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Fantasy Sports Fanatics: Revealing the Most Passionate States and Provinces in America and Canada

In the contemporary sports scene, fantasy sports have taken off as a huge cultural craze, igniting a competitive spirit in millions across the globe. Enthusiasts immerse themselves in the strategic thrill of assembling dream teams and engaging in virtual battles.

From football supporters to hockey fans, we surveyed 4,000 fantasy sports players across the United States and Canada. We then developed a scoring system as fiery as a draft-day bidding war to reveal the most dedicated states and provinces/territories in digital sport management. Let the games begin!

Key findings:

  • Football dominates fantasy sports in the United States with a staggering 69% preference among American respondents
  • It’s a closer competition in Canada where 32% favor hockey, closely followed by football at 25% and basketball at 22%
  • New Mexico takes 1st place as the most passionate fantasy sports state with a perfect score of 100/100
  • Nova Scotia leads Canada's league with the same flawless score of 100/100
  • Delaware secures 2nd place in the United States, while Quebec lands 2nd place in Canada
  • Washington DC holds the least committed title in America, while Nunavut takes the honor in Canada.

The Scoring and their Weighting Percentages:

  1. Uses advanced statistical analysis or tools to gain an edge in fantasy leagues (30%)
  2. Weekly time commitment dedicated to managing fantasy teams (20%)
  3. Use of alarms or reminders to avoid missing deadlines or updates (15%)
  4. How fantasy sports ranks among other commitments in terms of prioritization (15%)
  5. Created a designated space or system for tracking player stats, news, and other information (10%)
  6. Made sacrifices in other life areas to prioritize fantasy sports (5%)
  7. Participation in forums and communities to exchange insights and strategies (5%)

All of the above was factored in when we devised a scoring system, graded on a scale of 0 to 100.

Fantasy Powerhouses: America's Most Dedicated States for Fantasy Sports

With over 50 million players in America alone, the popularity of fantasy sports shows no signs of slowing down. Before a sport season kicks off, fantasy fans across the nation dive into crafting their dream teams and researching their favorite players. Football leads the fantasy sports arena with an impressive 69% of American respondents choosing it as their game of choice.

While some participate for the thrill of bragging rights, others are driven by the potential for monetary rewards. Join as we uncover which US state is the most fantasy obsessed.

Fantasy Powerhouses: America's Most Dedicated States for Fantasy Sports

New Mexico leads as the #1 most passionate fantasy sports state scoring a flawless 100/100 on our commitment scale. 50% of New Mexican respondents diligently set reminders or alarms to prevent missing important updates or deadlines. As well as maintaining dedicated system for tracking player stats and team updates. 100% of those surveyed use advanced statistical analysis to gain a competitive edge on their teams. And in the spirit of community, 60% actively engage in fantasy sports forums. From strategy to the social scene, New Mexico is in a league of its own.

Delaware secures 2nd place with an impressive 98/100 on the passion-o-meter. A whopping 75% of respondents confess to making sacrifices in other areas of their lives just to stay in the fantasy sports game — nothing will get in the way of Delawareans! And it doesn't stop there: 75% of those surveyed rely on reminders and alarms to keep them on track. As well as employ advanced statistical analysis to gain an edge.

Completing the fantasy sports top 5 leaderboard, Vermont secures a strong 95.5/100, while Maryland follows closely behind with 93.6. In fifth place, Mississippi showcases its dedication with a commendable 90.8/100.

On the other end of the scale, Washington DC clearly adopts a more relaxed attitude towards fantasy sports, with a score of 0/100. With this distinction, it proudly claims the title of the least passionate in America, where the competition takes a backseat to leisurely pursuits.

Canada's Leading Provinces/Territories for Fantasy Sports Fanatics

In Canada, the fantasy sports landscape presents a closer competition compared to America. Among our Canadian participants, 32% favor hockey, closely followed by football at 25% and basketball at 22%, forming the top three favorites. So, which province or territory shows the greatest dedication to these sports? Employing the same scoring system as above, we continue our quest to reveal the most passionate fantasy regions.

Canada's Leading Provinces/Territories for Fantasy Sports Fanatics

Nova Scotia is crowned Canada's fantasy sports capital, scoring a perfect 100/100 on our commitment monitor. An impressive 73% of our Nova Scotia respondents have dedicated spaces or systems for tracking player stats, team news, and other crucial information. What's more, 64% harness advanced analysis and tools to gain an edge on their team. As well as actively engaging in fantasy forums and communities to swap insights and strategies. Nova Scotia is the MVP of the fantasy arena!

Quebec lands firmly in 2nd place with an impressive score of 98.8/100. Notably, 59% of Quebecers ensure they never miss a beat by setting reminders or alarms for important deadlines and updates. Equally impressive, 59% actively participate in fantasy sports forums, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. 35% of respondents have shown their dedication by making sacrifices in other areas of their lives to prioritize their involvement in fantasy sports. Meanwhile, Ontario rounds out the top 3 with a respectable score of 69.7/100.

Taking a laid-back approach to fantasy sports, Nunavut scores a modest 14/100, earning the title of the least passionate fantasy sports region in Canada. It seems the thrill of the game is not for everyone in the Great White North.


While some states and provinces/territories might be more committed than others, Fantasy sports has clearly taken America and Canada by storm. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore competitor, the fantasy sports craze has united millions of fans within the sports community.


We conducted a survey among 4,000 individuals from the United States and Canada who play fantasy sports. We segmented the data by country, followed by further division into states, provinces, and territories. We then curated a scoring system out of 100 to determine the most dedicated states in America, and provinces and territories in Canada. You can see more on the scoring system and the criteria at the top of the article.

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