing. Conversely, some e-wallets like PayPal will make you wait a few days to verify your account before you can put money into it.

The biggest drawback of ecoPayz is its fees, and there are some countries and currencies that aren't accepted. But if you live in Canada and are using CA dollars you will have no issue at all.

Are there any fees?

Like most e-wallets, there are some small fees that come with using ecoPayz.

For Canadians, making a deposit from your bank into your ecoPayz account comes with a small charge from 0-7% of the deposit, while withdrawing to your bank account costs between $8 and $14. However for making deposits to casinos with ecoPayz, the charge is just between 1-1.5% of your transfer.

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