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How to Make eCheck Casino Deposits at an Online Casino

eCheck Casino Deposits

If you’re more of an old school Canuck, or just don’t like the idea of sharing sensitive information at an online casino, eCheck deposits could be just right. This easy way to add Canada dollars into your gambling account is straightforward and effective. It’s just like a paper cheque (remember those?), but without the paper. No cards, no e-wallets and no third parties needed. You have complete control of your casino deposits. Top sites like Spin Palace accept these eChecks and they make the process nice and easy for the user. For more information, read on to find out about:

  • Advantages of eCheck deposits
  • Alternative options just in case eChecks are not what you’re looking for
  • Top casinos sites for Canadian players
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Why Use eChecks?

Why Use eChecks

eChecks are like the forgotten payment method. They linger in the background and have a strong loyal following, but convincing a gambler of their benefits takes time. Most likely it has some sort of sub-conscious effect with the word “cheque”. It’s like the answering machine, you see that word and you’re completely put off into thinking “this is way outdated”. Okay maybe not that bad. At an online casino, eCheck payments are actually one of the best ways to add money to your account.

All you need is a bank checking account. No credit cards, no debit cards and no online accounts apart from the gambling site itself. eCheck online casinos in Canada make it easy for to play games and win, here’s how:

Your Canadian Dollars will appear in your account in just a few minutes. You will not incur any fees when you make an eCheck casino online deposit. This means more real money for more chips; doesn’t get much better than that!

All of the CA eCheck transactions use digital signatures and hardware tokens. They are safer than paper cheques and many other payment methods. You will also not have to share any other financial information; thereby, reducing any risk of fraud.

Does eCheck Measure Up?

eCheck is perfect for the conservative players who don't enjoy sharing their personal information online. This is one of the easiest methods out there since it acts like the traditional paper checks but without any third parties involved. Unlike debit cards, eChecks aren't restricted to a daily limit. Credit cards and debit cards occur in real time which means that, unlike eCheck, funds are deducted instantly.

Topic eCheck Debit Card
No Transfer Fees
Safe & Secure
Special Bonuses

Look for Special eCheck Bonuses

Actually it does get better. At many an online casino, eCheck deposits carry special incentives, bonuses or promotions just for using this method. In most cases, this offer can be claimed every time you fund your account. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for any wagering requirements, minimum amount or necessary coupon codes to be inputted.

Do Canadian Players Have Any Trouble with eCheck Casino Deposits?

Do Canadian Players Have Any Trouble with eCheck Casino Deposits?

As far as we know of, Canucks should not have trouble using this payment method. It is legal and readily accepted by most of the top casino sites. That being said, there are reports here and there of certain banking institutions not allowing an eCheck to clear on any gambling affiliated activity. If this happens to you, a credit card or debit card linked to the same institution will likely not work.

With an echeck, all you need is a bank checking account, no credit cards, no debit cards and no online accounts to set up.

eCheck Deposit Alternatives

If you don’t want to use an eCheck to make a casino deposit, Canucks have access to plenty of other options. Credit cards and debit cards would be the next go to method followed by numerous e-wallets and anonymous vouchers. Be sure to read about all these available ways to play games with Canada Dollars, there is one just right for you!

We Found the Best eCheck Casino Sites for your C$ Deposit

eChecks Deposits For Canadian Dollars

Finding an online casino is harder that many Canucks initially believe. The sheer number of them makes it similar to fining a needle in a haystack. We’re here to help you remove all those pesky sites; you know the one’s we’re talking about.

All the casinos on this page are the best in the industry. They reign second to none in terms of security, game selection, customer support and C$ payment transactions. Free demo games are available, so be sure to give them a try before you make your eCheck casino deposit. If you decide on an operator and you've added Canadian Dollars to your account, don't forget to collect your special welcome bonus.


What are eChecks?

eChecks are the digital versions of the old paper cheques. They remain a popular method because they’re safe, fast and efficient. Many high rollers will use this option because it is one of the best ways to transfer large amounts of cash. Like a regular cheque, eChecks will take between 3 and 5 working days before the real money is available in your account.

How can I pay with them?

You must have a valid checking account to make eCheck casino online payments. If you’re not sure whether or not this feature is available, you can talk to your bank. To use an eCheck all you need to do is go to the cashier on the casino website, select the option and follow the simple instructions.

Can they be used for gambling online?

Only certain casinos accept eChecks. This is primarily because it takes a large amount of time to process. Larger operators will typically accept them. To save you the initial search, we’ve found the top casinos in Canada that accept eChecks.

Where do I sign up?

To get started, log into your online banking to verify you have eChecks. If so, you'll need to sign up for a free casino account, head to the cashier and continue following the easy steps. If you haven't found a casino, Royal Vegas, Betway and Jackpot City are all casino sites accepting eCheck.

Will I be safe using it?

eChecks are very safe. They are backed by your own banking institution and must be “cleared” before any actual real cash deposit is made. It is nearly impossible for fraud to happen when you use this option.

Will my winnings be paid back in the same account?

Yes, in general the casino will require you to transfer your winnings back into the same account if you’re using an eCheck. You may have associate fees, but these can be some of the lowest out of all payment methods. In fact, some of Canada’s banks will give you a certain number of free eChecks every month.

Do other payment methods compare?

Although eChecks are not instant and require a bit of patience on your part, they are very ideal if you plan on making large deposits or withdrawals. Moreover, if you find yourself to spend too much money at casinos, eChecks are a good way to control your gambling. If you’re keen on getting into the action, we recommend using an instant deposit method instead.

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