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Online Casinos Accepting Citadel In 2023

Online Casinos Accepting Citadel

Instant Banking by Citadel is exactly what it sounds like: a way to make online payments through your bank, instantly. And as you might expect, Citadel comes with bank level security protecting your payments, making it a popular way for Canadians to make deposits to online gaming sites.

The payment method has seen a surge in popularity in recent years leaving Canada players with many casinos accepting Citadel to choose from. But instead of being paralyzed by a case of analysis paralysis, why not get playing for real money faster by scanning our shortlist of Citadel online casinos, which all allow you to enjoy:

  • Making casino deposits the same convenient way you'd pay online bills
  • Instant transactions protected by top bank-level encryption
  • Transactions from wherever you are on desktop, smartphone, or tablet

And many other great features loyal online casino players have secretly been enjoying for years with Citadel now. Our current top choice in 2023 is Jackpot City, but any of the select few that made it to this page are all great places to play your favourite table and slot games for real money.

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Some Background on Citadel

Some Background on Citadel

Millions of Canadians use online banking to make payments for different things on the internet. Backing all these transactions is the strongest security money can buy, which is why so many people put so much trust in online banking. It's this same technology and trust that has made Instant Banking by Citadel such a popular deposit method in 2023 for gamers.

Citadel is supported in nearly 25 different countries (including Canada) and works through the same system you use to pay bills with through your bank of choice. Because you don't have to sign up with Citadel and make a whole new account like with an e-wallet or similar deposit method, this allows those in Canada and everywhere to make secure and instant deposits into their online casino accounts without giving up any personal information.

Citadel comes with bank level security protecting your payments, making it a popular way for Canadians to make deposits to online casinos

The Features Citadel Users Love

Like we've mentioned already, the provider's biggest appeal to online gamers is that it allows you to make deposits to online casinos without giving them any of your personal or financial information. This is because when you make Citadel casino deposits, you are doing so entirely through your existing online banking account which you already trust and know has the strongest security technology can allow for.

Casinos online (especially the best ones we recommend) are usually some of the safest sites on the internet as they undergo regular audits by third-party organizations like eCOGRA, but using Citadel adds another layer of security and peace of mind. Best of all, when you deposit with Citadel you are still privy to the great real money signup bonuses that all the best sites offer.

The Pros And Cons

In addition to its top level of security and protection against fraud and identity theft, casinos accepting Citadel have become very popular in 2023 for other reasons. One, Citadel casino transactions are as good as instantaneous (much like using credit cards and debit cards). Two, you don't have to register a new account with Citadel or anyone else, meaning no new logins, passwords, or entrusting your email to yet another organization that might clog up your inbox. Finally, there is no charge to make Citadel casino deposits beyond what your bank would normally charge (which is nothing at most good ones).

Citadel isn't completely perfect, however most of its issues stem from its availability (but again, if you follow our recommendations that's no problem). If you wish to play at a casino online based outside of one of its 23 accepted countries you will have to use a credit card, debit card, or another payment method. Additionally, some banks in Canada might charge you to make payments with it, while others may not even allow you to use it at all. Finally, some casinos and banks will allow you to make withdrawals using Citadel, but sometimes this comes with an associated fee.

How To Use Citadel At Online Casinos

How To Use Citadel At Online Casinos

Once you go to a casino online and create an account with them, you'll want to go to cashier page where you can real money deposits into your account. On the list of available payment methods, choose Citadel (sometimes just listed as 'Instant Banking') then follow the instructions the casino gives you.

Usually this entails choosing your bank, in which case you might be prompted to a page operated by Citadel or a new page within the casino. In either case, at some point you'll end up at your online banking's homepage and be prompted to log in where you can then choose how much real money you want to transfer to your gaming account. Once you confirm the payment, the funds should instantly be deposited there and you are then ready to play slots, table games, and more for real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citadel?

It's a way to make deposits and payments to online casinos and other vendors.

The brilliance of it is that it works through your existing online bank account, meaning there's no need to register a new account in order to use it. And as you might expect since it uses the bank's technology, deposits are as good as instant and protected by the same encryption technology that the bank uses.

How do Citadel casino deposits work?

These work through an account you likely have with your banking institution of choice.

When you go to make Citadel casino deposits you'll choose it (sometimes written as just 'Instant Banking' and then follow the prompts from the casino and then on your bank's site to transfer money into your gaming account.

Can you use it legally at online casinos?

Yes! Citadel is supported in 23 different countries (including Canada) and by countless big-name banks and vendors.

As long as the site you want to play on follows all of its local laws and regulations, you will have zero issues using the payment method and be good to go as soon as you confirm the transaction.

Is it safe to use?

Because Citadel uses your online bank's technology to transfer funds, it's one of the safest ways to make online casino deposits out there today.

This technology is often 128-bit SSL encryption, the same security that banks use to protect countless amounts of money of their countless amounts of customers all around Canada and the world.

How fast are the deposits and withdrawals?

Just like when you pay your bills through online banking, Citadel casino deposits are instant more often than not.

Because withdrawals using Citadel aren't always accepted at online gaming sites, their processing time can vary. If that's a deal breaker for you, it's best to check a casino's banking page first before joining, to find out the full details.

How does Citadel compare to similar casino payment methods?

Citadel has several advantages over its competitors, the main ones being you don't have to register any new accounts and it has super strong security. Their deposits are typically as fast as credit card ones are, too.

Its main flaw is simply that it isn't accepted at as many online gaming sites as other payment methods (like credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets such as PayPal), but we expect that will change over time.

Are there any fees associated with it?

Citadel itself does not charge any fees for using its service to make deposits, however some banks in Canada (but not that many) make dock you a small transaction cost every time you use it.

For withdrawals (presuming your casino allows it, which isn't always the case) it's more common for transaction fees to be applied.

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