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Ranking The Most TikTok Obsessed States & Provinces (USA and CA)

Thanks to TikTok, we’ve welcomed the next gen of #crimetok detectives, endured overnight queueing for the Stanley Cup Quencher, or found ourselves lost in the ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ 50-part series rabbit hole... guilty. One thing is for certain, whether you’re a casual bathroom-break scroller, a self-confessed TikTok qween, or enjoy a shopping pick-me-up, TikTok has us all under its spell.

Users spent a collective 4.43 billion minutes on TikTok each day last year, so we decided to crunch the numbers and find out exactly which state and province/territory are most influenced by the app. We delved into the data of 3,000 respondents, analyzing what viral trends and products have influenced them the most.

Key Findings:

  • 70% of Canadians and 69% of Americans admitted they have tried a viral trend and purchased a viral product because of TikTok.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador rank as the #1 most influenced province/territory by TikTok, Iowa sits #1 for America.
  • Canadians (56%) and Americans (55%) are most influenced by food/drinks recipes on the app.
  • Canadians and Americans mostly purchase viral beauty/skincare products (30%).
TikTok Trends in the USA

The rankings are in: TikTok influence by state

Whether you like it or not, 40% of Americans now use TikTok as their search engine, meaning they’re increasingly influenced by the app. That certainly rings true for the Midwest, as Iowa lands itself first place as the most TikTok obsessed state. 91% declared they have been influenced by a TikTok trend or viral product.

Whether it be a sleepy girl mocktail or the latest ‘burn away cakes’, Iowa is most likely to try viral food/drinks recipes (82% agreed). Then we have the likes of ‘tomato girl aesthetic,’ and ‘coastal grandma’ - the TikTok fashion evolution is never ending, and when it comes to Iowa, they’re owning the virtual runway. Buying into trends like viral loungewear, blue light-blocking glasses, and even the latest dupes, they are purchasing fashion products the most (45%). This was soon followed by beauty/skincare (36%).

For the title of the second most influenced state by TikTok, we have Mississippi, at 82%. Cinnamon rolls, marry-me-chicken and the viral pickle trend, Mississippians are the perfect example of ‘TikTok made me make it’, as they are the most influenced state in America by food/drinks recipes (71%). Although when it came to purchases, viral fashion products had Mississippian’s attention the most, as 41% stated they had purchased these items due to TikTok.

Not far behind, in third place, we have Indiana, as 79% had found themselves influenced in some way by the app. The Hoosier state is all aboard the #skinfluencer train, as 44% stated they’ve purchased viral beauty/skincare products the most. It’s the 9-step beauty regime for me. Whilst 29% are craving that Rapunzel aesthetic, trying heatless curlers, rosemary hair oil or the viral Dyson Air Wrap as influenced by TikTok.

In fourth place is Kentucky, who similarly to Mississippi, were most influenced by food/drinks recipes on the app (57% agreed). Whilst finishing off the top five list, we have Kansas (73%), who also fancy themselves as the next top chefs, with 53% being influenced by food/drinks recipes from TikTok.

Honorable mentions go to New Mexico, who were the only state to opt for ‘viral dances’ and Rhode Island and South Carolina, leading the way with ‘DIY hacks’.

TikTok Trends in Canada

The rankings are in: TikTok influence by province/territory

Whether your preference is tingle inducing ASMR, a quick ‘add to cart’, or a Cardi B choreographed dance routine, TikTok is on many of Canadians 2024 ’’ins’’ list. But who is the most influenced province/territory in Canada?

Kicking things off, we have Newfoundland and Labrador coming in first place, as 89% admitted they’ve been influenced by TikTok to try a viral trend or product. Last year a new trend came to town, as #booktok emerged, and that certainly rings true for Newfoundlanders, as a resounding 89% were influenced by TikTok book recommendations.

Sucker for a skincare craze? Well, this province can relate, as they found themselves reaching for their credit cards the most for beauty/skincare products (56%). Whether they’re rolling their face with ice, spritzing that viral Sol de Janeiro fragrance, or masking themselves with snail mucin, Newfound and Labrador are all over it.

Heading over to British Columbia, who landed themselves as the second most influenced province/territory by TikTok (76%). Girl dinner you say? Well, British Columbians are whipping up the latest ‘Flying Dutchman’, ‘feta pasta’, and ‘green goddess salad’ as they’re most obsessed with food/drinks recipes on the app (56% agreed). Similarly, if you’re after lazy girl makeup routines or a skin-flooding how-to, look no further – as 30% of the Pacific province have been influenced to purchase beauty/skincare products from the app.

A joint and honorable third place from Ontario and Alberta (69%) who are both most influenced the most by food/drinks recipes on the app. They both agreed that #foodtok has influenced them the most, scoring 57% and 51% respectively, whilst in terms of viral products, beauty/skincare is their most purchased.

We have Manitoba in fourth place (68%) who can be coined #gymfluencers, as 44% have tried a fitness related trend from the app. Finally, completing the top five list in eastern Canada we have New Brunswick (67%), who have been most influenced by TikTok to purchase kitchen related products. Portable smoothie blender? Air fryer? Mini waffle makers? It’s a green flag from New Brunswick.

So much for ‘mercury retrograde’ as ‘new age spirituality’ on TikTok is a big red flag from Canadians, as only a small percentage of 4% stated they’ve bought into this viral trend.

#FoodTok taking over

The results are in... the viral TikTok trend taking over our digital screens the most is none other than food/drink recipes, as 55% of Americans and 56% of Canadians surveyed admitted they find themselves most influenced by #FoodTok recipes on the app.


We surveyed a sample size of 3,000 Americans and Canadians combined. We asked whether they’d ever been influenced to try a viral trend or product as a result of TikTok, enabling us to provide a ranking system. We continued to ask a series of questions surrounding specific products to unpick their TikTok inspired shopping habits, revealing which state and province/territories are the most influenced and by which products.

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