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Wire Transfer Online Casinos In 2023

Wire Transfer Online Casinos

One of the most underrated ways of making your deposit at an online casino is by wire transfer. This is the deposit method of choice for many in Canada, as they love the great conveniences and features that come along with using them, like:

  • Higher transfer limits
  • Greater security and privacy
  • More reliability and dependency

Not to mention, wire payments are accepted at countless top-class casinos located in both Canada and everywhere else in the world. And that's somewhat where the catch is: there are now so many of these great online casinos accepting wire transfers, it can be perplexing on where to start first.

That's why our team of dedicated Canadian casino gamblers has created the shortlist on this page highlighting only the very best wire transfer online casinos. Their current #1 for 2023 is Jackpot City, but every one of them has a great selection of games, generous real money bonuses, strong security, and of course are good about accepting wire payments.

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Why Canadians Love Making Wire Deposits

Players in Canada choose to make wire transfer deposits rather other payments for one big reason: peace of mind. Wiring funds is a tried and tested payment method that have been around for over a century, and aren't vulnerable to some of the risks that other payment methods (like credit cards and e-wallets) are. Plus, since the transaction is handled entirely by a bank, the funds are protected by the very same security you likely already entrust your online banking to.

Anonymity is another reason Canadian players decide to go with the payment option. In most cases, players rarely have to provide any personal or account information, which some are uneasy about doing when depositing with a credit card or debit card. This is especially helpful for those that like a little more privacy with where and how they are spending their real money.

Many in Canada use wire transfers as their deposit method of choice due to their strong security and high reliability.

The Benefits Of Wiring Cash For Casino Gaming

Wire transfers are the deposit method of choice with high rollers in particular. While other deposit methods will charge you a percentage of the amount you are depositing, wire payments usually cost you a flat fee, making it much more effective for transferring large sums of money. And because wire payments typically bring in more real money to the casino per player, these sites often given back good real money sign up and deposits that are larger compared to when using another deposit method.

But even if you have a smaller bankroll there are still many benefits to online casino wire transfers over using other transaction methods in 2023. Since banks are the ones doing the transferring of the funds, you can rest assured that your money is going to be protected by the same top-level security they use to protect all their customers and transactions.

How To Set Up An Account

How To Set Up An Account

Making online casino wire transfers is easy. The first step is choosing a site that has the features you value most. After you register your free account there, go to the banking page and select your deposit method. The casino should then give you a bunch of details (an account number, their bank name, address, and IBAN and SWIFT codes) which you should copy down or keep up in a separate tab.

Next, go to your own online banking account (or your physical bank location) and proceed with making a bank transfer. Enter in the aforementioned information and choose how much money you want to transfer. Within a few days your transfer will process and you'll be ready to play all your favourite slot, table, and other casino games online.

Online Casinos That Offer Top Games And Safe Deposits

Although there are many casino sites out there, they all don't offer all the same variety of games, real money bonuses, and other options you should be on the lookout for. The online casino business is a competitive one, and it can take some shopping to find the best option.

And that's exactly what we've done for you. Our shortlist on this page will point you in the right direction of only the best, safest, most reliable, and most rewarding online casinos accepting wire transfers (and that accept players from Canada).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wire transfer?

It is a way to move money from one bank account to another.

It's one of the oldest deposit methods still around today, and remains one of the most reliable. Wire transfer online casino transactions are also now a popular deposit and withdrawal method used by Internet gamblers all around the world.

How do they work?

First you'll need a bank account and then a free account at an online casino accepting wire transfers (we suggest our top recommendations on this page).

When you go to deposit, you'll select your deposit method and record all of casino's information that it then gives you, such as their account number, bank name, IBAN, and SWIFT number. In your own online banking account, enter this information wherever you make transfers, and in a few days the money will appear in your new casino account.

Do banks allow online gambling deposits via wire transfer?

For Canadian players, you should have no problem making online casino transfers in most cases.

This also includes withdrawing funds back into your bank account the same way.

How quickly do the payments process?

While Canada players love the safety and reliability that comes with wire transfers, the big caveat is with the slower processing time.

The exact time varies by casino and how the wire transfer was done, but it can take few days before the funds are cleared and released for you to play real money casino games with. However, most casinos have free versions of their games available, meaning you can learn the rules and practice new strategies at no cost in the meantime.

How do they compare with other methods?

The biggest boon to those making wire transfer casino online deposits is the higher limits (or lackthereof altogether). High rollers in particular love being able to deposit amounts that wouldn't be possible with other payment methods. Additionally, because it's a bank handling the transaction, the payments are as safe and secure as any other method.

The tradeoff is that wire transfers take longer than most other deposit methods. It varies, but it can often be several days before your funds are accessible in your casino online account to play with.

Do I have to pay fees when I make an online casino wire transfer?

There are some costs tied to making payments, but the benefit is that they are flat fees.

For those that want to deposit larger sums of money all at once, this is much better than having to pay a percentage on your deposit like some other payment methods. Additionally, some banks will give you a few free transfers each month before they start charging you transfer fees.

Is it a safe method of payment?

Again, since they are handled by your bank, they are as safe as your bank's security.

In most cases, nearly all quality banks protect their customers' money and transactions with state-of-the-art SSL Encryption technology, affording you a strong piece of mind.

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